A Conversation About the Utility of Violence

N: Tildy just now almost caught another rat. She had it in her mouth but then it flopped around and went "meep" and got away
She didnt expect the meep
Or the flopping
But she is adjusting her tactics
We planted lettuces saturday and the rats ate half of em
So her work here is important
I've been reading all night about cameras. My first major purchase after paying L back several thousand $ is going to be a camera.
P: Chicken wire and liquid fence.
N: Liquid fence?
P: Spray it on the plants.
N: Ah
Will check it out
We're also going to install a solar-powered electric fence
For the fucking raccoons
P: Good for Tildy! She needs to learn the head shake
N: They keep gettin in the pond
P: Water is manna to racoons
N: She has the head shake down with her Hee-Haw, but these rats move so fast she's still stymied
Theyre fast
I'm torn between the Canon EOS Rebel T7i and the Canon D80
P: City rats
N: They are!
We live in the hood here for real
P: Have you been to a camera Store to play with them?
N: Not yet. I need to do that. Whichever of the two I decide on, I'm also gonna get a Panasonic Lumix FZ80
Its what they call a bridge camera
Way less expensive than a dslr but has a 60x zoom on it
P: Wow! You can get spy pictures
N: I can! Wildlife shots mostly, tho. And I gotta get a laptop, a assault rifle, and a compressor and nailgun, and a truck...
P: An assault rifle?
N: And a radial arm chopsaw and a Dewalt 20volt cordless drill and impact tool combo and some underwear
Im going to join the John Brown Gun Club
Aka, Redneck Revolt
They countermarch against Nazis etc
With guns
P: Sounds interesting
N: Leftists with guns. We need that, unfortunately
P: I'm not sure I agree, violence escalates. And Ghandi
N: Yes. Other people I've told this to have expressed similar reservations
P: Too many people carrying guns, someone's going to "fear for their life" and a lot of people will die
Then martial law
N: But, I have long been a proponent of "Peace, love and understanding or I'll cap your ass."
Its my nature
They threaten violence
Pacifism wont fix shit
P: The exact thing the paramilitary says they are keeping guns to avoid is going to happen because they have guns
N: Maybe
But they keep stockpiling guns, so wht shouldnt leftists?
P: What do you think the end result will be?
N: I dont know
Its scary out there
I no longer recognize our country
P: They stockpile guns because they're afraid
I no longer recognize the world
Too many people
And because they want to enforce their will on others
N: That's the whole problem
Fear = aggression
P: Education cancels fear
N: We are vicious, cannibalistic, overly intelligent primates
Yes, true
And education is viewed as anathema in this country
So what do you do?
P: I share knowledge where I can and hope to trigger doubt. It's a losing battle but it's all I got
And I avoid demonstrations because I'm too hot headed.
N: That is a good strategy. But when I look at the way fascism has exploded since Trumps election I feel the need to do something concrete about it
Im sick of talking
Ya know?
P: Convince the apathetic non voters to vote
N: Action
P: Start a political blog on a site that people read
You'd be a great rabble rouser
N: Ignorance and selfishness and fear are seen as virtues now. 
Ah... Yes I would!
P: Convince the people who don't vote because they think it's useless that it's not
N: That is a big part of what Redneck Revolt tries to do
Its not just about guns
It's about creating a dialogue outside the fascist narrative
P: And show the fraidy cats that their guns show them up as cowards
Dialogue with guns isn't going to change anything
N: And to offer people who are justifiably pissed off and afraid that there is an alternative to fascism
Thats the John Brown Gun Club
P: Why do they need guns?
The pen is mightier than the sword
N: To countermarch against fascists with guns
P: And someone will start shooting
N: Something fascists in this country do is assume that the left are a bunch of tofu eating, overly intellectual navel-gazers
P: Guns won't change that
N: The fascists need to be disabused of that notion
P: So toss cabers.
Do extreme fighting
N: They need to understand that violence will meet reciprocal violence
P: Ok. Just don't shoot any civilians
N: "You got guns? Well, so do we motherfuckers."
No, never
P: I see nothing but bad from this. My fascist co-worker believes that liberals need to give up their guns so he can be safe.
N: He is full of shit
P: He would absolutely shoot if faced with a scary liberal with a gun
N: Shoot or shit?
Fuck him
P:I know he's full of shit. He's also an ass who believes in the conservative way as the only way.
N: Fuck all of the MAGA-cap-wearing fucktards
And the Chee-To they rode in on
P: I agree. But carrying a gun to one of their rallies is a bad idea. Right now they look like idiots because they are pointing guns at unarmed counter protesters. If you show up with guns they will use it as proof that they need to escalate
N: Theyve done about wore my patience out
P: Which is why I think you need to use words
People read what you write
N: When they point guns at unarmed people they win. Hence the Redneck Revolt
P: No they don't win. They lose. Just like the cops lose when they shoot unarmed people
N: In rural areas fascist Nazi fucks are intimidating people
P: I know, I live there
N: ts getting worse all the time
P: But I have chosen to not be intimidated
They lose if they shoot
N: Leftists, and just decent people generally, stay away when the KKK comes to town
Fuck that
P: It's a face off
N: It needs to be
Face off or stay home
P: People didn't stay away from Charlottesville
And the counter protesters didn't carry guns
N: And what happened? A woman is dead and theyre charging that one black dude who was beat bloody by Nazis with assault
Charging HIM with assault
P: And the next few right wing rallies didn't happen because they knew they lost
Mass counter protest works
Why didn't anyone help the black guy?
N: Because he was a black guy
P: And I need to get up, I'm going to be late to work.
N: Ah
Of course you do
P: Rant away, just share it with the world
N: Drive safe to work, have an excellent day
P: You, too

