How nice to see SBA a readin' and a writin' here this week. Now she can check the news, (I hope Kosher is here too, there aren't many of us left; lets face it ...) and see the truth behind her little girl crush on the Hater Samoan Tulsi and how she is a complete cult member totally brainwashed against gays, ruined for life because the indoctrination came so early in her little Keiki days, the so called AmeriKKKan hero just because she went to Iraq. So did my daughter, who knows her better than I, but she doesn't boast about it for self-aggrandization, in fact she is trying desperately hard to forget and deal with the PTSD that comes from mopping up torn to pieces IED victims.

Well, aren't the chickens coming home to roost, as I TRIED TO TELL YOU ALL, while some of you had the nerve to lecture me about Hawaii, now that is a LAUGH, the virulence of her Anti-LBGTQ background is so intense it went way past the raving of her father, now Kosh, you can quickly Google and read for yourself that this half-wit idol worshiper not just hates gays but actually went in for the support of conversion therapy (that's for you SBA, be a lot more damn careful who you hold up high next time! people who would string you from a tree, oh, and I see another Southern hater wants anti-lynching laws to not include LGBTQ people, how very nice of him to spare them hell below when they can have it right here on Earth.)

Anyone interested in the real Tulsi, and she really can't surf too well either, can go back and read my other posts or admittedly long comments ... again, if you knew her family you would crap your pants, these are bad, bad people.

Yeah, Tulsi for president. Oh, she has a real chance, especially now that the easily discovered truth is out. The saddest part, she couldn't even win in American Samoa, because they would never vote for a woman. 

Damn, information is so easy to come by, disseminating it to people with the skills to analyze facts from it is quite another story ...

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Comment by moki ikom on January 14, 2019 at 8:54pm

Since Ms. Gabbard failed to pick a better father with whom to impregnate her mother it's indicative that afterall the girl, like her parents, is just another human being; but, worse yet she failed to ensure that she was born in the state of Hawaii instead of Samoa.  At least she didn't pick Western Samoa for a birthplace else she could not be sworn into office as u.s. president even if she got ninety-nine per cent of the votes cast for that office.  With all the negative, vile things being said about her here and on some social media sites plus the fact that she supported Hanabusa against Ige for governor, and she still was re-elected to the u.s. House, it's enough to make a non-homesteader wonder if maybe like Trump she hasn't been colluding with Russian political geniuses all along.

Comment by Maui Surfer on January 14, 2019 at 9:21pm

I've told you uninitiated types before her particular constituents will vote Samoan virtually every time ... and you know what, even with a phony like Tulsi- and NONE of of us get to pick our parents, that's just stupid moki, they will vote for the Samoan nearly every time. It is no different than the tribalism that gets Steve King back and back and back in Congress. She's just prettier, though prettier than a Billy Goat is no big whoop and in truth by local girl standards she is not a head turner, not that looks has anything to do with politics, WHOOPS, it sure does!

Comment by Maui Surfer on January 14, 2019 at 9:24pm

BTW, I know "kids" who left that commune on their own to lead normal lives. Like those in Jonestown or the Utah scum, they naturally knew it was wrong and left as soon as they had a way out. Tulsi, instead, used their support to the fullest. In a lot of ways she is like Trump, got everything from a a weirdo family with a lot of money, at least had more guts than to fake bone spurs, than came back and started that cloaked ambition.

Comment by moki ikom on January 14, 2019 at 11:03pm

You detest  Samoan's generally or just American Samoans?  Do they compete compete with your tribe for homestead handouts somehow?  Are they Fake Hawaiians and your punahou Hussein is the real deal, a real Hawaiian or is Hussein only Hawaiian to you if you qualify his being  "our Black Hawaiian",,, what's the blood quota nowadays for being qualified to receive, otherwise inherit or have a right to most of the sorry land left to homestead if the infrastructure is ever put in which may as well be never if you're on the list and qualified, waiting and waiting,,, good for yo, you waited for it and did all the foreplay yourself to get homesteaded or just were born lucky?

