1947 and The Many Reasons For The Rise of The Security State Part III

1947 Part III

The year of 1947 was not only a pivotal year in terms of political and classified terms for government security matters, but with the advent of the Roswell Incident in which the recovery of a crashed alien flying disk by the 509th Bomb Group in New Mexico, a new dimension was added in the minds of the people and implications for the military.  According to engineer and UFO crash recovery expert, Ryan Wood, this represented an inflection in human affairs that would last forever.

New reality

For the first time it seemed that science fiction had merged with reality and all the Flash Gordon Movies that had fascinated movie theater audiences for the last 2 decades. Only the radio broadcast of "War of The Worlds" by Orson Wells and the Fireside Theater Radio program on Halloween evening 1938 had created such hysteria. Yet, an ominous interpretation had been either forgotten or misinterpreted by all who attempted to explain the supposed crash of an unknown aerial vehicle and it’s seemingly non-human occupants. Perhaps an explanation as extraterrestrial originating from another civilization light years away was not necessarily the true determination of the wreckage and the bodies inside.


The skeptics have disputed the recovery of a crashed airborne craft time and time again without a lot of credibility thanks to a number of death bed confessions by servicemen who were involved in the recovery of the Roswell artifacts as referred to by General Trudeau who had secretly ordered the recovered technology to be stored right under the noses of many agencies seeking access to the supposed alien electronics and components within the wreckage. As General Nathan F. Twining had intended, under the category of Foreign Technology at the ATIC so as not to invite spies and nosey reporters into the equation. According to Philip J. Corso, an intelligence Captain who had served in Europe during World War II and claimed to have glimpsed one of the alien cadavers in a drum filled with a bluish gel preservative, the Roswell crash debris was well hidden in the basement of the Pentagon itself.


The key to the entire authenticity lies with the intelligence assessment by Major Jesse Marcel who described the wreckage as having paper thin metal that was extremely tough and couldn’t be burned or cut. He also claimed to have handled metallic substance that returned to its original shape when creased or balled up in hand. Slivers of balsa wood type cross members, wiring made of clear fibers, some type of headset, and control panels made for miniature sized humanoids were all sequestered from prying eyes only to be later doled out to defense contractors to back engineer, has been the ultimate fate of the unusual debris. Marcel, an Atomic weapons expert who had authored a manual and had personally briefed President Truman on the nuclear arsenals of the world was no novice when it came to identifying highly technical material. So it is difficult for skeptics to dismiss the Roswell Incident as a either balloon, anthropomorphic dummies, or Project Mogul, a secret high altitude atmospheric nuclear testing system,

Singular source

According to John A. Keel, journalist and paranormal expert and Author of several well-known books on Fortean phenomenon and UFO sightings. Keel was perhaps the first person to redefine what the true source of the UFO sightings as not extraterrestrial at all but having been on earth with man since his very beginning! His research had led him to believe that the same source of hauntings, apparitions, unexplained materializations, and even such sightings as fairies and Leprechauns were all tied into one central source! There seemed to be a terrestrial phenomenon responsible for the resulting confusion and even fear that had afflicted man for centuries from hauntings to the magical appearance of spiritual beings disguising themselves as benevolent entities interested in helping humans and even warning of imminent disasters!

Long history of deception

Well documented visitations by illuminating entities from other worlds or dimensions appearing to unsuspecting individuals had been reported since the beginning of mankind. From fallen angels to giants, from brightly glowing beings materializing right before the eyes of settlers or Kings carefully considering their options before wars, these mysterious events had occurred often and had been historically recorded. The question was who were these entities of unknown origin who had inspired common men to begin religions such as Joseph Smith of the Mormons or Mohamed of Islam? Yet, there seemed a common tragic denominator. All or most of those visited by these magical beings ended in tragedy. Joseph Smith murdered by a mob in Chicago, many of the UFO contactees claiming forbidden knowledge after their experiences being literally driven out of town by their own neighbors, others being permanently discredited and their reputations destroyed as a result of attempting to share their incredible teachings from these elementals or well-meaning  interlopers from time and space.

Foreboding origins

John A. Keel theorized that these mystery materializations were either from beings from another dimension, travelers of time and space, or something even more insidious, evil demonic spirits! In his estimation most of these visitations were usually detrimental to the contactee causing them ill repute at the very least. The same message seemed to be repeated over and over again that they were warning of impending disasters or that these enigmatic beings were here for the good of mankind, or that they wanted to help the human race overcome its self-destructive war-like tendencies to ascend to a higher form of evolution into the universal order of other civilizations throughout the galaxies. These mystical prophecies seemed to be repeated time and time again with resulting despair and ruin for the one who received the cosmic message!

Devil in the details

Therefore, using ancient texts, Biblical records, Sumerian tablets, and many other ancient forms of human history, John A. Keel arrived at the disturbing thesis that a malevolent force whose power was originating from Earth had been perpetrating a scheme that was designed to deceive and confuse rather than aid man in his efforts whether in the form of a Leprechaun, Angel, or Demon, it seemed that mankind was under a long legacy of assault by a determined and centralized form of disinformation, but even more that this source was evil! Keel also saw the reoccurring theme of the devil, Satan, Lucifer, Hades, the underworld, Hell, this ominous scourge to humanity being included in virtually all archeological records of all races and civilizations that had ever existed on planet earth in some for or other having various names and descriptions, but with the end result being evil destruction of man and woman along with their souls! This seemed to be the reoccurring universal theme that could not be denied!

Present incarnation

From the Mothman who terrorized people in Point Pleasant, Ohio days before the Silver Bridge collapse in 1966  to the hovering candles sighted in the night skies by Columbus and his crews as they navigated the nocturnal waters of the Atlantic on their way to the “New World” an eternal effort by some power that Keel described as evil malevolent, and perhaps mischievous has existed side by side along with man since he appeared on this planet seemed firmly entrenched nowadays in an updated form known as the UFO mystery that has created doubt in God, fear of foreign advanced technology, and even alien invasion by many of the so-called researchers now cashing in on the sensation. The Age of Certainty has been set loose from Pandora’s Box and has misled many even causing the deaths of others while leaving humanity in a state of confusion as the world becomes a more crucial proving ground of ideologies, rumors of wars, and evil on a scale that few can imagine.  

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Comment by koshersalaami on January 5, 2018 at 12:55pm

When I was a kid, I read a comic book about a race of advanced humanoids who were outnumbered by humans and fled underground. As concepts go, that one has the advantage of making greater than lightspeed travel unnecessary for alien (or what we’d characterize as alien) contact. We don’t know much about Earth deeper than we can easily drill, and we’ve actually mapped very little of the ocean floor. 

Comment by Maui Surfer on January 5, 2018 at 11:56pm

You really should get over here to Maui and meet up with Steve "Swiggle Swaggle Sweggles" Omar:


Comment by J.P. Hart on January 6, 2018 at 1:07am

Lot's of profundity, DV, goshdamn and ballywho!


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