Christine Blasey Ford Anatomy of a Liar


Much has been written, discussed and argued over the allegations of sexual misconduct that have been aimed at Judge Kavanaugh. In a normal political environment that had not been so charged with tension and hatred over recent years by Democrat subversion the contentions would have been discharged and forgotten days ago, but the leftist mainstream media persist in their mission to discredit a future Supreme Court Justice despite the truth. The rapid realization coming to finally quell the lies purveyed by the Democrats and the left is very simple in the light of day. Then there are the darker undercurrents being dredged up through further investigation.

Something’s wrong here

Recently two current and close friends signed affidavits under penalty of perjury, a federal offense, that they were not present at the given party, location, or even knew who Brett Kavanaugh was. Another of her so-called corroborative accusers backed off after initially coming to the aid of Christine Blasey Ford. This particular “Friend” has disappeared from the public eye since then. The press has tried to evoke sympathy for this woman based upon her purported sexual victimization. They have tried to imply that her life has been permanently impacted by an incident that happened 36 years ago, at an unknown location, among people who refuse to testify as they know they will be prosecuted for lying, and even with the statute of limitations expired nor is there a police report either.

Psychological factors

New findings now show that she appears to have been raised in a CIA family with a grandfather and Dad who both served with long careers in counter intelligence, black operations funding, and according to John B. Wells MK-Ultra mind control used to make Christina Blasey Ford impervious to Lie Detector testing and capable of self-hypnosis allowing for imposed deception to be reacted to neurologically as a true statement without the telltale bodily reactions of deception or guilt. It has now been discovered that Ford was also apparently coaching others in the art of beating lie detector tests! Fired FBI agent Peter Stzrok reportedly has ties with the family as well! Isn’t that coincidental?


When Senator Grassley tried to make arrangements for Christine to appear for questioning she first delayed, refused, and then claimed that she had a fear of flying. We now know by her busy life style that she flew frequently making business deals and going to the Caribbean Islands on vacation. But, what happened to that fear of flying? According to background checks by the FBI apparently Ford indulged in many parties as a teenager, was sexually active, and used not only alcohol but drugs. Friends close to her described her as mentally unstable at times and considered her to be untrustworthy. Now even her original attorney is apparently at risk of having committed perjury as well. The right even sympathized with Christine Blasey Ford thinking that she had been forced to testify under the urging of Democrat Senator Feinstein despite her desire to remain anonymous! Then there’s that troubling lie detector test she took along with the last minute timing that certainly raises eyebrows over the unintended witness impression the Democrats tried so hard to sell. It all stinks.

Flawed tactics

One last tactic or weakening in the chain link of lies presented here is her inability or her contrived method of refusal to recall exact location or time. What if Brett Kavanaugh were to have produced a travel ticket stub, a receipt, or other proof of having been in a different place and time than the accusation of his accuser? Would not that be grounds for perjury and or destruction of her credibility at the very least? Yes, of course. We live in a day and age that refuses to acknowledge the rule of law since the Democrats have made a mockery of it for the last two decades under the Clinton and Obama White Houses Add to that a complicit US media and you have the perfect storm of lies, deception, and orchestration of plotting! It would certainly seem that Christine Blasey Ford has survived her supposed trauma of sexual abuse having achieved professorship and widespread travel the world over it seems not to have phased her at all! Let us also consider that she is a rabid Trump hating fanatic who wore a pink vagina on her head at a anti-Trump rally in 2016, there the enraged and outspoken Christine Blasey Ford was uncharacteristically outspoken compared to her meek and mournfully beaten down persona while testifying in front of the Senate!

At all costs

Let us consider too that rationale of Cory Booker who spoke outright on the fact that it made no difference at all over whether or not Brett Kavanaugh was guilty or not, what was more important was stopping the conservative onslaught ongoing not only in Washington DC, the Supreme Court, but across America where the blue wave is most assuredly not materializing for the November elections! Just as Democrats and the left often stress. It’s not if the truth prevails but rather whether their cause, their means to an end, succeeds. Regardless of the lies, the character assassination, and what they do to the reputations of good people. in their quest to attain power and sabotage the opposition the casualties are of no consequence to them.

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Comment by Maui Surfer on October 3, 2018 at 1:50pm

This is both too pathetic, and too hateful, to comment on.

Comment by Doc Vega on October 5, 2018 at 9:06am

Maui, No, it is right on point! And you are a pundit!

Comment by Maui Surfer on October 5, 2018 at 1:56pm

Well of course a genius like you is right, Anita Hill, since she was a little girl, always wanted to work her tail off, twice as hard as others, to establish a career, then ruin it just for no good reason, making up Long Dong Silver tape stories. Yeah, of course you are right, that makes such perfect sense, it must have been what actually happened! ---- NOT!

Comment by Doc Vega on October 6, 2018 at 10:58am

Maui, how is it that she worked for years with Clarence Thomas, knew he was married, and never mentioned a damn thing about Long Dong wanting to share his silver with her while they shared the same office until he was to step into the role of a Supreme Court Justice? Doesn't that seem a might bit suspect or is it just that you continually refuse to connect the dots?

Comment by Safe Bet's Amy on October 6, 2018 at 11:18am

Nice job of ignoring most of his high school and Yalie buddies calling "bullshit", the fact that it wasn't JUST Dr. Ford, but three other women who accused him, that she successfully passed a polygraph test and that she had four depositions of other women who swore under oath that she told them about the attack shortly after it occurred.

None of that, nor his VERY un-Supreme Court Justice like testimony (in which 10 different counts of perjury were committed), makes any difference to you sexist, patriarchal asshole.  Hell, you still support good, 'ol "Grab them by the pussy" Trump, FFS.

Comment by J.P. Hart on October 6, 2018 at 11:53am

DV: when you tire of the hate speak and continual regurgitation of the red elephant's talking points---sit still and study:

Columbine is a non-fiction book written by Dave Cullen and published by Twelve on April 6, 2009. It is an examination of the Columbine High School massacre, perpetrated by Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold on April 20, 1999. Wikipedia
Originally published: April 6, 2009
Author: Dave Cullen
Page count: 432
Publisher: Hachette Book Group
Genres: Biography, True crime
Awards: Edgar Award for Best Fact Crime, Goodreads Choice Awards Best Nonfiction

Comment by Doc Vega on October 6, 2018 at 1:57pm

Safe Bet  Any fool would see the flaws in her testimony the intended pitiful vocal inflections her ties with intelligence operations and the last minute timing with new evidence continually emerging that there was a plan to stop Kavanaugh. With further investigation it would be entirely uncovered. Eeven women who have been through abuse say they don't believe her testimony. I've been married to women who have gone though abuse sexually, mentally, and physically and I don't believe her either. I've seen how women are impacted first hand and don't see it with her.

Comment by Doc Vega on October 12, 2018 at 8:31am

Safe Bet Riddle me this. How is it that Kavanaugh passed 6 previous FBI background checks and that it wasn't until his selection for the Supreme Court where the left is scared as hell that he will tip the court in favor of not killing babies anymore that all of the sudden and at the last minute will Frankenfeinstein sits on a supposedly anonymous letter she got in July that there isn't an eyebrow to be raised, not a question as to the motives of the left? Hmmm try connecting the dots!

Comment by Doc Vega on October 12, 2018 at 8:35am

J. P. Hart being that Columbine was based upon a couple of misfits who were bullied, had antisemitic Jewish Parents who felt they were superior to gentiles from all reports, and that drugs and unhealthy obsessions into the world of the occult played a role in their behavior, what in the hell does that have to do with me or accusing me of hate speech?


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