These aren't people, they're animals.

With whom do you think this kind of talk resonates? Sarah Huckabee Sanders, perhaps?

How about your ordinary, everyday, run-of-the-mill, working class, Christian white folks....

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Comment by Ron Powell on Friday

You absolutely cannot reconcile the words of Christ with the words of Trump...

Comment by Safe Bet's Amy on Friday

The problem isn't primarily "your ordinary, everyday, run-of-the-mill, working class, Christian white folks...." believing the propaganda they are being fed.... they are simply the pawns in the game.  they are not much different than "your ordinary, everyday, run-of-the-mill, working class, Christian Black folks...." who are also simply pawns in the game.

The REAL problem is the uber rich oligarchs, manipulative corpocracy and quasi-government "owned" Political Action Committees that threaten, coerce and fund the spewing of all of the propaganda in the first place.  Hate has a price tag.  These are the "folks" who gladly pay it.  Everyone else is just a distraction from the bloody knife they are hiding behind their backs.

Comment by Safe Bet's Amy on Friday

Image result for told which minorities to hate trump meme

Comment by alsoknownas on Friday

Comment by Ron Powell on Friday

@Amy;  "...they are simply the pawns in the game..."

Yes , they are. However,  in the game of high stakes politics , as in chess, pawns matter because of numbers... 

I've said repeatedly that Trump would be much less of a problem but for the fact that he apparently has a rock solid base of racist white working class Christians who will support him no matter what he says or does.... 

The numbers are such that roughly 1/3 of the population is behind Trump...

That's a lot of pawns I have to be wary of as I go about my daily activities...

1/3 of the population of the United States would support an effort to pass a law that would make it illegal to be black, or brown, or Muslim , or gay...and on and on...

Comment by Ron Powell on Friday

@AKA;  He has it spot on nailed....

Comment by Maui Surfer on Friday

MS-13 is an AMERICAN gang. Started here, run here. I've been surfing El Salvador for thirty years, watched it go up and down, it is can be a scary place. So can East LA.

Ron, I have noticed we are making progress. More whites are simply intelligent and caring people who KNOW full well that 53% of those they share some melanin characteristics with are Klan members. They are beginning to understand what Kosh has said all along, that it is up to them to change the "minds" of just enough haters through logic and patience to change the demographics of the electoral college. Kudos to these wonderful people. Now, to be very candid, I myself am still struggling to forgive ANY Trump Voter. There is no way to excuse the comments about Mexicans that began the election cycle. If you voted for him for are a hater, a disgraceful bigot, and, by your own standards, have no way to sneak by St. Peter when that time comes, Raptured or otherwise.


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