,         I thought as much, thinking back to 15, 11, 7, 3, 99. I’m once again being mistaken for a player in the big game, because I’m out there, yet...too old to be so. 

          The best stuff the MIC has is already rolled out onto the field, and operating. The whole damn thing is violenty moronic, and always has been.  Neither the red or blue team wants to own up to just how dirty their game is, but being none of the above I can peck out that what you know about this blood sport is all old news. 

          Ask Andrew Breitbart...oh, I forgot...he is dead. But not before doing some seriously underhanded shit. And the reporter from Rolling Stone, Hastings...dead too. 

          I’m not sure who got wacked first...does it matter? I sat up, in the middle of the night, feeling it. Like hearing a dog whistle. I’m not playing, I’m just calling it as I see it...Chicken Shit. 

          It’s not about ideas, it’s about power...and who is willing to hurt the planet and people the most to hold on to it. Rules? There are none, because it is war. Kids who get too close to this truth die, the rest learn. The new weapons? 

           Since 9/11/ 2001 billions and billions have been spent developing new weapon systems, so who knows, really, for sure what’s out here. I certainly don’t. I don’t want to know...I already do. 

            I’m fearlessly optimistic, and leaking. I’m not hiding in a red or blue bunker. I’m doing my best to call it as I see it. I can smell it already only because it stinks. 

             I’m an American Citizen, wanting only the best for the planet and all living things, deliberately questioning the sanity of all those who would deliberately harm others to get or hold on to power. I guess that makes me targetable from either side, and those that own the game and both sides of it.

             We used to shout from the stands...in the late sixties, when I was barely a teen:

             One, Two, Three, 

              Kill the Referee, 

              Three, two, one, 

             Kill the other one,

              Nobody said a word about it...and this was just high school basketball.  There has not been a Democrat elected mayor in my home town in my lifetime. I lost all the time in a place where winning was the only thing. 

              How do you win all the time? By gaming the system. How do you game the system? By controlling it. Generally, it is easier to control a system you own, but easy is never good...easy is easy.  Easy gets blindsided easily. Or as I observe in the field...struck from above. I have seen raptors carrying snakes into the sky, and Eagles taking fish from Osprey, mid flight. Stuff happens.

               I’m not driving, but I am reminding all those pulling strings of Rule Number Two: There is always a higher level of play

                I did not make this rule, but if you gamers believe in anything at all, you best pay attention to this one. There is no such thing as supernatural. There is nothing beyond nature...play with her at your own risk. Funny how simple reality is once you start paying attention. 


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Comment by J.P. Hart on March 18, 2019 at 3:50am

Bill Clinton Budget Surplus
He had budget surpluses for fiscal years 1998-2001, the only such years from 1970-2016. Clinton's final four budgets were balanced budgets with surpluses, beginning with the 1997 budget. The ratio of debt held by the public to GDP, a primary measure of U.S. federal debt, fell from 47.8% in 1993 to 33.6% by 2000.

Robert, I added the above because I am a freeman. I heard the sound of the hounds and kept going...


Comment by Robert B. James on March 18, 2019 at 7:04am

American Fascism thrived under the New Democrats! The enterprise yeilded amazing returns! Prison populations exploded, and social programs were cut. The bloated MIC took a beating too. All was good for the very bright fake left right and not so good at all for the brown and black inner city voters who were losing voting rights as quick as manufacturing jobs. The New Democrats were brilliant at moving the deluded masses to the right, while flooding the inner cites with dope and jack booted jump out boys...aka  LE.  By the time Gore, who was not totally on board the soulless Clinton money train, capitulated...more than six million people had lost the right to vote. The White right soccer moms were content...but all was not well by a long shot. The Clinton’s genocidal approach to the party base set the stage for Bush 43. The hood knew who the Clintons were by the end of the 2008 primary or coup d’ tat, Obama blindsided the Clintons, but TWOT ( the wet orange turd) prevailed because the left did not show up. 

Cutting the bloated MIC is great for budgets, but bad for the oligarchs, who need veterans to muscle the sheep into submission. Without veterans the oligarchs have no chance of holding power...without force. The oligarchs are masters of pay to play, with all kinds of billions to shape a pseudo democracy. The Clintons love these people!  They can easily make your wildest dream come true. Interns, private jets, you name it. I’ve seen it up close. The can also turn lose the hounds of hell on those who do not properly goose step. 

Comment by Ron Powell on March 19, 2019 at 3:05pm

"Funny how simple reality is once you start paying attention."

If that isn't the truth, there is no such animal...

Comment by Robert B. James on March 19, 2019 at 10:38pm

The razor’s edge, R.P. ..., And it is on. It’s on with the trillions of dollars worth of tax cuts piled on top of everything else to spend. This is looking like the rich white guys last stand shaping up. I had two near seventy year olds trying to intimidate me today. It’s almost sad. 


Comment by moki ikom on March 21, 2019 at 8:25am

Numbers are not natural they're a contrived convenience like the human concept of the existence straight lines and points which by definition do not exist, occupy no space and have no mass yet we find such concepts convenient to use to define the space we live in and things that do exist, that comprise bundles of energy, of mass.  

While i am just a lowgrade scientist who survives and helps support family due mostly my physical brawniness, employing minimal brain power, i am certainly no economist.  Sometimes though numbers are my cue to look, yeilding a clue to better appreciate once mysterious numbers that i see are more than just reconcilable one with the other but even more simply, they are equal to one another much like energy equals a constant times mass squared.  The numbers associated with this moral and fiscal debtor nation's New York Stock Exchange and this nation's federal debt, roughly thirty trillioneach suggests an equality with the number one being the constant.  An answer to our nation's reparation$ dilemma can be shining so brightly before us that we can only turn our backs to it to see the shadow of where we've been and where we are, trusting that where we're going is pre-determined, we don't need to put on our welding helmets and create anything.


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