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Comment by marshall bjohnson on October 17, 2017 at 7:29am

Mass violence is inextricably linked to capitalism. There will always be incidents where individuals hurt others.

But the systematic violence done to those not in power cannot be dismantled without a long, cold, hard look at how we value getting ahead of others. The getting ahead may at times conflict with our putting food on the table victim-mentality, but cooperative means must mean everyone- the violent individuals of society need to be reintegrated.  Of course there is risk involved.  Everyone over 50 remembers Willie Horton- but we cannot be held hostage to fear-mongering racist demagoguery...

Local issues matter. Look at how NYC manages to be mostly peaceable compared to other areas less congested and less economically stratified. Mayor Bill DeBlasio is essentially a socialist.  The rise of Bernie Saunders and Elizabeth Warren is directly linked to Occupy Wall Street protests. 

Trump is an outlier politically and will not be able to effectuate much lasting change. The SAFE act passed in NY State is often targeted by individuals who in Obama's words "cling to their guns." But remember over 50 % of all guns are owned by only 3% if the US populace...(Sound familiar?- Because its just like the wealth disparity in us...)
Lois Beckett, reporter for The Guardian: Three percent of U.S. adults own half of the country's guns, "more than 100 million." http://ow.ly/R3BS30fEZmH

DeBlasio will win with nearly 60% for reelection...

Cities will continue to assert power.

Things will get better :-) 

Comment by Anna Herrington on October 17, 2017 at 10:22am

When I hear or read, I don't recognize this country anymore, I wonder what in the world do they mean.... when was it ever rosey and fair? When wasn't there narcissism to the nth degree and injustice beyond belief and terrible fear and howling of I'm the worse victim and you power people suck and this is my land no my land no my land and you will die if I ever see you here again, no maybe now, instead, you will die ...gun, knife, hands, whatever... and oh, that is pretty so I'll hate it or take it or ruin it and definitely will use it usually without thought or care of the 'other' because taking and coveting and using and navel gazing and sadness is so damn easy, so use it, use it up, use it good, ruin it, strike out in rage or glee rather than appreciate the here, there, beauty inherit even for a second or even reach out your hand and say I've got you, you are me I am you instead of grasping and wanting and whining isn't the world so horrible now? to me, me, me ..... And it is and it isn't and it is and it isn't. and it is. Now, then, now.

