I wrote to my Senators about the Kavanaugh nomination. This is from Chuck Schumer’s reply:

In considering a candidate for a lifetime appointment to the Supreme Court, I have three main criteria: legal excellence, moderation and diversity. Judge Kavanaugh was picked from a list of 25 people who were vetted and approved by the Federalist Society and Heritage Foundation — special interest groups devoted to overturning Roe v. Wade, the court case protecting a woman’s right to choose. These groups have also made it their main mission to strike down the Affordable Care Act. Judge Kavanaugh was nominated because he passed these litmus tests, not because he will be an impartial judge on behalf of all Americans. So, I will oppose his nomination and continue to fight for a bipartisan rejection of this nominee and urge the President to put forth a moderate selection that both parties could support.”

Just in case you can’t tell the difference between a centrist Democrat and a Republican.

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Comment by koshersalaami on September 9, 2018 at 5:47pm

“Why did Schumer fast track those appointments?” is a completely legitimate question.

“It’s probably because of Israel” is not a legitimate answer unless you have evidence other than “optics.” 

Comment by koshersalaami on September 9, 2018 at 7:26pm

According to your source, I would be an Israeli citizen. I qualify under the Right of Return and I’ve been to Israel twice in my life. I am not. I could be quickly, but I’m not. Your source has taken whoever is eligible for citizenship and said they’re all citizens. His list includes Bernie Sanders. If she were a public official, his list would include Jill Stein.

Let’s start with the fact that this guy is wrong. This is really easy to look up. 


If a Jew chooses to emigrate, they get a status that gives them three months to decide whether they want to become a citizen. They are not automatically a citizen.

Aside from which, let’s follow his logic. His contention is that all these people can have citizenship involuntarily. Which is of course false, but let’s follow this anyway:

If dual citizenship is involuntary, on what grounds do you question the loyalty of someone who did not choose foreign citizenship?

Your source is completely full of shit, you didn’t double check this, and you didn’t think this through. This is nothing but a way to put the loyalty of American Jews in doubt as a category. 

I absolutely stand by my original assessment. This whole contention is antisemitic as Hell. 

Comment by Ron Powell on September 9, 2018 at 8:06pm

I never said that, ,“It’s probably because of Israel”...

It nay well not be because of Israel, but Schumer has made it look that way because he hasn't been forthcoming with an explanation and reason for his having done what he did....

One of the most significant components of politics is 'optics'...

What Schumer did doesn't look good no matter how you slice it...

There are people who will link his action directly to Trump's stand on Jersalem being the capital of Israel...

I am not one of those people because frankly, my friend, I don't give a damn where the capital of Israel is located and that's because it has nothing to do with:

1) White cops killing unarmed black people at an alarming rate..

2) Racial profiling 

3) Voting rights and voter suppression....

4) Disparate prison sentences

And so on and on and on....

However, the fast tracking of 15 'conservative' judges to the Federal Bench is of great concern to me and the black community...

Schumer owes us and the American people an explanation or he should expect a primary challenge which should cost him his place in the Senate....

Before you get on a high horse about what he owes and to whom...

Schumer is a public servant. He has an absolute duty and obligation to explain and justify virtually everything that he does as a US Senator....PERIOD!!!

Comment by koshersalaami on September 9, 2018 at 9:02pm

Try reading what the Hell I’ve been saying for four pages. Please.

I am NOT defending Schumer about his fast-tracking. I don’t appreciate it any more than you do.
The point of the post was ONLY to point out the difference in Supreme Court candidate votes between Democrats and Republicans in the Senate. That’s the scope of the post. It is in no way a general endorsement of Schumer. 

Let’s get to

”There are people who will link his action directly to Trump’s stand on Jerusalem being the capital of Israel...”

Who? Why? On what grounds?

I would get it if Amy did it because she judges every federal public figure in terms of Israel first. That’s her lens - I can’t tell you why. I’m Jewish, I’ve been to Israel twice, I know Israelis, but Israel isn’t anywhere near as central to my politics as to hers. 

