411 Solving the Missing Children of Oregon and Other States

A former football player standing at 6 ft. 5 in. and at 260 pounds had little to fear from most people or aggressors so as he hiked along a Canadian forest path little did he realize he was at the "point of separation" as David Paulides defines the classic pattern of disappearances. His friends and family had veered off the path to inspect some point of interest. As he ambled along on this afternoon the unknown exploded onto the scene!
Unexpected pursuit

From the trees above, what he thought was a huge branch full of leaves came crashing to the ground, but what he thought was a bear in the middle of the flurry of motion turned out to be something totally and horrifyingly different! It was a huge Sasquatch that emerged from the fallen tree limb! Stunned and paralyzed for a moment, he then begins to run down the hiking path. The Bigfoot is in hot pursuit. He ran until he had to stop as his lungs burned and his side ached. The giant man ape creature came to a stop too amazingly allowing him to catch his breath before he began running again. This happened at least two more times. As he recalled, it could have had him, but it appeared it was merely chasing him out of the area, a commonly reported occurrence.
Stunned Aftermath

Once he reached the trail head he glanced over his shoulder and the giant of the woods was gone. The former athlete admitted that this experience had caused him post traumatic stress syndrome replete with frequent nightmares. This is a more frequent reaction experienced by those who have come into sudden and unexpected contact with the mysterious cryptid known as Sasquatch. The most frequent confrontations seem to be in the Pacific West Coast from Northern California to the Oregon coast, Washington, and into Vancouver, and Victoria Island, Canada. This not to say that there are not numerous sightings in British Columbia, Idaho, Louisiana, Appalachia, and even Florida.

Connecting the dots

When one takes a look at a map of the 411 disappearance cluster regions where the frequency of missing persons is so alarmingly evident that it seems local authorities are at their wit's end to solve the disturbing mystery. The horrifying riddle of children vanishing in Oregon coincides perfectly when overlapped by a map of David Paulides cluster zones of disappearances! The same is true in California where there are 7 such cluster disappearance areas and there appears to be a concentration of adult and children gone missing.

Night siege

Reports of small children being awakened from their sleep by a tapping at the window of their bedroom in the still of nocturnal darkness. As has been reported by many parents the child will be caught sitting upright in their beds staring out the window. When the parent takes a look through the window the terror of seeing who or what has captivated the attention of their child becomes a startling realization that things are not the way they seem! The monstrous face of a Bigfoot with the glowing eyes so often noted by witnesses has been carrying on in a bizarre conversation with the child apparently urging them to come outside and play! Sometimes the huge biped uses little bird chirping sounds and even seem to have the ability to use telepathic ability to influence the child into fascination causing them to overlook the fact they are engaging with a huge ape-like creature. This type of incident has been reported from the small towns of coastal Oregon to the farm lands of Idaho.

Possible motives

Some researchers theorize that the loss of a child may actually attract a Sasquatch female into attempting to lure a human child to compensate for her grief while others such as the Indian tribes of the Northwest Pacific consider the Bigfoot motive as being cannibalistic! The terrible reports of children being snatched while walking in single file through hiking paths along with their parents, while playing in parks in close proximity with fathers or mothers and siblings according to David Paulides demonstrates how stealthily these animals are if these incidents are not related to abductions by criminals. Yet, as Paulides, a veteran police investigator, there is always forensic evidence that clearly distinguishes a child molester crime from the classic 411 disapearance syndrome. With the alarming frequency of child vanishings that correlate with the cluster zones of the 411 phenomenon there needs to be official recognition of this bizarre explanation.

Dark Conclusion
Why these facts are ignored or denied would seem to point to an economic explanation by government authorities. They seem more worried about creating hysteria that could negatively impact the influx of fees and camping rental that would account for the loss of revenue that would occur rather than for the safety of unsuspecting citizens there to enjoy the recreation of the wilderness. Follow the money. It seems that money will always take priority over human safety. If one overlaps a map showing cluster regions of disappearances with a map of Bigfoot sightings the two would coincide!

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Comment by alsoknownas on May 13, 2019 at 7:56am

There is a 3 day UFO festival in McMinville, Oregon this coming weekend. Paulides is one of the guest speakers.


Comment by Anna Herrington on May 13, 2019 at 8:15am

Never occurred to me to be afraid of my kids getting taken by BigFoot while they grew up mostly in rural, rugged isolated mountains in Oregon and in coastal mountains near the ocean in far northern N. Cali...

I spent my kids' childhoods afraid of them getting taps on the windows then being stolen right out of their bedrooms by sex trackers or human kidnappers a la Polly Klaus or Elizabeth Smart, or snagged at the park at the edge of the redwood forest and molested when I turned my head for a minute. Or at Boys Scouts, even.

Include fears of them walking ahead on the woodsy trail and they fall off the seaside cliff, or a cougar leaps (as also happens) or they startle a protective mama bear who mauls, or on the beach they're taken by rogue waves or stand on a log that rolls and crushes them.

Missing/Death by BigFoot. Kinda glad it never occurred to me.

Interesting read. It is awfully rugged and remote in spots out here...

Comment by Doc Vega on May 13, 2019 at 11:22am

Anna being that I was a single parent for 10 years raising 4 I was always worried about my kids safety, but I had to be near a large city so that I could make a profitable living to support them so our experiences were parks which in Plano, Texas are a large and well planned escape from everyday suburban life. At that time the schools were still good and focused on the kids instead of the school district and insane politics like they do today.

Comment by Doc Vega on May 13, 2019 at 11:25am

alsoknownas Well I guess the man has to make the rounds in order to keep his books popular and sought after. I really don't know what to make of the McMinnville photos made by a farmer whom researchers claimed didn't have the imagination to create a hoax.


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