12-12-12 - The Quest for Truth, Beauty and God.

In Mexico today people will get up, go to work and make a living.  Some will get married, others will pray.  There will be feasting and rejoicing and celebration; there will be movements of repentance, tears and sorrow.  In fact the day will be so much like it is here you will never know that the Olmec’s (native inhabitants of the land) calendar ended on this very day.
December 12, 2012.
Some people say it was the Maya (the Maya kept incredible records, similar to the ancient Egyptians) but the more I read the more I see that the pattern for the calendar came from the OLMECS (the great artists and sculptors of Middle America).   I don’t particularly enjoy reading academic literature but just read an academic paper called “Archaology and Religion: A Comparison of the Zapotech and Maya” – which illuminates the thinking of the ancient middle American people groups.  I am grateful for Joyce Marcus (who is still alive and teaching) for writing this.  It shows how different societies thought before Christ – long before colonization.
The more you dig into Maya, Toltec and Olmec history the more you see that God was always searched for.  These were a spiritual people who became known for the terrible politics of the day and their version of religion.  It reminds me that what man forms and calls religion is never as good as what God is.  He is true and pure. 
Even the Bible promises that where man has failed as far as religion goes, He will be faithful to rescue:
“ Save me, LORD! We can no longer trust anyone! All the good, loyal people are gone. People lie to their neighbors. They say whatever they think people want to hear. The LORD should cut off their lying lips and cut out their bragging tongues. Those people think they can win any argument. They say, "We are so good with words, no one will be our master." They took advantage of the poor and stole what little they had. But the LORD knows what they did, and he says, "I will rescue those who are poor and helpless, and I will punish those who hurt them." The LORD'S words are true and pure, like silver purified by fire, like silver melted seven times to make it perfectly pure. LORD, take care of the helpless. Protect them forever from the wicked people in this world. The wicked are all around us, and everyone thinks evil is something to be praised!"
    Yeah...that’s Psalm 12. 
    Since Jesus told us to read the signs of the times, it’s good to pay attention to know what’s going on today.
  • ·         Number 12 on Billboard’s Hot 100 is will.i.am - Scream & Shout  (featuring Britney Spears) – a danceable, albeit narcissistic number. 
  • Brave enough to watch it? Click here.
  •         If you google 12-12-12 you will get a picture of a scientific calendar, with the answer being -12
  •         mashable reports the odd happening worldwide today here
  •        time and date (also a dot com) shows the unique and rare occurance in our calendar here
     Today I woke up and read a friend's oddly encouraging facebook post, encouraging me to put my hand on my
     heart and remember that God has a purpose for my life.  

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Comment by Arthur James on December 12, 2012 at 8:30am

` Great! This beats Traveling into the city to attend Wed-School Class.

I browsed a Wash/Post piece ref 12-12-12. Pope did a 12-12-12 Tweet.

Maybe Pope Teach Folk to Tweet. Gaud my email no work since 12-7-21.


I hide from Grouch Folk. Lord? What Hapens to Some People on Earth?

'Lord" always eant Resect. We People are too Dim to Govern a Cosmos.

So` O, Lord was a humble sense hat we mortals need Harmonious Care.

We People are like bah-bah sheep with need of a Protective Good Shepherd.

I an amazed How Much of Scripture is Extracted from Plato's Discourses.


Scripture can be read` secular. But, Socrates makes Much Sense, spiritually.

I am reading some old Literature that I Never found Time. Lame Goat? Read.

West Virginia (virgins?) has a band named Mountain Goats. Mountain Stage.

I was browsing a 2011 January NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC - Global Population.

We People best Wake Up before we get Hauled by the Mule Wagon Hearse.

The Planet will not be able to absorb Future Population Growth. Doom?

Maybe we 'ought' to grow Pure Food and raise our own LARD. Gaud.


Read the archeology piece.

They use to boil Corpses.

Then they'd save Bones.

Mayans are No Here.

No Worry. Pray, Huh.


We No be Burnt Meat.

Mayans No Tie to Post.

No Race to Grave Fast.

Race Tracker say this:`

Horses - Line Up.

Go To The Post.

Ready? Horses!

Your Off! Run!

Comment by Emily Conyngham on December 12, 2012 at 8:45am

BP, terrific. Art, I have to think about whether I feel an urgency to get my spiritual business aligned, or whether I feel calm about predicted shifts in perspective. I tend towards the latter. Maybe. I think I will go for a run and think about this.

Comment by Arthur James on December 12, 2012 at 9:25am

` BP.

Bee go to BP.

Bee pee at BP.

Words Confound.

I say Be gentile.

No say genitals.

No slip on ice.

No fall in lake.


I best cease this.

No run too fast.

We all go to sod.

