867-5309 KC first Friday date night

Last night was pretty neat, a date with no plan whatsoever that ended up being one of the funnest evenings I can remember in quite a while.

Her to me--"what shall we do?"

"I was thinking supper at Sonic."

"Ewww, you know tonight is first fridays, right?"

I took her last month and she remembered... good girl! 

I had totally forgotten! The first friday of every month there is a street celebration in the part of downtown Kansas City, Missouri now known as "the crossroads district." Old brick warehouse and manufacturing facilities that used to house this and that industry that supplied the thing we used to know as JOBS.. have been converted into loft apartments, small independent art galleries, funky bistros and bars..

The area is pretty loosely defined, but it seems the apex is around 20th and Baltimore (wiki says 19th and Baltimore but pretty good guess eh!), spreading out several blocks east, west, and north from there. The galleries are open for all to walk through and are pretty much packed with beautiful artsy people at any given time during this event.

There are a huge variety of food vendors; grilled brat to Thai-French fusion aromas fill the air... but we had opted to stop at Ponak's on Southwest Boulevard on the way. No plan, it just happened that way.


   Half a picture of margaritas ($15 for approx 3 drinks each.. a bargain) is plenty for two, believe me. They purport to have served 250,000 gallons of these things over the years. There's a margarita tap... yeah.                                                                                   

Also shared a steak fajita dinner for 10 bucks,which was plenty for us both. Ponak's is always, always good.


My friend Vaughn is a musician, and a good one too, but serves tables at Ponak's four nights a week to help pay the bills. I love the guy, always good to see him. Talk about personality to spare!

 http://www.blueorleanslive.com/ --his band. They are playing tonight in St. Joseph, Mo., but I swore to never pass the gates of  that sad city again.

Maybe next gig, at BB's.




Parking at the crossroads on FF is at a premium, but we found a FREE spot near Main and wandered towards the sounds and smells. The temp was perfect; only a wisp of breeze, hundreds of people in all directions.

Down 19th, south on Baltimore, past the live karate exhibition, the mimes, the jewelry vendors, we heard... Johnny Cash? 

OK, not Johnny... he's dead, right! Damn good imitation though. We gravitated that direction past Fiorella's at the freight house, and Union Station. Live music, free of course!


 Adjacent to the stage, serving what? Free beer! I swear...




 Outside, tables with real linen and shiny happy people.


Admittedly, I'm a crappy videographer, but this is a fairly cool iPhone capture of the band (whose name I never caught) doing a Tommy Tutone classic, 8675309, aka Jenny (yes, Johnny Cash to Tommy Tutone.. musical flexibility!).

Didn't get the beginning, or the end, but you'll get an idea of the atmosphere which was off the hook cosmic.





the free bar...after






yep, a peace sign shirt..



Peace out! 

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