Reparations due: us is not US, US is not U.S.

Reparations due: us is not US, US is not U.S.

We, all of us humans, who are alive on Earth are us.  Some among us believe they are exceptional, they are US.  To be of US is to believe one is entitled to privileges and immunities not deserving of the vast majority of the rest of us.  Some of us live in the U.S., in the United States.  Most of us  do not live there but a lot of US does. 

Just who is, just what is meant by US, is easier to get a handle on, easier to identify by citing examples of their historical, current and predictable illogical reasoning and pathetically deceptive rhetoric.

In a game of cards with a confidence man the first con is the donecon: “Here mademoiselle, let’s play with my deck.”

Such are reparations due by US to Humanity long overdue for crimes past, present and righteoUSlie indeed genocidally perpetrated on Earth before i was born and ever since. It’s insane. It’s criminal. It’s morally, ethically and suicidally indefensible.


One unelected terrorUSt$ official was recorded yesterday saying in effect: "WE DEMAND CUBA PAY NOW REPARATIONS TO THE U.S. TREASURY."

Time it is that stinks well past its expiration date that genocidal reparations are overdue be paid by US terrorUSt$ to Humanity destroyed homelands in my lifetime: the Pacific rim and its islands, the Caribbean Basin, Palestine, Korea, Vietnam, Africa, Afghanistan, Indonesia, Central America, South America, the Pacific rim and its islands, central Europe...

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Comment by koshersalaami on April 18, 2019 at 6:19am

There’s a difference in reparations internationally and domestically. Internationally, there’s also the question of reparations vs. foreign aid. That gets complicated. 

Domestically, there are two categories who mainly deserve it and mainly need it: Blacks and Native populations (including Hawaii). These are the only two major ethnic populations who don’t advance over time to something approaching economic and social equality because the artificial limits are too extensive and pernicious and that’s what the U.S. has really failed to deal with. Particularly with Blacks, we have a major problem admitting the extent and consequences of those artificial limits. One might think that Hispanics fall into this category but they really don’t because though our attention is constantly drawn to recent immigrants, Hispanics who have been here for a couple of generations plus are generally pretty thoroughly integrated. 

With Native populations, we have a different cultural issue: Americans tend to want to treat them as a single ethnic population. They aren’t; here again as we have before we’re not separating race from ethnicity. Equating the social mores and cultures of tribes is like equating Norwegians with Bulgarians. There are overlapping issues in dealing with these populations but there’s a lot that doesn’t overlap. 

Comment by Maui Surfer on April 18, 2019 at 8:25am

Excellent points made by Kosh. First Nation issues are many and complex, as he establishes. For our Black population it is cut and dried- Slavery to Sharecropping to Jim Crow to the Nadir to Redlining. There can be NO question; anyone in denial is either brainwashed or has an agenda. This continues to today, while segregation may not be in news print, or online haha, as it WAS for decades, a mere drive around the block in White neighborhoods, or Black ones for that matter, tells you everything you need to know.

Comment by moki ikom on April 19, 2019 at 2:18pm

Maui, I agree that "the focus of dividing US reparations for those in the USA itself must be on African Americans and First Nation people."  Seems that when it comes to the abused peoples among us dividing reparations from the centuries old enterprise of US, you Hawaiians  would  be happy with just what's between Mauna Kea and the Pacific plate’s subduction point under Japan and Alaska thus allowing the mainland, continental U.S. minus Alaska, squabble if they choose to over how to divide the spoils of nationalizing capitalism among themselves, of humanely economizing limited and exponentially expiring resources, moving toward utopian hopes instead of dystopian realities.

Rodney, you nailed it. That's exactly the situation we're in.  Even given all the wealth of corporatUSt$ gains from Humanity's pains past, present and future, there is no where near enough real wealth to pay back Humanity for crimes of US against Humanity. Indeed, "Reparations to whom?  There are so many who are owed."

partial list of us peoples due reparations from US for US depredations committed on us (in trillion$) :

Vietnam: 2 for damages and  2 for pain; Southeast Asia as a whole, 4 and 4

Syria: 3 for damages, 3 for pain

Afghanistan: 4 for damages, 4 for pain 

Central America: 5 and 5

Cuba: 1 and 1

North Korea: 1 and 1

Pacific Islanders whose aina was nuked: 1 for compensation for damages and 1 for pain.

Wow, that's just considering some of US reparations due us beyond the continental U.S. and already amounts to 38 trillion or almost half as much more than the NYSE is worth and the list hasn't even started with reparations due within U.S. society.


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