Take our Time.


same/same aya

Comment by Brazen Princess on December 12, 2012 at 12:39pm

Art James!  I'd know you anywhere!!  I agree as far as logic goes, Socrates was right up there.  Me posting Psalm 12 was more of a spiritual "coincidence" with the day's date.

Emily~ Why do I see you in my mind's eye in a swan dive?  On a diving board??  OS habits die hard!  Thanks for reading!

Comment by Emily Conyngham on December 12, 2012 at 12:55pm

Yup, I am a trapeze artist and a diver, as well as a Corgi, the duality of my nature. Anyway, I am not really a spiritual person, but I made not of what I was doing when all the twelves were lined up for me just now. 

I was running along Town Lake in the sunshine. The shadow of the split rail fence to my right made an interlocking chain shape on the path ahead of me. The little tiny zoo train went toot toot toot at that moment, and a heron lifted off a branch over the lake. My bare shoulders were warm.

In Malay/ Bahasa Indonesia - sama sama.

Comment by Jenny on December 12, 2012 at 2:05pm

I'm always struggling with that purpose in life. Am I serving it and don't yet know? How does that all work? I've felt for the last several years that I've been on a path that was predetermined. A plan and a path chosen for me not by me and I'm along for the ride!

Comment by Brazen Princess on December 12, 2012 at 2:55pm

Asia!!!   Such a beautiful soul!!!  You are a blessing to all who know you and read you... thank you for commenting.  Let me know how its going re: your writing.

Jan~ Humans, I believe are made in the image of God... creators, lovers, beautiful and able to make decisions.  It is our beauty and our downfall.... 

Comment by James Mark Emmerling on December 12, 2012 at 4:22pm

Jan is not at all agressive, for he brings up good goddamn points.

I agree HE?SHE?IT? is terribly confused , but i ascribe this to his voyeuristic interest in his creations.

if God created us in his own image, he is the ultimate voyeur, internet addict, curious Fellow.

Ah but why?

The why is missing from Evolutionary theories. Well, no it technically isnt: some abstract NEED TO PROLIFERATE is affixed upon all species.

The bacteria proliferated. and still do. So why not a wet blue world of bacteria? Why the jump to the next stage, and the myriad next...

God doesnt give a damn about us personally, some say, with a hope of creating a Philosophical God. I have had some success with that.

But if there be a God, if He cares, He cares for equally selfish and altruistic reasons, i reckon...to experience...!

God created the world, some say. I dunno about that. Maybe God was a Creation...but...i know his game!ENTERTAINMENT!

to allow and encourage his creatures to fully experience the universe . and to share in it. and to learn from it.


Comment by Rosigami on December 12, 2012 at 5:16pm

If God created us in his image, he must've thought we were gonna look like that first strand of replicating organic material. No? If what is meant instead is this current human form, then does that mean we are all done evolutin'?   I don't think so! But as Jan says, if we keep up doing what we're doing in the world, there's a good chance we are about done with the world.

 I just don't think our puny little ape brains are capable of understanding anything as complex as the creator of a universe. And if such an entity exists, why would it even be aware of us? Are we aware of every carbon, hydrogen, oxygen and nitrogen atom within our own bodies, which are surely our own creations? Do we hear their prayers?

Just thinkin' out loud.

And I'm entertained! I do enjoy it when dates and times line up, human-made and random though they may be. 

Comment by James Mark Emmerling on December 12, 2012 at 6:04pm

rosi! note that i am not saying we are any kind of 'special' creation. shit no!

we could be another botch job, like the nearly infinite creatures that share our world..a certain niche they reach, then...no more...or mindless proliferation, or destruction. my biggest fear is we got a CHANCE here, we humans...yet God is Indifferent...meaning he truly doesnt care that much....he has all the data he needs from our evolutionary roller coaster ride, and now he is content with some other promising species. Or even in one of the parallel universes which are infinite. They say...in which case we do not rank on god's give a shit



nothing 'special' or 'engineered' or chosen about us. nope. that is horrifying. to  me.



JAN i agree wholeheartedly:  "the universe does not think in the same way humans do, it tries out different combinations of energy and matter and what works is maintained and what doesn't work is discarded."

well..there IS intelligence. Why? Cuz you as a human gotta ask 'WHY??' . If you can ask ''why'' then that is part of the Universe, of Nature..

it means whatever random or accidental kind of species we are, we are involved intimately in Nature.

We are natural. And the most unnatural shit we do? Is Natural/


i have no problem assigning the universe the NOODLER-AROUND-IN CHIEF.

I think of artists who noodle around, and wait for inspiration.


we got limited 'senses' but we got a whole other level too. the integration of sense  data into perception. The jump from perception to thought.


also, the entropic or Freudian deathwish (thanatos) desire to revert, to die.

Eros thanatos.




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