But you’re not Amy. Israel certainly isn’t your obsession. What’s your excuse? Did you read it somewhere? I keep asking and I haven’t heard you say what led you to think this. 

My stand about this is really simple. I do not want Schumer judged more harshly because he’s Jewish. And, if your contention is that he’d sell out our country for another country and that he can be expected to do so as a Jew, asking where you got that idea is an entirely valid question. 

I’ve been through this sort of thing here and I’m not alone. Quite a while ago, I think in late 2016 or maybe early 2017, a few of us expressed the opinion that we thought Trump was more dangerous than Pence. I did so on the grounds that Trump had a large, loyal following that Pence didn’t have and that Pence’s threat was limited by his limited popularity. Of those of us who held that opinion, and there were a few of us, the two of us who were Jewish had our motives attributed to our Judaism for no reason. I was accused of thinking so because my accuser said that Pence was more slavishly loyal to Netanyahu than Trump was. Given that it’s no secret here that I can’t stand Netanyahu, that was an awfully weird contention. Marilyn Sands was told that she thought so because evangelists like Jews and so she’s safe, that she was essentially selling the LGBT community down the river. Actually, they don’t - they eventually expect us to convert to Christianity, having no particular use for Jews. Only the Jews had our opinions attributed to our ethnicity. We both faced accusations because of who we are, which was no different than Jan Sands telling Bill Beck that he voted for Obama because he (Beck) was Black - even though a lot of us voted for Obama without our votes being attributed to our ethnicity. I assume you see the problem when this logic is applied to someone Black. I’m surprised you don’t see it when applied to someone Jewish. 

 A last point. If you were to ask most Jewish Israel supporters in the United States about conflicting loyalties, they’d tell you that as far as they can see, American and Israeli interests tend to be awfully parallel, that the two countries are allies, and that loyalty to Israel is not at the expense of loyalty to America. You will not find a lot of Jonathan Jay Pollard supporters among American Jews. I for one never argued that he should get a shorter sentence. He both betrayed my country and put my community here under suspicion. I’m not about to forgive him for either. There is a critical difference between being loyal to Israel and being loyal to Israel at America’s expense, which is what you speculated a Jewish United States Senator was guilty of. 

Tellling me that we need an explanation from Schumer about the fast tracking, which we do, does not make your case. 

Comment by Ron Powell on September 9, 2018 at 9:46pm

"Schummer's lips are dangerously close to Trump's ass because of Trump's stand re Jerusalem being recognized as the capitol of Israel...".

I've been through this entire conversation...

My first comment here was offensive, unfounded, and out of line...

Clearly not the best way for me to express my concern re the fast tracking of nominations to the Federal Judiciary...


It is a misrepresentation of my fundamental beliefs re privat and public personae and posture...

Not good at all....

I have concerns and doubts about Schumer but not because he's Jewish...

Comment by koshersalaami on September 10, 2018 at 5:18am

Thank you. I really appreciate that.

Comment by koshersalaami on September 10, 2018 at 7:17am

Good morning, Ron

And Happy Jewish New Year. 

I think it might be a good idea for me to provide an explanation here as to why I would be so sensitive to this particular phenomenon. It has to do with the very different ways racism and antisemitism manifest. As I’ve said before, their primary similarity is in scope, not in nature, and when analyzing bigotry this can get confusing. 

If you look at the last couple of millennia, one thing that has typically happened to Jews is that we’ve been accused of disloyalty and ejected from countries. Actually, longer than that - disloyalty is even the accusation behind the being enslaved in Egypt story. (There is no evidence in the story that we were actually disloyal there either.) If you include that, over three millennia. This has happened multiple times within our lifetime - after Israel was founded, this happened to Jews throughout the Middle East. In 1980, when I first visited Israel, Jews being driven out of Middle Eastern countries accounted for the majority of Israel’s Jewish population, until Soviet emigration pushed the Jewish population back to European majority. As I’ve stated elsewhere, there is no statute of limitations on this. Iraq took two and a half millennia to drive us out. We’ve been integrated, seemingly accepted, and fiercely loyal to countries we’ve lived in before - that would describe WWI era Germany. Things can turn. 

