Plugged in, getting round 2 of 4 of NoFun Chemo. There are five little bags hanging on the IV stand and that's just the prep-meds. a little steroid here and there, a little Zofran to quiet the tummy, maybe Pepcid, too. and some saline to keep things moving..

When I came in for my Doc visit on Tuesday, my blood count came back "a little low". they wanted me at 1.5 of whatever, and I was at 0.6. When given the option of  waiting an extra week, thus extending my three-week intervals to 4 weeks each, which would extend this phase of treatment into September, pushing back everything after that by at least a month or more, I said no.. give me the shots.

I got the emergency "we want your immune system up NOW" shot, and by the time I got to work I had a headache. not sure how much my skull is involved but whatever it's able to do, it was working in over drive. I could really tell my Jaw had something going on inside it.  kinda sore. Wednesday morning I went to the clinic to get the second shot, but I hadn't taken more advil before I left the house, so I could really feel my marrow doing to town in my pelvis and thighs, my sternum and rib cage. I'll keep advil in my purse now.

So I come in for Chemo today and my new bloodwork says my number was 17. 

Excuse me, I should write that 17.0...I have a supersized immune system now!

After chemo, sometime next week, I guess, I'll get the "gradual release" drug, that'll boost my system in the three week interim so I won't be worried about having to dodge infection...a bullet I inexplicably managed to avoid since my doctor told me I was "young and otherwise healthy" therefore my only days of concern would be 7 thru 10 after which they were confident my system would restore itself quickly.

One thing I've learned through all of this, is that if there is a statistical certainty of anything, my body will find a way to buck the trend.

I am stubborn down to my bones, it seems. I have PROOF.

Three more little bags have been added to the IV stand, one of which is red. NoFun has begun.

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Comment by Forest Green Magazine on July 3, 2013 at 11:21am

J, you're "young and otherwise healthy." Be glad and rejoice! I wouldn't worry too much about your body "finding a way" to beat the statistical odds. I don't think the universe works that way myself. Just accept that there may be cause for realistic optimism here.



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