How nice to see SBA a readin' and a writin' here this week. Now she can check the news, (I hope Kosher is here too, there aren't many of us left; lets face it ...) and see the truth behind her little girl crush on the Hater Samoan Tulsi and how she is a complete cult member totally brainwashed against gays, ruined for life because the indoctrination came so early in her little Keiki days, the so called AmeriKKKan hero just because she went to Iraq. So did my daughter, who knows her better than I, but she doesn't boast about it for self-aggrandization, in fact she is trying desperately hard to forget and deal with the PTSD that comes from mopping up torn to pieces IED victims.

Well, aren't the chickens coming home to roost, as I TRIED TO TELL YOU ALL, while some of you had the nerve to lecture me about Hawaii, now that is a LAUGH, the virulence of her Anti-LBGTQ background is so intense it went way past the raving of her father, now Kosh, you can quickly Google and read for yourself that this half-wit idol worshiper not just hates gays but actually went in for the support of conversion therapy (that's for you SBA, be a lot more damn careful who you hold up high next time! people who would string you from a tree, oh, and I see another Southern hater wants anti-lynching laws to not include LGBTQ people, how very nice of him to spare them hell below when they can have it right here on Earth.)

Anyone interested in the real Tulsi, and she really can't surf too well either, can go back and read my other posts or admittedly long comments ... again, if you knew her family you would crap your pants, these are bad, bad people.

Yeah, Tulsi for president. Oh, she has a real chance, especially now that the easily discovered truth is out. The saddest part, she couldn't even win in American Samoa, because they would never vote for a woman. 

Damn, information is so easy to come by, disseminating it to people with the skills to analyze facts from it is quite another story ...

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Comment by Maui Surfer on January 17, 2019 at 4:42pm

And for those of you who, thankfully are above dust-ups, here's the REAL TULSI as I've been trying to explain from the Jimi Hendrix piece ---

Samoan leopard don't change its spots ... not when it is financed by a gay hating cult of freak Hare Krishnas who get their money through drug dealing and legalized slavery.


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