Because that’s a pattern that applies to us, we’ve developed American institutions to keep a lid on it. That’s why there’s an Anti-Defamation League. Nothing gets Jews to mobilize faster and more comprehensively than that.

Racism being a much, much larger issue in America than antisemitism is, and the Black population in America being a little over six times the Jewish population here, I have way more reason to be conscious of how racism works than you do of how antisemitism works. Another factor is that African-Americans, at least the population descended from American slaves, comprises its own ethnicity, with Black Americans not always welcomed by Black populations overseas as kindred, whereas Jews identify with each other worldwide. Some of that may be affected by the majority of the American Jewish population arriving in America way more recently than the American Black population. I knew two grandparents and two great-grandparents for whom English was not their first language (truth be told, I’m not sure it was my father’s first language and he was born here), so we identify more internationally based on our own family experiences.

Comment by moki ikom on September 10, 2018 at 12:25pm

k,, you see, interpret that list to be merely a list of dual citizenship qualifying u.s. elected and appointed officials many maybe all whose ethnicityis "Jew", "Jew" being not a race but an ideology from which accrued Zionism, a uniquely discriminating ideology manifesting as a malign tumor growing and voraciously consuming the ideological host within which it was born.

When i see such list i look for bernie sanders to be on it because he is a jew and such a list that included him given his public denial of being an USisrael citizen would clearly be uninformed, misleading and most probably firstly racist.  As a consequence of being firstly racist, then be anti-semitic possibly disguised by appearing to be only anti-zionist.

... ....

"His contention is that all these people can have citizenship involuntarily. Which is of course false..." --k

i don't see that the cited author contends that fact.  Of course such a contention is false, even it weren't so absurd an alleged contention over which which to try construct a diversionary bridge from one logically and ethically indefensible position to another.  


Comment by moki ikom on September 10, 2018 at 1:02pm

k, You were addressing Ron with this before i boarded your flotsam in this sphere of USraeli iniquities:

" ...if your (ron's) contention is that he’d sell out the United States for Israel and that he can be expected to do so as a Jew, asking where from you got that idea is an entirely valid question. " --k

Can you invalidate the following "where from" as regards your alleged contention by Ron as to Senator Schumer's proclivity towards favoring Zionist interests over U.S. interest.  Or like the senators, Schumer, Biden, et. al zionists in the u.s. government you contend that aparthedic endeavors/interests of zionists in palestine is inseparable from as in "no light between us" Bidenaipac United States national interests.  

Anyway, (a recomment, because you ignored it the first time) "where from":

Comment by moki ikom yesterday

How does this not "amount to a evidence that Schumer puts a foreign country before his own while being heavily involved in the governing of his own country." ? : 

Senator Schumer says God made him a guardian of Israel:

Now let me close by telling you about my name. As some of you know, my name is a Hebrew word. "Schumer" comes from the Hebrew word "Shomer," which means "guardian," "watchman." My ancestors were guardians of the ghetto wall of ? in Galicia, and when they came to Ellis Island, they said their name in Yiddish, "Shoymer". And it got written down as "Schumer." To you I say this: that name was given to me for a reason. For as long as I live, for as long as I have the privilege of serving in the Senate from New York, I will unflinchingly, unstintingly and with all of my strength be Shomer Yisrael, a guardian of Israel. Ladies and gentlemen, Am Yisrael Chai, in Israel and America, the Jewish nation lives now and forever. --Democrat Senator Charles  Schumer speaking at the AIPAC Annual Policy Conference in 2010


Comment by koshersalaami on September 10, 2018 at 7:06pm

If the cited author doesn’t contend that fact that what’s the point of the piece? You could automatically be eligible for AARP membership but that doesn’t make you a member or a political supporter. You could be automatically eligible to vote but that doesn’t mean you do. Eligibility does not entail any intrinsic responsibility for anything. All this guy is saying is that these people are Jewish. That obviously doesn’t mean they’ve chosen the citizenship of another country. 


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