The following was copied from a Unitarian Universalist bulletin.  It expresses a concept that is often either denied, forgotten or never realized.  In today’s political divide over immigration it seems important to realize that many of those we will never know who helped enhance our lives are and were immigrants who took jobs beneath their ability in order to enjoy life here.  Some slaves, and the children of slaves, built buildings and roads and created works of art for which they got no credit. Almost all of us in the U.S. and Canada are these people or their heirs.

We Build on Foundations We Did Not Lay

We build on foundations we did not lay

We warm ourselves by fires we did not light

We sit in the shade of trees we did not plant

We drink from wells we did not dig

We profit from persons we did not know

This is as it should be.

Together we are more than any
one person could be.

Together we can build across the generations.

Together we can renew our hope and faith
in the life that is yet to unfold.

Together we can heed the call to
a ministry of care and justice.

We are ever bound in community.

May it always be so.

Rev. Peter Raible (1930-2004)
UU Minister, Seattle, WA

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Comment by Maui Surfer on April 20, 2019 at 9:57am

straight-arm lobs return tosses of tear-gas canisters

For now, to those of today who are trying, in their own way, to pay attention, this seems like a black and white newsreel of the past. However, it was not that long ago, and some of us straight-armers learned our craft on the fields of hallowed by some institutions but rejected their rigidity and fascist leanings for the right to pursue our own happiness, and, we WERE willing to fight for it and COULD throw better than the poor excuses for law enforcement (read lackeys and lemmings) who then had to sit on the sidelines until, now, until now and their last gasp, pathetic credulous goose steppers who have the nerve to pretend the FOUNDERS were not the Deist adherents to The Enlightenment and instead somehow have been twisted to their sick and selfish false narratives, true as always to their creed, to only care about their own, yet, somehow they are shocked by their own's propensity to turn on their neighbors and feed on their young.

Auwe (Alas) but Imua (Onward, and AOC is not fringe A GREEN NEW DEAL is our salvation and nothing else will do)


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