Comment by Safe Bet's Amy on October 17, 2017 at 10:31am

Wow, Anna...  that is a powerful rant/poem/speech/mind blurb...  (seriously, even if it did take two or three reads to grok.)

Comment by nanatehay on October 17, 2017 at 12:45pm

Sorry, but nowadays ain't the same ol' same ol, not by a country mile. Everything changes, always and forever, and in fact one of the only constants in the universe is change itself. I'm not the same right now as I was 5 years or 5 minutes ago, and that truth applies to political entities as surely as it does to individual humans.  Regarding perceptions about our national character or lack thereof, I can't speak for anyone but myself, but what don't recognize in our zeitgeist is the fear and the ubiquitous sense of defeatist demoralization. Yes, things are messed up, but hand wringing and being sad about it won't fix a fucking thing. Anger, on the other hand, just might, if enough people get angry together for the right reasons. Action, politically, personally, in the voting booth and on the street, might fix something. Violent revolution definitely might. Pacifism? Ask Hitler about it. 

Comment by Ron Powell on October 17, 2017 at 1:30pm

"Anger, on the other hand, just might, if enough people get angry together for the right reasons..."


On theother hand, violence begets violence and in the end everybody gets hurt and the violence remains as a necessary tool to maintain the "new" status quo.

See the American Revolution,  the French Revolution, and the Russian Revolution.

Comment by Ron Powell on October 17, 2017 at 2:30pm

@AH;  "...and injustice beyond belief and terrible fear and howling of I'm the worse victim...."

Easy enough for you to say...

Quite another matter living it:

2 days ago · ATLANTA -- A.J. Burgess was born a month too soon without a working kidney, WGCL-TV reports, and his father Anthony Dickerson is a 110 percent match for an organ donation. But surgeons at Emory Hospital in Atlanta won't perform the operation because Dickerson served time in prison for violating probation.


There's violence and then there's violence...

Who can be a worse victim than a two year old victim of the "violence" being perpetrated against him and his family by the administrators of a HOSPITAL?!!

If you wish to deny that this is not happening because of race, that's your prerogative....

However, somebody in YOUR community and neighborhood  needs to be demanding some answers.

In my view, only white folks can put a stop to this kind of shit..

It's done by reaching out and holding thewhite perpetrators accountable...

"...reach out your hand and say I've got you..."

Your profile says you live in Atlanta, so reach out your hand to that black child and his family and say, "..I've got you..." while you're on the way to the hospital with a demand for answers, accountability, and action...

Comment by nanatehay on October 17, 2017 at 4:11pm

Anna lives on the West Coast, Ron. I'm not sure, though, quite what you're taking her to task for... ?

Comment by Ron Powell on October 17, 2017 at 5:02pm

 Anna Herrington

Atlanta, GA United States

If I made a mistake it is not without justification.

I take offense and resent the notion that the people that I have shown here, the Mayor of San Juan, Puerto Rico,  or MLK, etc should be characterized as "howling" Re victimhood...

Comment by Safe Bet's Amy on October 17, 2017 at 5:39pm

Y'all need to back off (a lot) and get to know Anna before you start giving her hell for what clearly (if you HAD gotten to know her) is a beautifully written,  Allen Ginsberg-ish sharing of angst that screams "quit your bitching and get off you ass and change something. (at least that is how I read it.)

P.S.  Her bio might say Atlanta, but all of her comments and posts talk about the northwest.  

P.P.S.  She is a beautiful, caring soul.  Fucking with her will get my "Doc Martens' wearing" soul sharing my not so caring boot with your ass.

Comment by nanatehay on October 17, 2017 at 6:02pm

That's sort of how I took it too, Amy, though I disagree with her about the whole plus ça change, plus c'est la même chose thing. As far as the need for people to get off their asses and do something, that was pretty much the entire point of this post, so if that's what Anna was saying she and I are on the same page, and even if we aren't that's OK also. Sheesharoni!  

And Ron, I won't presume to speak for Anna, but I seriously doubt she was referring to those people, or in fact to any specific individuals, in her comment. 


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