I’m high on a cloud of consumption choices...willing to scrub your floors for cars and store bought stuff I saw on the television.  

       It’s a grand a week cash, for forty hours of house keeping. Roma got wind of that, and so I wondered, why not? Stuff is good, and better than starving to death too, wouldn’t you agree?  

        What price security?  The planet pays all the bills before you see them, the air, water, soil...all cash, carried, and commodified; mixed up with decomposed plants and ground up rocks...all sucked or ripped from the earth to make those dreams we learned on television true. American dreams. 

         I’m an American consumer, raised after the days when the goal was to make citizens. I don’t know the constitution better than the Macdonald’s menu. Who wants me to? 

         Since I was born here, I deserve the better life, the stuff that I see on television. I deserve to have my floors scrubbed too, I do. 

          I don’t have to do the math. I have to play the part of true believer. I have to walk on scrubbed floors and all the rest. You too can be me, living high on the hog in the hills. Really! 

          Can we survive on a grand a week? Sure! But we would have to scrub our own floors, and give up cable too. One broken hip away from bankruptcy we wobble, carefully.

           I’m willing to scrub your floors for a better life. The life I dreamed of after seeing it on television. That one, at one. I’ll be there at one, and I’ll be done, by five, five dollars extra to scrub the shower, first time, OK?

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Comment by Doc Vega on March 15, 2019 at 7:26pm

Here's what you do! We have laws to keep illegals from violating our borders. We do not need illegal aliens voting, over loading state and federal services, or committing crimes in the US simply to provide Democrats with a voting base! And if you want a hospital to still be in business that you want to go to makes sure they are not being overwhelmed providing services for people who are foreigners who do not pay for their treatments! 

Comment by Robert B. James on March 15, 2019 at 10:38pm

Hey Doc! Thanks for reading and commenting. Here’s what I do: I work in the field. I’m not a fascist, or anti migrant. None of your hateful, fact free, fear mongering could stop me from being empathetic, hell, Doc, I even feel sorry for the deluded morons who actually believe the bullshit you seem too smart to be spewing all over this very tiny community. 

See, Doc, I work in the real world, and have been working right next to immigrants  for my entire career. You be surprised how many of them are ignorant  right wing racists, who, like you, lack empathy...or even a basic knowledge of the facts concerning migration.  

The root of the problem is ignorance, Doc, and when you rant on with your fact free right wing regurgitated taking points...your ignorance shows through. I’m no fucking genius Doc, but...even I know your politics are pure crap. And I’m no fucking Democrat, either.  

Lastly, I do not believe hospitals should be in business. I believe that the entire healthcare system should be nationalized. Screw single payer...I just declare a national emergency and start taking care of people, all people, all the time. I’d Remove all borders and give every one from the tip of South America to the top of Canada social security cards and let them vote.  We owe them that much at least for screwing them since the Spanish gave up. 

And you sorry ass sons of bitches who don’t like it,  could  drag your asses back to your fatherlands for all I would care. 

Comment by moki ikom on March 16, 2019 at 2:44am

Sixty eight houston suburb hs grad and same number now burning down the last yr before seventy,, this was a rough day and i picked it out two weeks in advance in a frame of mind like "ok, that sub day for a hundred fifty before deductions, why not,, i haven't got much of anything planned that far ahead,, so a k-three class even though it's probably going to be a k students,, ok, why not" so i took the assignment three weeks in advance... i've been teaching and subbing k-twelve for longer than it seems like i've been alive but last semester even the third grade teacher i was subbing for effectively remarked as she left me to teach her class for her at the start of the school day: "I don't know what it is but they're becoming less teachable, less respectful, more impossible to discipline." Only sixteen enrolled in the class today and three were absent, it should have been a cinch but from the git-go it was for me a period of exact opposite of being "high on a cloud" and i would have favored "scrubbing your floors" for pay over subteaching for pay or anything a class of five year old american consumers in training.

Comment by Robert B. James on March 16, 2019 at 2:35pm

Moki: The Horror. 

Ive scrubbed a lot of floors and worked with a lot of kids. If they are below twenty five years of age...I’d not dare it today. Bless you, I would take the scrub job too if I had to pick one or the other. I often thought I’d be teaching night school by now, but probably never will. 

           The best I can muster is half a day on a good one now. God bless the people who have to raise or teach children today. 

Comment by J.P. Hart on March 16, 2019 at 4:49pm

I am sweeping! I am sweeping! Hollywood, Bollywood, Dollywood...and now: Barrelwood. First let me finish my letter to the County Board suggesting a Starbucks in every public library. Wine n' Cheese if you please! Years ago (alright-already) I proposed fasting 1 day every week. Maybe some warm vegetable soup. Okay it was due to budgetary constraints. Line of cars go down real slow y0.

Horrific news we all lose

I wanted to pick up the Iliad earlier, you know to start all over. Maybe I'll view Obama's 2004 convention keynote and work from there.
Much enjoyed the civilized jousting RBJ ~ bright,sunny day~


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