31 days of Sweepstakes, The Last Three Days

After four weeks of entering contests it has finally come down to the last three days. The experiment has become dull and repetitive and I will be glad when I am done. Although I may miss the daily routine, I've gotten to where I know which pages to go to and how the entry forms are laid out. But I'm pretty sure I will get over the drudgery rather quickly.

August 29

Today’s Recipe.com giveaway is a food processor.

Liebherr (a company I’ve never heard of) is giving away a deluxe fridge. I could use it.

Juicy Juice is having a daily sweepstakes and a grand prize drawing of $5000. I didn’t win the instant prize.

O-Cedar’s weekly giveaway is a broom. I’m still hoping to win the Jeep.

Fox entertainment is offering a trip to L.A. to attend an after the Emmys party. It’s for two but I don’t know who I’d invite. Perhaps I’ll go on Twitter and see if one of the L.A. people would want the extra ticket.

August 30

The Recpie.com giveaway of the day is a 6 quart slow cooker.

Funko’s Retweet to Win contest is for a Maleficent and Stitch figurine.

AMC is having a sweepstakes to win a trip to New York City to attend the premier of The Walking Dead. In order to enter you had to get two code words from the show Fear Of The Walking Dead and type them in the website. I could just go to a cheat website and get the words but I watch the show so I got them the legitimate way. This is the second contest I’ve entered to win a trip to attend the premier party.

The Honda Indy car ride along, the AMTRAK Train Days trip and the World Market $5000 giveaway all end today. The winners won’t be notified until September or December.

There are no winner’s notifications today.

August 31

Cost Plus World Market in association with The Chew on ABC is offering a trip to Italy. I enjoyed my trip to Rome so I wouldn’t mind winning even though I’m not a gourmet food person and prefer pizza and sandwiches.

Funko’s daily Retweet to Win contest is for Star Wars figurines.

Seventeen contests ended today running from a bumper sticker collection to a trip to Cannes France. The notification dates vary from the first week of September all the way to December 31st.

It was notification day for four contests today. I didn’t hear from any of them so I’m guessing I didn’t win.

~~The end of the entrance phase~~

And so ends the Entrance Phase of my experiment. In 31 days I entered 230 contests via the Google pages and 37 other contests. 26 announced their results during the month and I won a single serving of Twix (to be sent at a later date) and three music downloads (that I didn’t download). Of course there are still 204 sweepstakes that haven’t ended, one won’t be done until April of 2016, so I will have to do updates at the end of each month until at least January.

So what have I learned so far:

First, entering contests is really dull. Most internet contests let you enter every day so I would go back to the same website over and over. It’s not like the scratch lottery where you win or lose instantly, instead you have to wait so there is no satisfaction since your chances are pretty slim and the results could be a long time off.

Second, I was expecting to have the same contests pop up every day however there was a constant rotation on the Google pages. Some contests were there every day, like those from Scripps Networks (HGTV, The Travel Channel, The Food Network), however most contests came and went, there were “enter every day” sweepstakes that I only saw once. Others were there one day, then gone the next, and then returned a few days later. There were also contests that had ended but they remained on the first ten pages. In the end I entered at least one new contest every day.

Third, although many contests are open to the citizens of Canada the people in Quebec are usually ineligible. It turns out the Canadian providence has a very strict set of rule regarding sweepstakes and most companies would rather not go through the time and expense of trying to meet those demands. Not to mention paying lawyers for any pending lawsuits resulting from misprints.

Four, read the rules. I accidentally entered a contest that was run by a time share scam and subscribed to a magazine (I just had to write “cancel” on the bill and send it back but it was still a hassle). I also found that some contests were limited to certain states in the U.S. and others required a participant do more than just fill out a form and hit enter. So again, when it says “Did you read the rules?” read the rules.

The prizes for the contests I entered were quite varied but I broke them down into categories:

Monetary: These were contests that offered cash prizes, mostly in the form of gift cards and usually redeemable at the company offering the sweepstakes.

Miscellaneous: These were sweepstakes that offered smaller prizes, and were usually instant win or one day contests. The prizes ran from sunglasses to books and even candles.

Household goods: There were quite a few sweepstakes that offered prizes for the home including cleaning supplies, appliances and decorative items. One company offered to build a deck off your house and another offered flooring.

Electronics: The prizes in these sweepstakes ranged from cameras to home entertainment centers.

Vehicles: There were several forms of transportation offered as sweepstakes prizes from ATV’s, motorcycles, cars and trucks, boats, RV’s and one that was giving away a small plane (I missed the entrance deadline on that one which was kind of disappointing, not that I wanted to win a plane but it would be fun to say I did).

Trips: There were a lot of trips offered from travel to concerts and events, theme parks, resorts and tours of both domestic and international locations. Disney and NYC tied as the top destinations followed by Universal Studios and Las Vegas.

Houses: There were two sweepstakes that offered houses. I didn’t want to win either of those contests because the logistics of far away real estate would just be complicated.

Perhaps the strangest prize was a ride along in an Indy car. I’m not sure I could handle that; I’d probably get motion sickness and puke.

Entering the contests broke down into different categories.

The first were on Twitter and they were “retweet to win”. You simply retweeted their tweet and you were entered.

The second was the instant win contest, you entered and you got an immediate message that you did or didn’t win. These were generally attached to a grand prize contest which would be awarded at the end of the sweepstakes and every daily entrance counted.

The third was the once daily entrance. Every day you could go to the web site, fill out the form, although usually all you had to do was enter your email address and the rest of the information was still on file.

The fourth was the weekly contest.  You could enter once a week towards the grand prize. Some offered weekly giveaways.

The fifth was the One entry per email address, although some specified one entrance per household to prevent people with multiple email addresses using each for a separate entrance.

The final was the product code. These are contests where you buy a product and enter the code on line, there was one where you took a photo of a Minion Twinkie and posted the photo that also falls into this category. I only entered two of these contests.

There was one Once per month contest but since I was only doing the experiment in August it was a single entry.

The notification on the sweepstakes were either instantly or within a week or two of the end of the contest although one had a gap of four months between the end of the entry period and the actual drawing (this may have been a typo in the rules).

Considering that the majority of the contests won’t notify the winners for a while I will have to do monthly updates until at least December. I will also have to check my spam file every day in case I am notified and the computer sorts it as a junk email. And so now having finished my 31 days of entering sweepstakes I can sit back and wait to rake in my winnings.

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Comment by Zanelle on September 1, 2015 at 11:29am

Glad you did it so I don't have to now.  Thanks.   It is always so tempting but in the end time is better spent someplace else...

Comment by James Mark Emmerling on September 1, 2015 at 11:45am

nonononono Perhaps I’ll go on Twitter and see if one of the L.A. people would want the extra ticket.

I always thought I belonged in Hollywood.

Well, not always, just when I am wicked manic.

Still I bet i'd wow em.

I wanna meet Anthony Hopkins.

Comment by Alysa Salzberg on September 1, 2015 at 1:30pm

This was a really interesting idea!  


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