Wizard of Oz Slippers Recovered 13 Years After Stolen

Wizard of Oz Slippers Recovered 13 Years After Stolen:  The world’s most recognizable pair of shoes, the famous Ruby Slippers worn by actress Judy Garland in the fabled 1939 movie "Wizard of Oz,” have been recovered 13 years after they were stolen in the dead of night from a shattered glass case at the Judy Garland Museum.  Rumors are swirling that the FBI has evidence Rudy Giuliani had them stashed away in his closet all the years, but President Trump is demanding the FBI call off the damn “witch hunt.”  



Four More Mass Residents Test Positive for West Nile Virus:  Massachusetts health officials say four more people have tested positive for the potentially deadly West Nile Virus, bringing this year’s total in the state to nine.  Trump Health and Human Services Secretary Alex Azar admitted to reporters that he and his staff were completely caught off guard, adding that no one on his department had the slightest idea the Nile even ran through Massachusetts.



Conservation Group to Give Orangutans to Get Apple iPads:  As strange as it may sound, orangutans may soon join the ranks of proud iPad owners, as a conservation group is testing its new "Apps for Apes" program, allowing orangutans to communicate with each other via the iPad's video chat technology.  Yea, and it all sounds hunky-dory until one of them needs tech support - but then again, I suppose there’s an Ape for that too.

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Comment by Ron Powell on September 5, 2018 at 8:05am

Rumor has it that Kellyanne wants to use the Ruby sneakers (that's slippers for you movie purists) in reverse...

By going to Oz where her 'alternative facts'' can be found in Rudy's 'not the truth, truth'...

She obviously doesn't realize that she's already in Oz (formerly known as the West Wing)...Where Trump is the omnipotent 'wizard'  who can turn lies into public policy at the drop of a tweet...

Comment by Johnny Robish on September 5, 2018 at 8:53am

So true my friend!


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