Oh Moses of the blogosphere lead us onward.

             Thank you Lorianne for your service to this scrappy tribe of refugees. I can only guess how much effort this site has required to establish and maintain. My skill set barely includes posting, and after OpenS, I have only posted here regular recently. 

              After Lion’s pancake service this morning I had to nap. I was not as on as I could have been, despite having a light day yesterday. Service is an art form, yes, but not every work is a masterpiece. So it goes. 

               We have a regular team doing service, all volunteers. I’m doing less than 100 hours a year for the Lion’s, and I’m ok with that. I wonder how our world would look if everyone gave just 100 skilled hours of volunteer service each year. 

               I don’t do the math. I just wonder, volunteer, wait and see. Two crows were on the highway at dawn eating a dead thing. I had to swerve at 70mph to avoid them, as they jumped to either side of me, one nearly skimmed my windshield, I was on the shoulder. 

                The drizzle on the beachfront bought in a lot more coffee drinkers than usual. More than half our customers are regulars who I recognize. More than half of our customers are senior citizens. Not half of our staff are seniors; we have a mixed crew. I’m not the oldest. 

                 The menu is fixed and the service is fast. I’m sending them from the bar with beverages as their orders are being carried from the kitchen by our high school volunteers. 

                         Where to now? Nowhere. I’m beat.                


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Comment by koshersalaami on May 25, 2019 at 2:47pm


70 MPH? Swerving?

You are driving.

I’ve played Moses twice. Once years ago in a chatroom where everyone who wanted to couldn’t fit to a mostly vacant room where everyone who wanted to could. (You’d think that would be a simple proposition. You’d be wrong.) I flippantly considered changing my s/n to chatmoses, particularly given that it was a Beliefs Judaism chatroom. The second time organizing a mass move from OS to here. I used a post (still up) as an organizing forum to build a consensus as to how to approach the people we knew on OS to get them to move. OS was still open. There were a few others heavily involved. Lezlie (L in the Southeast). Alan Milner. And I think Tink. There was a lot of resistance to the idea but we doubled activity here in a week. 

But in those cases we had a destination and we didn’t have an artificial deadline to get out. The task here isn’t getting people to move, the task is to find a suitable place to move to. That I don’t know how to do. I don’t know how other sites work. 

Comment by Robert B. James on May 25, 2019 at 5:08pm

Kosh: Pancakes I drive for.

Yes. I just set up a page on FB for Robert B James, the pseudonym I am leaking under for Raytheon5. 

I think it’s time for you to pick up your staff again, unless Lorianne relents and hangs on until after 11/2020. I’m thinking that won’t happen. 

I had a feeling we were not going to ride this to Election Day. Many times Im the only one on line. The new me rolls with it.  The work is out there...in the real world real time, and this place helps me do it. Open helped a lot of us... it was transformational for many. Free speech on steroids. It had to go. This nation cannot deal with freedom or free speech, especially during an election cycle. 

I’ll be posting every day until L quits. Lead on!

Comment by Ron Powell on May 25, 2019 at 5:45pm

Google's 'Blogger/BlogSpot' platform is free.

However, I'm not savvy enough to interact with the platform managers and techs and adequately and accurately articulate what should be done to accommodate a migration...

I would happily defer to those who are in the know on such matters and cheerfully go along with the plan....

Comment by J.P. Hart on May 25, 2019 at 11:35pm

Hmmm pancakes!
Curious if you viewed refugees from Open Salon on Facebook. I've no idea what FB looks like and was surprised to learn pseudonyms are matter of fact. This is a nice cozy little outfit, but it too shall pass. Oddly I knew something was 'on the tape' you know that eerie (flac-jac! I'm spelling like a 7th grader!)that eerie feeling but there's 1,440 minutes of errant rude hysteresis in the real world going round and round everyday that the prognostication could not be identified.

Here's a topical statistic: As of the first quarter of 2019, Facebook had 2.38 billion monthly active users. ...

Am I the only one feeling like an Angel fish nearing the Devil's Triangle?

Comment by Robert B. James on May 26, 2019 at 7:14am

I have no fear of FB. Signals are signals, and that’s that. Like RP I fully admit to not being tech savvy. I prefer the diner...it’s what I know. What Will be will be. 

Until then, I’ve got Robert B James ( @robertbjamesOSrefugee ) up, only because I’m hustling Raytheon5...and Strength Through Peace. 

I will look at google too. 

Comment by J.P. Hart on May 26, 2019 at 9:17am

Bless Me St. Peter
for I've learned to work the saxophone
yeah you'd absolute diaphragm exaltation for a good while
O, or my God did I try, Sir--I mean Saint
Relax. Limbo is fictitious. No. I can't read your mind...Holy Ghost can. Haha: you just thought Can-Can dinnit U!
How high can you fly,what's it...oh here, Jim, Jimmy--James...see if you can skim your bowler...skim your bowler toward Messers 87...reappoint tomorrow...tomorrow may rain....
Stop that too, right now! 1/2 your imaginary readers don't you mean learned opinion. Here: look at this screen of 405: that young lady just cranked up
Boz Scaggs...
St. Peter, do I address you as...
...Holier than Thou...that's fine...why don't we just chill. Look at this: Sammy Davis Jr. Mr. Bojangles...go now, my son~another year you'll be happy---happy...

Comment by J.P. Hart on May 26, 2019 at 9:45am


I'd rather have a straight up margarita with Sheryl Crow than, say, Sarah Huckleby...

"...I'm here but I'm gone..."

Wonder if Ms. Crow would put me on as a roadie...

Comment by Robert B. James on May 26, 2019 at 4:00pm

Keep rolling.

Comment by Maui Surfer on May 26, 2019 at 4:13pm

drizzle on the beachfront

aka, the story of my life

I am so fortunate to have something that kept my motor skills going, and it never felt more lucky than trying to give a little back with meals on wheels.

Comment by Maui Surfer on May 26, 2019 at 4:17pm

oh, true story, first time I heard Ms. Cheryl was on Santa Monica Blvd. itself, on that old radio format in the rental car thang.


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