Does "paying the government to govern" give we individuals a sense of propriety?

We hear so much about the cavalier spirit of taking, using, glossing over, the 'greater good over the individual' to foist plans, incentives, and the hope of how it might turn out, only - to have it sour.

It seems the Individual that does feel they pay their share into coffers that oversee the running of basic needs BY the govern-ors we elect, ARE the for-granteds, and it's a hotpot underneath what is exploding, just because life works that way.

Start a fire? but try to fan it from above, instead of below?

Well, that's just what happens.


The "oh, it's just the Government" tack is like this giant pool of money, like a lottery, but each contributor feels a part of it. It only blows up when they are treated askance, taken for the granted it all runs upon, and disregarded, while being its very basis.

The coffers that run the basics do come from individuals, so it's easy to decry those who 'make more,' or 'have more' not having to pay in or gettin' a break beCAUSE of not paying in equal share FOR the workers that got them there?  I created jobs! that will take care of my share, right?!  

But then still demand the same basic services, without any real addition.

And so it goes nowhere, stays the same, outcry unbalanced with relief.

If you don't contribute, why expect to be in the pool?

Take your own trash to the dump; put your own name onto a bridge, or a road, and live in infamy, if you want to be so touted.

I think a better Incentive is the Named Project, the use of the ghosts who built us, and are being bled dry by their namesakes.  

Give it a Go!!  - Private Sector Incentives!  

YOU oversee the longevity of what you build!  Put a hand in there!!

DO something with what machinations and manipulations can "Afford."

DO something in furtherance of the inherited name that begat you, instead of sucking on it until dry.

I think Incentive by Name is a good idea.

YOU build the bridge, and name it.

YOU shore up the floodwall because you see what the future might bring.  

Stick your name on it.  For Permanence, Furtherance, and Indelibility. 

DO something with a name, so delicately held.

What gives lasts longer than what takes.

No one can sit on top of a mountain unless something is holding it up.

No pun intended, but - there it is.

8-Ball, side pocket  ~  your call.


Graphics: Chuck Berry, being greeted by then-President Wm. Clinton,

and James "Cicero" Murphy, the Pool Sharp.


They make it easier on the rest of us.


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Comment by J.P. Hart on February 21, 2019 at 4:01pm

In the land of the wrinkle free!

(Songbird: I'll bring the sponge cake if you're good for the suntan lotion!)

Brilliantpoetica xx0!

Comment by The Songbird on February 21, 2019 at 4:39pm

Well, if suntan lotion applied by spongecake removes MY wrinkles, bring it on over!  Just save a piece out,

so we can "eat cake" when our youthful idealism beams back out.  Tuh!  We'll show THEM!!  Yeh!!!

You're so cute.  Thank ya doll.  


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