10% happier podcast with dan harris: david leite's Notes on a Banana, about food and bipolar 2 disorder and being fat and gay.


stitcher.com or Itunes: 10% Happier with dan harris podcast. i couldn't provide the link because i'm being told that the connection is insecure. but you can get access to podcasts at either of these locations. so many many many many great ones.

i was gone and i'm basically still gone. but then i heard about about this book on this podcast that i love. and there are there aren't enough excellent stories about bipolar, formerly manic-depression.

i know that i am just an annoyance and fuck you all very much. which is meant in a light hearted manner because coincidentally, soon after left here, i met a guy. a miracle at my age. he loves to cook so i'm getting very fat. well, fatter. but whatever. and my best friend moved back from Houston. and my new female best friend continues to be an outstanding person and she's a reference librarian!! so she can recommend great books. and she has chickens, which makes me very happy. and she listens to podcasts!!!! especially Pod Save America and Pod Save the World. 2 or 3 former obama staffers. very smart. very funny. very knowledgeable. everything good.

so, okay. bipolar disorder. this is a big honking deal. so many famous artists of all kinds, so many creative people, battled this mental illness. you know about a lot of them.  i'm sure that many will disagree with me and, again, fuck you very much, but this is what killed JME. he lost the battle as so many do. diagnosed too late. refusal to take meds because they miss the highs, a very bad depression gets it's hooks in to you and won't let go.

again, i know that i am just an annoyance but i came very close to killing myself several times. attached the hose to the pipe. someone who was supposed to have gone out of town came back. i wrote a whole post about the lighter side of BP. about driving by a drive-by shooting and not getting shot. about taking a horse size number of lethal pills and not dying. i stopped when i got my incest memories back because i realized that if i killed myself, then they would win.

so if you know anyone you care about who has bipolar and/or you're a curious and caring person, or you have this condition. well, for all kinds of reasons. listen to the Pod. read this book. he talks a whole lot about this. brilliantly and bravely, about being gay and the food.

i'm once again pretty much gone. whatever.

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