2016—From Relief to Optimism

The first source of relief dates back to the U.S. Constitution—Presidential Term Limits. FDR inspired the amendment; BO proves its value. The imminence of BO’s presidential (and hopefully political) demise has produced panic, or what Newt Gingrich referred today as “frenzy” to do “big” things in pursuit of a positive legacy. Ex-president elect BO is no great fan of term limits; indeed, he is reported to have told an interviewer that he would have won a third term did the limit not exist. Who said gallantry is dead? I say “reported” because such a blatant display of egotism is hard to believe. Honestly, folks, can anyone imagine any other U.S. president making such a self-congratulatory statement? If so, I’d be grateful for the source. We need not source BO’s statement that a black vote for anyone other than Hillary would be a personal insult to BO and, again, his legacy. He said that on TV. These two statements indicate a degree of childish fantasy that is truly shocking in an adult, let alone a president of anything, let alone a president of the United States. My mother put this sort of behavior rather succinctly: “Self praise stinks.”

Obama’s infantilism is contagious among his supporters of all ages, many of whom have taken to their beds, the streets, and, most embarrassingly, to radio, TV and social media with unappealing whining.

BO’s flouncing betrayal of Israel, which has been decried by Republicans and Democrats alike, is perhaps the most outrageous example of how easy it is for him to put personal pique above the best interests of the United States. I think it fair to predict that in BO’s phantom run for a third term, he’d have to do it without the Jews.

A second source of relief was Harry Reid’s decision to get out of Dodge. Reid ranks high among D.C.’s most corrupt, obstructive, and dishonest politicians, and his speeches, which have a posthumous quality in delivery, will not be missed by anyone of any party who cares about the country.

Relief returned most significantly by HRC’s unexpected defeat in the presidential election. No more having to observe Hillary waddling across speaking platforms with pumping arms portraying victory as a given. Pride surely went before a fall this time.

Up to the upset, Donald Trump was not of much interest to me. As I said to some ex-friends, “To rid politics of the Obamas and the Clintons, I’d vote for any Donald, from Trump to Duck. To the extent I thought about DT at all, I was appalled by his mistakes, which I was convinced would result in the nomination of another candidate. On the plus side, I did think that giving the voting public a clear idea of his slate of possible appointees for the SCOTUS was a constructive move.

So relief is over and it has been replaced by a sense that Trump is doing much better than most had any right to expect given some of his campaign antics. Obviously, it’s premature to make any firm evaluations, but the initial indications are most promising. Mature persons will give the guy a chance.

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Comment by koshersalaami on December 26, 2016 at 3:35pm

Why are you so worried about Barak Obama? The guy will be out of office in a month. 

Give Trump a chance?

He was given a chance when he encouraged violence at his rallies.

He was given a chance when he ran for President with no public service experience.

He was given a chance when he mocked a reporter for being disabled.

He was given a chance when he suggested we actually use nuclear weapons.

He was given a chance when we found out he cheated a lot of small business, including the caterer of his second wedding.

He was given a chance when we found out he was manufacturing his own goods overseas.

He was given a chance when he used antisemitic imagery from an antisemitic website in an ad.

He was given a chance when he suggested that a foreign power hack the US government in order to help elect him.

He was given a chance when we found out he'd given the head of a mafia family a ride in his helicopter.

He was given a chance when he didn't reveal his income taxes.

He was given a chance when we found he hadn't paid taxes in years.

He was given a chance when he lied about Muslims celebrating in Mew Jersey after 9/11.

He was given a chance when he suggested we should keep adherents to a major world religion from entering the country.

He was given a chance when he suggested most Mexicans in the US were criminals.

He was given a chance when he said a judge was unqualified to judge him because of that judge's Hispanic ancestry.

He was given a chance when he suggested that a follower would solve a problem with Supreme Court nominations if he shot Hilary.

He was given a chance when he was found to have run a shady "university."

He was given a chance when he appointed a White supremicist as one of his chief advisors. 

He was given a chance when one of his chief advisors had very close ties to Russia at a time when the Russians are alleged to have interfered with our election.

He was given a chance when he used his upcoming office to sell hotel rooms to foreign officials.

He was given a chance when he did not really divest himself of his businesses in order to be President. 

"A" chance?

What I don't understand about you is why the chances are endless for this man. When is enough ever enough? 

It would be one thing if I were commenting about partisan issues, but not a single one is. They are all based on conduct. Would you dream of giving Hillary this many chances? 


Have a happy and healthy year.

Comment by Gordon Osmond on December 26, 2016 at 4:23pm

This litany was all a matter of public record before Trump won the election, and I referred to his appalling mistakes and campaign antics, so I really don't understand your point. BTW, the idea of giving Trump a chance was first enunciated by HRC, of whom I presume you approve.

Happy New Year to you, too.

Comment by koshersalaami on December 26, 2016 at 4:54pm

I don't approve everything about Hillary. Also, Obama wasn't given any chance at all. He faced substantial opposition before he did anything. 

Steve Bannon as a senior West Wing advisor was not public record. Trump's non-ideas for divesting himself of his business were either not public record or not believed. His conduct inviting Ivanka to a meeting with high Japanese officials as head of the hotel division was not previous to the election. I was hoping for Presidential after the election. 

Comment by nerd cred on December 26, 2016 at 7:29pm

Look at President Obama's approval ratings to answer the question of whether he'd be reelected. The last president with approval at nearly that level, and the only one in recent memory, was Clinton. Certainly neither Bush nor even St. Reagan came close. 

Youre not going to let this post, are you?

Comment by Gordon Osmond on December 27, 2016 at 3:26am

Pretty tepid stuff, guys. I particularly like ks ignoring BO's congressional control during the first two years of his reign and nc believing in polls (they're always right, right?). It's easy to approve someone who can't do you any more harm.

Comment by Gordon Osmond on December 27, 2016 at 3:35am

You two should work out your differences. ks says BO had no support and nc says he's the people's choice.
Also love the way BO chose another tough interviewer, David Axelrod. I guess Michelle wasn't available.


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