I started off the day with an early e-mail to my friends, remarking on the callousness of the stooge daughter Ivanka, in her trademarked goofy fake smile dedicating a plaque to her daddy who is the "President of the United States on America", while dozens are being killed outside the ceremony and hundreds more injured.

Somewhere between the reneging of the Iran nuclear deal and the placement of a US Embassy in Jerusalem we find ourselves at the mercy of those who would start WWIII without concern.

My Jewish friend in the email chain had this to say:

"I have to say...they have caused more damage than they know. Netanyahu is no different than a war criminal.....The Palestinians need a homeland, a sovereign state, a capital and peace. Israel needs to marshal it's resources and talent , and participate in a peace process...2 state...Netanyahu's constituency is a bunch of hardline, right wing, fundamentalist Jewish extremists who believe the Messiah is actually on his way...and everyone else is a heathen. These are the same assholes ( lot's of whom immigrate from Chicago, NY and LA)...carry machine guns, pray all day, don't work, have a ton of kids, get welfare,  and cause all manner of trouble.

Jews rely on the Holocaust and declare "never again"... And that's fine ...But the Palestinians should not be subjected to an apartheid occupation by the military. Which is the current status. Trump has just made things much much worse..."

 I admit to not having a 3 day supply of water, canned soup, some flashlights and pillows or whatever it is that is deemed essential in case of a disaster. The wood door to the basement is easy enough to kick in and stopping the marauding hordes in the last hours seems to be a more energetic response than I could muster.

In fact, this mess is making me is making me wonder why the Hawaiians are running away from the lava.

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Comment by Ben Sen on May 16, 2018 at 11:08am

It's ethnic cleansing, interpreted as such by elected officials in governments all over the world, except here in the US where AIPAC has intimidated our politicians.  A superior military force under the direction of their government is killing unarmed civilians.  The irony is that the Israelis are doing to another people what was done to them, only by another means.  It's also no coincidence that the government of the US that has given them the latest excuse to do so is run by a mobster.  It's not mislabeling.  It's a crime.    

Comment by koshersalaami on May 16, 2018 at 11:47am

Yes, it’s a crime, but not that crime, actually not either of those crimes. When Ethnic Cleansing was first used as a term, by Milosevic in Bosnia, the Serbs rid an area of an ethnic group largely by slaughtering its inhabitants. That is not a description of what has happened in Gaza or what is happening right now. The Bosnians didn’t get fired on for charging at a border throwing fire bombs, they got fired on for existing. The IDF is not attempting to force the Palestinian population out of Gaza, let alone murder them all. 

Comment by Anna Herrington on May 16, 2018 at 12:28pm

aka, I avoided this title last I was here as I don't even want to think of WW3 and didn't think I'd add anything interesting to the mix.

.....but I will say after reading comments that the trouble I find with being labeled a Christian, a label I rarely to never say myself in public, is I think the mainstream idea of what a Christian is and far too many Christians' beliefs are - going to hell, fallen natures, sinners, division, judgment from the clouds, rapture, only 100,000, Calvinist abundance, guilt, 'we' win and 'you' lose, on and on -  are nothing to do with how I roll.

To me, far too many "Christians" have been deluded and belong to a death cult - and the Rapture, which I learned in adulthood to mean, 'they' will be taken up to the heavens and no one else will - was not at all part of the teachings I grew up with. I also do not believe the cross and any resurrection (and I already know all the previous stories, myths, and other schools of thought that preceded and the early church superimposed on them, not to mention the siting of churches on pagan holy ground and/or on known ley lines if anyone feels like dragging them out... no need on my behalf) are the important aspect of the teachings, frankly. I could go on and on to explain why but won't.

SO, I'm not yer typical Christian and so do not prefer the label as it tends to take the lead for too many in judgment on who I actually am and what motivates my being. That one word label 'Christian' is an umbrella term for such a wide ranging type human and wide range of beliefs going back to the original era that it really only confuses/clouds rather than enlightens to use it. Imho.

If anything, maybe a Gnostic is more accurate to who I am and to who I believe Jesus was.

If I must be attached to a label.

Comment by alsoknownas on May 16, 2018 at 12:37pm

Thank you Anna. I understand that contribution to the discussion.

I am continually bothered by the bashing I have seen here over the years, allowed for some but not for others.

I grew up with a heavy dose influence of The Salvation Army, which of course, like any offshoot has problems.

But the take away was to walk the talk.

Comment by Anna Herrington on May 16, 2018 at 12:59pm

Thanks aka.

But the take away was to walk the talk.


Comment by Maui Surfer on May 16, 2018 at 1:48pm

Anna- no one rational can argue with a way of living that helps the poor and your neighbors, and spreads Peace and Love. Any criticism you observe here is NOT directed at anyone living, and loving, that way.

Thanks for including Gnostic as a part of your comment, the attempts by the other so-called Christian religions to cover up Gnostic information has been a 2,000 year whitewash and attempt at true herstory revision.

Comment by alsoknownas on May 16, 2018 at 1:56pm

Thanks MS for the additional qualifier.

Comment by Ben Sen on May 16, 2018 at 3:36pm

The Israelis are now murdering men, women and children, crippling as many as they can.  Yes, they're not killing all of them, only those they can target.  Shame on them and all those who enable them by not admitting their crimes and guilt.  Shame.  Shame.  Shame.  In the end, we can only hope for justice, and yet avoiding another bloodbath when the Jews of Israel and their collaborators find they cannot hide from their crimes.  I don't want Jews killed any more than Palestinians, but after almost 50ty years of slaughter, and all they have done, it would be against human nature for them to not face the consequences, the same of the Nazis in WWII.  When religious fanaticism is involved, as it is in Israel, the consequences are dire.     

Comment by koshersalaami on May 16, 2018 at 8:47pm

Murder, yes. The same as the Nazis in WWII, no. These are very different and not because of the actors involved. They are committing crimes. It’s just that the crime is not genocide. I’m not arguing for Israeli innocence. Oddly enough, I rarely do, but most people don’t notice that. 

You might notice who was at the opening of the American embassy. Fundamentalist Christians were represented, generally more than mainstream American Jews because that’s not where Trump’s allies are, or Netanyahu’s. 

Comment by alsoknownas on May 17, 2018 at 7:01am

"You might notice who was at the opening of the American embassy. Fundamentalist Christians were represented, generally more than mainstream American Jews because that’s not where Trump’s allies are, or Netanyahu’s. "

I think that is most significant, and frightening. We know who is next in line here.


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