1947 and the Many Reasons Behind the Rise of the Security State Part II

In 1947 a strange succession of events went on simultaneously in that year that led to the modern virtual police state we know today. As Chuck Yeager broke the sound barrier in his Bell X-1 rocket plane just weeks after the tragic death of Jeffrey de Havilland in an aircraft he named the DH-108 Swallow attempting the same feat, other events were afoot. The culmination of the Roswell Incident, the Nuremberg Tribunals, atomic testing, missile research, the jet fighter experiments, along with the looming “Cold War” between the super powers converged to create a critical turning point in national policy as well as in the history of human events.

Waiting to happen

It is ironic to think of the incredible rebuilding of Europe, Asia, and Japan costing the United States billions in lieu of World War II in 1947 as nuclear atmospheric testing began in earnest in places such as Bikini Atoll. Some people have speculated that the crash of an unconventional aerial disk near Roswell, New Mexico may have been triggered by two factors on that July night during a severe thunderstorm. The entire region had been on alert since such sightings as flying disks had been reported from Arizona to south Texas. The high powered first generation targeting radars were ordered to maintain 24 hour surveillance of the skies.

Possible causes

The arguments over the Roswell crash have varied in explanation from being a misidentified weather balloon to an alien spacecraft, but one interesting description came from more than one former serviceman who had witnessed the recovery saying that the configuration of the “Disk” was in actuality the shape of a “Bat Wing” which would more closely resemble today’s  B-2 stealth Bomber, a flying wing. Not only Jack Northrop, but the Horton Brothers for Hitler’s Luftwaffe in World War II had been building these prototypes. Some analysts have argued that the powerful micro waves transmitted by the Army Air Force radar stations could have unintentionally caused the crashes of more than one flying disk. This begs the question whether or not this might have been perceived as an act of aggression by whoever was piloting these mysterious crafts.

Clamping down

So, in view of these complex developments were these events that provided the impetus for a massive push to form a “Deep State” a “Security State” that would vastly increase the powers of certain federal government agencies to impose classified restrictions, espionage laws, and the possible infringement upon the Bill of Rights for civilians should they be suspected of conspiratory activity or leaking classified information to foreign sources? One might be able to understand that with the introduction of new technology such as nuclear arms, jet propulsion, rocketry research and the accompanying top secret documents that would be generated by such development, but all these categories had been underway during World War II and even before. There was already the 1914 Espionage Act.

Grave possibilities

This is why many have considered the point of inflection to be the Roswell Incident as it presented another here to fore undeclared race between the super powers once the presence of this technology was captured. Whoever owned the incredible capability to outfly our best fighter aircraft, evade our defenses, and deploy other advanced technology as such a civilization could have in its possession would pose a grave risk to the opposing nations. According to former Marine Corps aviator and Major Donald Keyhoe whose research exposed the federal government’s interest in and proposed strategy for dealing with UFO’s from sources he had in the Pentagon. Both Russia and American fighter pilots were encouraged to shoot down a UFO. A mad dash was on to somehow procure this vital capability through whatever means necessary while scientists warned such measures could end in a War of the Worlds that mankind would not want to suffer the consequences from.

Other clues

Today Americans are tracked by their Social Security Numbers, public surveillance cameras, GPS devices in their cell phones and autos, and can even be viewed unwittingly through their own television sets as well as the cameras on their computers. The police state is virtually in power. Through such causes as the Patriot Act in 1995 as a result of the Oklahoma City bombings, due to the 9-11 attack and the resulting steps that were drafted by the US State Department at that time, and other less public and more classified sources of government’s need to know, we Americans are nothing more to the powers that be but potential detainees, but why would a UFO crash landing or being accidentally shot down in 1947 bring about such implications to the present day?


The clues may come from later air to air incidents that would occur between the years of 1947 and 1952 a short succession of years that even during the Korean War took news priority over that conflict as massive sightings across the country known as “UFO Flaps” had US Air Force officers from Project Blue Book interviewing both military and civilian pilots all across America as calls flooded police and air base switchboards all over the nation. By 1948 the first known death of an American fighter pilot occurred at Godman Airfield as Captain Mantel flying an F-51 Mustang was ordered to investigate a UFO that loitered over the airstrip from a high altitude. His fatal crash sent shock waves through the American audience.


By 1950 according to an intelligence report made by a US Air Force officer who interviewed a base commander, an F-86 Fighter pilot fired upon a UFO rapidly out distancing his aircraft without any observed effect. Once again reported by Donald Keyhoe who in the same year wrote the most popular article of all time about this aerial mystery. President Harry Truman demanded answers when over a succession of summer nights US Air Force pilots were out run by unknown radar targets directly over White House air space. The largest press conference held by the US military since World War II had to broadcast due to the hysteria and concern of the American public over this incident. The phenomenon was quickly overwhelming the ability of the authorities to keep a handle on the situation.

Provoking the unknown

According to Frank Feschino in his Book “Shoot Them Down” from 1952 on an undeclared aerial war seemed to exist between the air forces of the world and unidentified aerial craft that caused pilots and hardware to crash or disappear. According to USAF General Benjamin Chidlaw of SAC command by 1965 there had been 3,000 attempted aerial intercepts over the continental US alone and that many pilots and aircraft had been lost in the process. However, even more disturbing is a chain of events that happened after a 1963 incident in the mid-Atlantic when a US Navy missile cruiser destroyed an unknown airborne object hovering several thousand feet above the vessel. According to data collected by Donald Keyhoe more than 600 tragic air accidents and crashes occurred in response to that defensive action.

Disturbing Conclusion

These are the older documented actions of American air defenses tasked with maintaining national security during some of the worst periods of tension between the Soviets and our strategic forces locked in not only a race for superiority, but an apparent desperate attempt to recovery alien technology that could tip the balance of power in favor of either nation. Could this conflict of surveillance, secrecy, and technological advancement come at the price of a “Big Brother” nightmare of Deep State intelligence gathering today?

In Part III, an even more ominous factor becomes apparent as the research and eye witness accounts lead us down an even more disturbing trail of dark secrets and potentially evil discovery!




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