1947 and the many Reasons Behind the Rise of the Security State in America Part I

Disturbing Developments within the US Since 1947 Part I


The year is 1947 and it is 2 years after World War II. America is rapidly disarming and multi million dollars’ worth of war time inventory are being discarded in every possible way including dumping perfectly good aircraft off the decks of aircraft carriers and into the sea! The very arsenal of weapons that liberated Europe, China, and Asia are now being eliminated in hopes that there will never be another war within our civilization as terrible as another global conflict of this nature again. The second tier of Nuremberg trials against war criminals is underway and many commanders and military combatants who claimed to be following orders while slaughtering hundreds are facing charges at that UN tribunal.

Rebuilding mode

Mankind is not standing still or spending much time ruminating over the horrible losses of property and life due to the war as America has leant billions in US dollars to facilitate the rapid rebuilding of Europe, Great Britain, the Philippines, and even Japan. The process of attempting to recover and re-establish normalcy is well underway. However, there are other developments well underway-some promising while others are troubling. In America and the Soviet Union a new kind of race for superiority has begun. The “Cold War” has begun and with it a race for supremacy in aircraft as well as futuristic weaponry. Espionage on a grander scale than ever is now underway.

Intelligence channels

The OSS has now evolved into the CIA while Russia has invested most of its surveillance measures into the KGB. The two super powers are now locked in a deadly competition that could end in global domination and even World War III and a thermonuclear exchange. Missiles are being tested. Jet aircraft design is on a break neck pace, and military driven electronics are of vast importance. It seems man never learns his lessons even when it could mean his total annihilation, and yet the pressure to achieve superiority continues!

Russian paranoia

As one Russian historian reveals decades later at a Las Vegas “UFO Crash retrieval” convention, Russian leadership was petrified at the prospect of the American technical advantage. Not only did the US possess the first atomic bomb and the delivery platform, (B-29) but they also had the best long range fighter escort in the world to carry that bomb into the heart of Russia with the P-51 Mustang. With General Curtis “Bombs Away” Le May as the Soviets had nicknamed him, America also had a competent and eager mass long range bombing strategist in not only Le May but several other generals, and they were worried!

Worrisome questions

As if this weren’t enough to stir the proverbial soup another development had just eclipsed many of the major concerns of the super powers and the Pentagon along with the President of the United States were now concerned over the here to for unanticipated implications of a disturbing event. That event was the Roswell UFO crash out on the New Mexico deserts some 70 miles north of the small town of Roswell and the Roswell Army Air Field where the only nuclear deployment unit in the world was stationed-the 509th Bomb Group! When base commander Colonel Butch Blanchard gave Lieutenant Walter Haut the go ahead to release the news that the 509th Bomb Group had recovered a flying disk on a ranch run by Mac Brazel. A new age had just emerged for the military and the world. A new age of uncertainty had now embraced the human race!

Enduring mystery

The year of 1947 would begin the official ubiquity of a phenomenon that has been the source of controversy ever since! From now on so many reports of “Flying Saucers” would be reported to authorities and printed on newspaper pages and magazines that public hysteria threatened to overwhelm the government and a military charged with upholding national security. In a few short years interceptor chases between US war planes and unidentified aerial objects would ensue while scientists struggled with the new supersonic aircraft that were now emerging under modern US research. Had man unknowing triggered a reaction from a more advanced alien civilization? Were all UFO sightings merely misidentifications or hoaxes? Was there a plot of disinformation being conducted by the Soviets to cause distraction prior to a “First Strike” scenario?

Big Brother

In 1947, perhaps the most pivotal year in human history with all these events swirling in a chaotic blur of shocking news coverage and rampant speculation came yet another ominous development. The rapid escalation of the “Security State” began. A more aggressive move than ever before quickly manifested in the form of NDAA types of classified designations and emergency measures that could even strip civilians of their rights in the event of suspected espionage or the exposure of new foreign technology! Was this all simply a predictable reaction to extraordinary incidents that had prompted military intelligence and law enforcement agencies to begin an almost fascist form of crackdown on communications and individual freedoms than ever before?

What caused it?

Could all of this simply have occurred as a result of war nerves? Civilian and military leadership overreacting to an unprecedented string of developments that had caught the world’s most powerful nation by surprise in the aftermath of a second world war? While new counter intelligence laws begin to emerge under the aegis of national security, new technology must also be protected, a hostile world power must be monitored and defended against, and now a new twist has been added. The age of the UFO seem to coincide with every other complication that now assaulted the minds and paranoia of the American government facing these insidious challenges.

Influence of the unknown

While a massive program of denial began within the US military trying to suppress preoccupation with the subject of UFO’s secretly they were establishing agencies as well as methods of identifying possible threats Publicly dismissive, but overtly deploying measures to determine threat and source of technological capacity new parameters of procedures were quickly being implemented as reports poured in and current measures seemed incapable of finding the answers to a persistent mystery! American government, military, and society were all being transformed as a result of this rapid fire influence of unforeseen events! Something unknown was making its presence felt and as a result policy was evolving!








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