Dreamers dream of philosopher-kings

Or a knight who will slay all their dragons

While the dark side dabbles in dullards and dolts

And the paranoid circle the wagons

The shining knight failed to live up to the hype

And wandered too close to the middle

So dreamers decry that he didn’t even try

That Rome burned, while he played the fiddle

Meanwhile, the dark side devolves to the depths

Fills the air with their ignorant prattle

Waving the false-flag of free-marketeers

They follow like fools into battle

Dreamers decide they will sit this one out

And wait for their sinless messiah

While savages pillage the village and shout

Heed not this false Jeremiah

©2019 Tom Cordle

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Comment by Ron Powell on February 21, 2019 at 5:47am

The primary reason why seasoned and astute Republicans didn't want Trump to win the nomination, much less the Presidency, is because they knew that he would expose them for who and what the actually are.

Trump's ascendancy has resulted in revelations the Republicans would have preferred to have kept in the dark and out of the purview of the general electorate.

Even worse for Republicans, try this:

As the Republican President Trump is head of the Republican Party.

Trump's behavior while in office, clearly shows that he is dangerously deferential to Vladimir Putin and the interests of Putin's government sanctioned international criminal enterprise.

If Trump is an instrument of Russian interests, and there is mounting evidence that this is so, what does that make of the Republican Party and the people who support it and Trump re the erstwhile posture as the staunchest defender of America against the forces of an 'evil empire' led by Russia?

Comment by Maui Surfer on February 21, 2019 at 7:43am

Russia is led by a Mafia, headed by Putin. Drumpf is their puppet. The world has problems due to this. End of discussion ...


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