Do You Want 4 More Years of Trump? Because This is How You Get 4 More Years of Trump!

You just need to keep allowing elitist, corporately owned, neolibs like Pelosi, Schumer and Perez to keep running the Democratic party. 

The ENTIRE left political spectrum and one hell of a lot of Independents will vote third party or stay at home because of crap like this.  We have no ability to change the Democratic Party because most of us are not members (nor want to be any longer) and they refused to listen to us anyways.  

If you ARE a Democratic Party member you just need to keep letting them get away with crap like this without rebelling...

As AOC Unveils Green New Deal, Nancy Pelosi Dismisses It as ‘Green Dream or Whatever’

Make you choice and remember, silence is consent.

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P.S.  And when that happens, own your own shit, please.  We refuse to accept the blame for YOUR failings AGAIN.

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Comment by Mike Shields on February 9, 2019 at 12:06pm

Doc, when were you in China? (For me it was 1987)

Below pic is of Mig-21's at airport outside of Beijing. Below that is a hospital patient--note accupuncture needles. Again, 1987.

Comment by Doc Vega on February 9, 2019 at 1:00pm

Mike I was in mainland China in 2005 then in Taiwan in 2006 also after an untimely divorce I was in Shanghai in December 2013 to find a cute little Chinese Babe as a rebound mate, but it was all a scam like almost all these overseas dating sites are, and thankfully God stepped in and kept me from doing something impulsive and stupid. Man, I had emails blocked trying to send them to my dad when in China. You're damn lucky that those pics of the MIG-21's were not discovered when you left. They would have arrested you on espionage charges. 

Comment by Mike Shields on February 9, 2019 at 2:20pm

Doc, oh I'm sure I would have been in some shit over those Mig pics, yet today domestic Chinese militaryophiles routinely photograph the latest Chinese military hardware---which looks a lot like ours for some reason :)

Funny story. In those days the hotels had a desk with a political officer on every floor. I had brought along some reading material that included an International Combat Arms magazine and a Soldier of Fortune magazine. I gave them to the floor political officer as a gift before we left. Around a year later Soldier of Fortune ran an article entitled Small Arms of China.......I'd like to think i had a hand in that.

Additionally, When i was in Nanjing there were student demonstrations taking place there. When I got ready to leave the hotel the next day, we were told we would not be leaving. Around the hotel were PLA Jeeps parked TOUCHING each other completely circling the hotel "for our safety." I had to make a few phone calls to get out of that mess. 

Comment by moki ikom on February 9, 2019 at 3:51pm

With more than a few candidates putting themselves on the presidential candidate roster and with the national media long past their puke point with Trumpism, maybe for a change we'll actually get some mainstream media focusing on fundamental issues instead of the naUSeating intellectual filler they are institutionally conditioned to feed us. 

Comment by moki ikom on February 9, 2019 at 4:32pm

"The US has the largest sources of clean fuel on earth! More clean burning natural gas than anyone that can be converted for cars and all kind of energy use! ... The carbon foot print bullshit" --d vega

Not sure what the "Doc" is for but it must not be related to anything to do with science.  When natural gas, methane, burns clean it produces carbon dioxide and water.  If you believe that carbon dioxide in the upper atmoshere does not serve as a heat trapping greenhouse gas; that methane itself and burning methane does not add to that heat trapping effect; and that that heat trapping atmospheric blanket is not going to necessarily warm Earth's oceans and atmosphere,, then you can believe a whole encyclopedia of nonsense peddled by american fascists. 

Comment by Maui Surfer on February 9, 2019 at 6:03pm

Vega, it is so easy to get married in China, to a nice and decent person ... only an idiot would fall for the fake Internet scams. You must have been awfully desperate, what a pathetic move.

As far as a Green New Deal, we NEED IT IMMEDIATELY ... pay for gas? What an idiot, in the Tejas heat? I haven't paid for gas to heat water in three or more decades now. The SUN and WIND and the OCEAN are the answers, not sending more dollars to the Koch brothers and fucking up native lands with pipelines ... you wouldn't know green if you were stuck in a giant Crayola set.

Comment by Doc Vega on February 11, 2019 at 2:37pm

Maui I've been doing some checking on you and it seems you have 2 degrees. One from the University of Learning to Be An Asshole and the other degree from The College of Verbal Bullshit. If you knew anything about an overseas wife you would know that it takes a very minimum of 5 months to be able to get a Chinese or Asian wife into the USA on a Fiance' Visa giving her 60 days to make up her mind and marry or to go back where she came from and depending on diplomatic relations it can take even longer than that. Going to China doing this requires not only a passport but a Visa with a specific amount of time allowed usually max 10 years and that's if the government finds that you are not an ideologically indifferent foreign resident. In China one can never gain true citizenship they will always be of foreign resident status with only a renewable visa. And, unlike the Obama Administration which allowed thousands of illegal aliens to remain as they did not enforce the law concerning those who overstay their visas, in China you would find your ass in a crude and inhumane prison. 

You keep going on about the Koch Brothers who each year donate hundreds of millions to humane causes and one of your favorites which I've told you about before but you don't seem to remember thanks to all the bong residue in your cerebrum! They actually donate housing for illegal aliens and migrant workers on the southern border! You should be masturbating to their portraits over that! 

And concerning Texas! Unlike the California shit storm! Texas has a stand alone economy bigger than Russia, the largest array of wind generated electricity in addition to it's offshore drilling operations. The state is self sufficient and the nation needs Texas more than Texas needs the federal government! So, while you're running along on your skateboard dodging human shit on the sidewalks of Oakland and San Francisco keep that in mind! Also remember that dried human shit can carry parasites that when airborne can blind and even cause lung infections so the next time you cough it might not just be from that harsh bong hit you last indulged in!


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