411 More Strange Disappearances in National Forests and Parks Part V


There are many theories on the definite problem of untimely missing persons in the nation’s wildlife and forest sanctuaries. The average citizen goes out to these parks for the purpose of recreation, relaxation, hunting, or fishing. Thanks to federal government management we assume that the forest will be relatively well maintained and safe. Yes, there are some unforeseen dangers and possible predatory animal confrontations, but Park Rangers give us valuable information about how to avoid or minimize risks, but one thing they refuse to do is to provide the public with reports of disappearances, the frequency and strangeness of these incidents, and the location not to mention dates of such missing person cases. Why?


David Paulides has been trying to arrive at that explanation for years now using his expertise in numbers analysis, forensics, and police training. Still, he is miffed at the stonewalling he gets from Special Federal Agents who do government investigation into homicides and missing incidents and local authorities who are often ill equipped for such search and rescue operations not to mention putting together statistical data. It all leads to a frustrating but compelling rabbit hole that seems to come to no end the further in an investigator goes.

Bizarre connection

In the early 1990’s in a Fate Magazine article a regular reader sent in a letter informing the editor that ever since secretive primate research center set up by the US Army has been in operation a number of years. In that particularly sparsely populated and densely forested state a strange phenomenon has emerged. The wilderness has disgorged a secret. Bigfoot sightings have begun with regularity ever since the US Army Primate Research Center has been established there. Motorists have reported crossings by a huge unknown animal walking on two feet in front of their vehicle. Locals have armed themselves with high caliber hand guns and rifles noting that the size of these hominids requires a weapon with knockdown power so that they can protect their children and families.


These people do not regard Sasquatch with curiosity or the benign and misunderstood cousin of man idea either. Their encounters have been scary. Families on hikes, picnics, or other activities have had children or grown men armed with hand guns simply become paralyzed with fear in the accidental presence of these creatures. They are not taken lightly. Many Maine residents have suspected that there is a correlation between the US Army Primate Center and the Sasquatch sightings. How does this also fit in with unexplained disappearances of able bodied people in the area? One might recall the infamous abduction of Betty and Barney Hill in the early 1960’s after a bright nocturnal object in the sky paced their car one night. That led to missing time and chronic nightmares. Pease Air Force Base corroborated the UFO presence by announcing they had tracked an unknown aerial target that very night.

Refusal to notify

Many people have prodded David Paulides about a connection between UFO’s, Bigfoot, and disappearances. The 20 year law enforcement veteran rather than speculate on controversial theories simply continues to churn out reports on cases of the missing in our National Forests where if we cannot expect to be protected from naturally occurring threats we should at least be informed about the unknown threats that continue to permeate the local police, sheriffs, and Federal Special Agent files that seem well populated with these disturbing reports. One must suspect that they are protecting the revenue streams of the authorities for permits, hunting and fishing licenses, and other fees for recreation facilities as the unsuspecting tourists become fair game for the unknown.

Military connection?

Dating back to World War II and the Soviet Union the attempts at genetically combining human and gorilla DNA in hopes of creating a super soldier were definitely underway! The journal of a female soldier was uncovered that described her experiences being injected with primate glandular extracts and other tissues while she parroted the typical rhetoric of a peasant committed to the people’s socialist republic. Seemingly, a willing participant. It appears the operation was a failure. The fate of the woman was never discovered, and the project apparently ended. Yet, a strange remark was among the papers made by a high ranking officer. He seemed disturbed at the prospect of commanding soldiers or a soldier that when ordered under duress to do something they did not want to submit to he might get an arm ripped off by his subordinates!

Use of animals

The history of using animals as military messengers is of no big secret. Dolphins were trained to swim up to enemy submarines and become a living explosive. Doctor Lilly funded by NASA found that dolphins could be taught to verbalize the English alphabet and even develop an emotional dependency on their human researchers. Many types of birds made excellent messengers for passing on secrets and orders to resistance fighters during the war. Yet, the tantalizing prospect of developing soldiers with the strength of an ape and intelligence of a human seemed tantamount to military planners. There rumors that in Maine some of the subjects being tested could have escaped! This might account for the Bigfoot sightings and even missing persons in the area.

Another such facility

In Alamogordo, New Mexico another primate research center has been in operation since the early 1980’s. Very near the USAF base the facility is the site of HIV and other human immune disorders being tested and treated using primates as the subjects. Reportedly, many of the Chimps, Rhesus Monkeys, Orangutans, and Gorillas have died from the effects of either the injected disease or the drug treatments that they were subjected to. Near Alamogordo is Socorro, New Mexico quite coincidentally close to the famous Lonnie Zamora UFO sighting in 1964.

In the Project Blue Book File

You might recall that while in pursuit of a speeding driver Officer Zamora sighted an unusual metallic object that had landed on the ground and started a brush fire. He aborted his pursuit thinking there had been a plane crash but was terrified once he had seen the egg shaped craft and 2 humanoid suited figures standing outside of it. He watched as the strange craft made a thunderous roar and lifted off into the sky. Could Maine and New Mexico both be home to a Sasquatch, UFO, and disappearance connection?  


Consider the grim implications!

Imagine, if you will, a crossbreed hominid, perhaps militarily trained soldier with the strength of a large primate, angry over being subjected to painful testing and breaking out of the facility. Perhaps this test subject has been driven crazy by either the treatments, the disease, or both, and now simply wants to escape and seek freedom away from his captors? What types of incidents might emerge? What would the government see fit to do under such a scenario? Warn local residents that an escaped test subject with super human strength and military training has broken out and is at large? Be on the lookout for this dangerous escapee? Consider them armed and dangerous. Do not approach! Call authorities immediately? Could they perhaps be in areas of the park system? Ladies and gentlemen please be advised? How would that go over? Does a public panic sound advisable? Does keeping a lid on it sound like more likely to be the typical government tactic here? Would this cause a number of difficult to solve missing park visitors cases?

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