I heard last night from a legitimate news source, i.e. one that is held accountable and adheres to at least some measure of objectivity, that the Democratic party has agreed to focus this election on the issues, rather than simply run against Trump.  It wasn't "big" news given what's going on, but big enough to make me proud. 

     The most obvious course of action would be to fall into the trap of recrimination with him.  The nation has been primed to do battle with itself.  There is case after case after case of Trump's insults to democracy and the values that created this country.  With only the latest being his attempts to exploit the killings at the synagogue, and threaten "war" with the refugees from Central America. Rather than up the wattage, the Democratic party has chosen collectively to tone it down.

     That means there are still some adults in charge.  Undoubtedly, it's a legacy from Obama.  "When they go low, we go high."  It was very frustrating at times to watch, like when he bent over backwards to appease them and preach "unity" despite their hostility towards him--personally.  It broke my heart when he released his birth certificate, knowing full well it was a racist ploy.  When Netanyahu shamed him in our own Congress, and they applauded, he remained silent, not allowing them to take him down to their level--and very few even thought to acknowledge his patience and self-control.  He was, after all, the President of the United States and Israel is a country that would probably not exist except for us.

     I admit, I'd reached the point where it wouldn't have mattered if Mueller came out with his case before the midterms rather than after--anything to contain Trump or get him out of office before he can do any more damage, but it appears cooler heads have prevailed--and it's just as well.  Nothing is probably ever going to mend the breach in our body politic at present, but this much animosity is a threat to everyone--and if someone doesn't grow up no one will.

     Focusing on the issues is the "higher" road.  It means the public will continue to be informed, rather than baited and manipulated like an insolent gang of delinquents.  Millions are still without health insurance, the immigration problem is not going to be solved without a comprehensive and cooperative approach, and this nation's retreat from the world stage will only make us more vulnerable, not less.  The cost of the incivility increases every day as does the likely hood there will be more mass shootings, regardless of which gang opens fire next.

     It's not the easy path.  It's not the most likely to garnish support.  It doesn't appeal to those who are already convinced.  It's entirely possible it won't have effect with those for whom it's intended, unfortunately, given the level of discord that has already been reached.  If they can't see through the charade by now, they probably never will.  Perhaps, if it has a benefit, it will even go unseen, since nobody knows what "toning it down" looks like any more either.

     But it does make me proud to be a Democrat.      

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Comment by Ben Sen on November 5, 2018 at 7:28am

Thanks Ron.   The deal I have with an avowed Trumper is that if he doesn't lose his sense of humor, I promise not to lose mine.  So far, it's worked, but not with others.  I think their anger is really with themselves but they don't have the courage to accept it.


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