New Revelations Obama Implicated in Spying on Trump

The rats are scurrying now that the sinking ship of the Democrats false allegations are being revealed! While James Comey is now being quoted as having been ordered by Loretta Lynch to handle his investigation into the illegal activities of Hillary Clinton as a matter rather than a criminal probe, new revelations have been unearthed. On CNN itself and with TV journalist Anderson Cooper, Former intelligence head, James Clapper admits for the first time that he, John Brennan, and James Comey were all ordered to spy on Donald Trump and his election campaign under the aegis of  Russian interference concerns by then President Obama!

Evidence already in

This new insight is further corroborated by texts between FBI Agent, Peter Stzrok and FBI Attorney, Lisa Page when they discussed President Obama wanting to be kept informed of the developments! These very same texts that the FBI claimed to have lost during a glitch in their computer system, but were inconveniently located. It would appear that the jig is up, and that, as many have long suspected the legal implications would go up the ladder to the true perpetrators who ordered their underlings to commit acts of felony for the purpose of
stopping Donald Trump!

Democrat disinformation strategy revealed

To make matters worse for the Democrats, the DNC, and Hillary a series of word document notes have surfaced that were part of the 33,000 emails on the Clinton's home brew server. These notes were the talking points and strategy to be used by the Democrats in attempting to throw off the Republicans investigation and accuse them of the very things that the Democrats were doing, misdirecting, false accusations, and truly nasty tactics in order to stave off public attention from where they did not want it to go! This revealed by a California source on the Dennis Praeger radio talk show on Monday.

Top down implication

it has been said that when a top down conspiracy is exposed it collapses like a deck of cards because all directives have come from above therefore once the true source is identified down come the cards! In this case President Obama, Loretta Lynch with her little meeting on the airport tarmac with Bill Clinton, the top three intelligence chiefs and their FBI agent operatives are all exposed now. The "Insurance Policy" has failed and the rats have now begun fighting among themselves now there is no where to hide as their ship sinks!

Treasure chest of evidence

Former Mayor Giuliani, now part of the White House legal team has announced that there is an 87 page report on violations committed by the Mueller investigation that at some point in time will be revealed. There are also members of the GOP asking why President Trump has not yet released the fully redacted FISA documents revealing who were the parties that violated the warrants issued for the illegal surveillance that President Trump alluded to! The President once described the content as shocking! His original attempt to reveal the report was met with legal action due to the outcry of the intelligence community and was finally overruled so that Mister Trump is now obviously keeping release of the details for a more strategic moment! 

Final conclusion

As the Democrats under Nadler, Cummings, and Schiff continue to use a smokescreen of empty allegations as damage control, the Democrat ship is definitely listing from the flooding and it appears many of the crew will begin abandoning ship! The media can be relied upon to minimize the truth wherever and whenever possible, but the truth is bursting out and so will be jail sentences for all those guilty of the biggest federal government fraud operation in US History!

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Comment by Maui Surfer on May 23, 2019 at 1:41pm

Vega, stick with your new RED heroes, never mind we struggled and fought with then for seventy years to save the world. My generation fought in the streets for FREEDOM and to not kill our Vietnamese cousins, beautiful people who did nothing wrong. it was you and yours who CHICKENED OUT of everything, just like Trump and his oh so sore bone spurs ... hahahahahahaha, bunny never seen him limp, out side the bedroom.


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