Sarah Huckabee Sanders to Leave White House By Year’s End

Sarah Huckabee Sanders to Leave White House By Year’s End:  CBS is reporting that Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders will be leaving the White House by the end of the year.

No kidding - I hear she's got a cushy new job lined up doing public relations for the asbestos industry.  Of course - I’m just kidding.  She actually just taking a little time off to boil her soul in scalding hot water and industrial-strength cleansers.  

Hey, maybe Trump could ask Roseanne Barr to replace her?  I hear she’s not doing much right now.  Just make sure to confiscate her Ambien prescription before she comes through the door.  Or, better yet - how about give the job to Ivanka?  I’m sure members of the White House Press Corps would just love to hear her reciting more Chinese proverbs from the press room’s podium.

That said, I hear getting a job in this White House isn’t quite as easy as one would think.  That’s because the first question they ask an applicant is “do you have even an ounce of self-respect?”  If the answer “yes" - you’re immediately shown the door.

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Comment by Jonathan Wolfman on Thursday

...will so miss her

Comment by Johnny Robish on Thursday

Won’t we all (lol)

Comment by Jonathan Wolfman on Thursday


Comment by Ron Powell on Thursday

It's not so much the repeating of the lies told by others as much as it is the  composing of the lies needed to cover the lies of others and believing that in so doing,  the lies of your own making, by dint of some kind of verbal alchemy, can be transformed into the alternative truth as it might be articulated in the alternative reality which is predicated on Kellyanne's alternative facts....

The problem with that is waking up each morning and having look in the mirror and face one's self...

There is no legitimate alternative to the reality one sees while facing one's self.

The alternative to facing one's self in this fashion is commonly referred to as madness...

Perhaps Sarah Huckabee Sanders isn't quite ready to see herself as crazy....

Comment by Johnny Robish on Thursday

Well said!

Comment by J.P. Hart on Thursday

I'd rather have a beer with Joe Dimaggio say, than J. Edgar Hoover . . .

Comment by Johnny Robish on Thursday


Comment by J.P. Hart on Thursday
Comment by J.P. Hart on Thursday

How does it feel?

Mike and Caitlin have sex. The staff works damage control but Mike ultimately fires himself to save everybody else. The staff says their goodbyes at the bar. Caitlin promises Mike that she's not going anywhere. Mike says goodbye to the mayor and walks out of City Hall for the last time. Six weeks later, Mike turns up as an environmental lobbyist in DC.

This is from Season 4, Episode 26, titled "Goodbye Part 2". Stars Michael J Fox and others. Guest stars John Bedford Lloyd

Comment by moki ikom on Saturday

 Compared to Bush2's Press Secretary puke-fest master Ari Fleischer, it's quite a task to muster up pure hatred for a president's press secretary.


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