I wrote to my Senators about the Kavanaugh nomination. This is from Chuck Schumer’s reply:

In considering a candidate for a lifetime appointment to the Supreme Court, I have three main criteria: legal excellence, moderation and diversity. Judge Kavanaugh was picked from a list of 25 people who were vetted and approved by the Federalist Society and Heritage Foundation — special interest groups devoted to overturning Roe v. Wade, the court case protecting a woman’s right to choose. These groups have also made it their main mission to strike down the Affordable Care Act. Judge Kavanaugh was nominated because he passed these litmus tests, not because he will be an impartial judge on behalf of all Americans. So, I will oppose his nomination and continue to fight for a bipartisan rejection of this nominee and urge the President to put forth a moderate selection that both parties could support.”

Just in case you can’t tell the difference between a centrist Democrat and a Republican.

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Comment by Maui Surfer on December 9, 2018 at 11:06pm

It has been quite a while since FDR threatened to stack the court. After the news of the last couple days, which imho will only gain steam and really be smoking by the time the House flips, we should not stop at just impeaching Chump, with a full scale riot in the streets and in the countryside as well, but, clean house and get Kavanaugh and Uncle Thomas off the court too. Conservative scum should be happy they have Roberts, and to his credit, while he is truly fucked up in the head individual morally, he knows that herstory will not be kind to him, that is the reason he let the ACA stand. If these rat bastards start literally trying to kill Americans then kicking them to the curb with impeachment ought to be considered the equivalent of the country club prisons the rich "do" thier time in ...


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