Comment by Maui Surfer on January 14, 2019 at 11:16pm

Hate Samoans? You must be fucking crazy and don't mind offending someone who in real life would take that comment very personally. My children are part Samoan, fuckhead. The quota is not fair, none of the land return is. My family is, to your surprise, very well educated and yes, connected. It wasn't a coincidence that three of our offshoots received three grants. Don't forget though, mr. moki fucking haole, that that is not ownership, the Hawaiian Nation owns the land, we are the lucky recipients during our charmed lives. We also help out the thousands who are not so fortunate. Hate Samoans! Fuck You. I wish you, me and The Rock were all side by side to have a little conversation about that. Not a threat of violence, just a bit of hard core education for a stupid fucking haole who loves to stick his business in places he has no clue about. Stick to OHA, or even better Bishop Estate, there you can find the corruption and favoritism you are looking for, which exists around the world, why are we better? Because here it is right out in the open, everyone knows everything, and the Kamaaiana White Haoles all admit they STOLE their land. They aren't lying thieves like the dirty Repuke scum of the other 49.

Comment by koshersalaami on January 14, 2019 at 11:35pm

I took a look around. I haven’t reached conclusions about Tulsi other than I doubt she’s ready to be President. Yes, we knew her father was an anti LGBTQ nut case and that she grew up working for him, which means that her support of conversion therapy at that time of her life makes sense, and that when she went overseas in the military away from his daily influence she came home with a different opinion. I spend a lot of time trying to change opinions of the opposition so I’d be damned hypocritical if I took someone to task for changing opinions or said that trying to change opinions is fundamentally useless. It beats the Hell out of not changing opinions. Her voting record in Congress when it comes to LGBTQ issues has been exemplary. If there’s a test for whether she’s changed in any substantive way it wouldn’t be in her lip service, it would be in her votes, and she’s passsed that test. By the way, Obama didn’t start out as supportive of gay marriage. (On sort of the other hand, one of Bill Clinton’s first acts as President was to attempt to allow gays into the military. He had his head handed to him.)

Why should anyone care if she’s a lousy surfer? Should that affect her success in running for office? 

If there’s a current issue it would be her defense of the Knights of Columbus. I don’t know the organization well enough to know the extent to which it’s a religious organization and the extent to which it’s a political organization, so at this point I’m not going to claim to be qualified to judge the validity of her defense of that organization on the grounds of religious freedom. I have my doubts, pretty serious doubts because belonging to the Knights of Columbus is not equivalent to belonging to the Catholic Church. 

Comment by Maui Surfer on January 14, 2019 at 11:46pm

A Polynesian for Columbus, how quaint. How typical of good ol Tulsi. Says it all, maybe we should start a Knights of Captain Cook Chapter and let her head it up, after all, he didn't screw up Samoa, AmeriKKKa did.

Now, to state the obvious, that she has no business even and ever being considered qualified for president would be a laugher, until we look into today's Oval Office. Since Steve Case will probably never run, Obama is probably the only Hawaiian you folks will ever get for prez ...

BTW Kosh, ya think she might have learned political correctness and how to lie about her real Hare Krishna thoughts in the Military? I do. Though, it is possible she "converted", about as possible as the lying St. Paul did on the road to Damascus ... she is like the apostle who never knew Jesus ... the difference is, she didn't ask to be born in that commune to horrid parents, it just happened, and now, we live with the results, a phone, a fake, to quote SENATOR (can you say it?) Romney.

Comment by Maui Surfer on January 14, 2019 at 11:47pm

Oh, and like or not you are judged here by how well you surf, national sport and all ...

Comment by Ron Powell on January 14, 2019 at 11:54pm

@MS; "...are you really telling me with our shared experiences I may be off base or paranoid?"


I'm saying that my analysis of the political climate,and Warren's chances in it, differs from yours...

Comment by moki ikom on January 15, 2019 at 12:09am

White Haoles?  Are Samoans Brown Haoles?  Aren't us kama`aina of  China and Japan ancestry Yellow Haoles when seen through the shades you wear?

So what White Haoles admit they stole their land?  Do you get so much as a beer, hot dog i or good wave in return ?

At least you say it correctly:  "they admit they stole their land" , you don't say "they admit they stole my land."

If as lawyer folks sometimes repeat "possession is nine-tenths of the law" then given that even you are comfortable with them saying it is their land, it seems that your allegedly confessed thieves have at least ninety-nine one-hundreths of the law to back up their possession of said land,, no wonder you're so frustrated in bigotry.  Is your Sen. Hirono a Haole?  Is she a White Haole? She was born in Japan and didn't move to Hawaii til she about eight? Can she be kama`aina, aside from being deemed to be such in order to get local discounts in stores and such ?


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