According to a recent NY Review article, what US billionaire* once made that remark about customers eager to give up personal information? Was it:


* Donald Trump is not on this list because I question whether he's a billionaire at all. Otherwise, he'd have been my first choice.

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Comment by Boanerges on April 24, 2018 at 7:56am

Hi, David, old son. Really good of you to pop round. I don't disagree that if one is willing to surrender personal data one is perfectly entitled to. Me, I'm slightly paranoid about the whole thing and take what measures I can (I'm no computer expert) to circumvent overt data collection. It more or less works, as far as I can tell. Am I completely safe from scrutiny? Not hardly. But it's like having a good lock on your front door: Anything that makes it more difficult to break in helps.

I'm even careful what I write in an email, JT. The complex programs the "Five Eyes" use to mine communications will pick up on trigger words (there's a list of them somewhere) and report back. I could (and maybe should) do an essay on how and when this all started -- it's far earlier and more complex than most people realize. That said, my brother suggested I use FB to hook up with former friends. Well, there's a reason they're "former", and I want to keep it that way. (FYI, you'd be amazed what kind of data can be encoded in a photo. Just sayin'.)

Yes he does, Ron. His testimony proved that.

Hell, I''m not on the list either, Marilyn. Now if it was "thousand-aires ... naw. Not even that.

Yeah, I thought it'd be obvious too, Kosh, but then I thought well, hiding in plain sight, and all that.

Comment by older/exasperated on April 24, 2018 at 9:07am

Companies for years have been selling information about you and the internet is world's largest advertising platform. Most people are ignorant of that fact and readily give up personal information and that has a domino effect. While I have never used FB or any other social media site except ones that are ad free our kids now adult do. But they limit the use to advertising for their business endeavors not to socialize. I use the the internet for business and I do so using Linux operating system but for crap (I mean stuff) like this and email we do use Windows but it is highly monitored and has a shitload of security features. The only person I email is you Bo as you know and we always talk in code anyway you're quite paranoid, now my wife and Bo's wife talk daily so any secrets Bo and I have are not secrets and they generally call us assholes most of the time. That's all I got I've said too much and Bo I hope your wife is feeling better my wife said I should be more sympathetic. Adois amigo.........................o/e

Comment by Anna Herrington on April 24, 2018 at 9:27am

Bo, I'd love to read that essay if you ever decide it's worth your time to write it ... and a paragraph about the photos? 

Not to ask too much ; )

Comment by Boanerges on April 24, 2018 at 1:04pm

Naw, O/E, they don't come right out and SAY we're assholes. They just THINK it so loud sometimes we believe it's vocalized. Anyway, Red's much improved, thanks for asking (Doc M. had some good advice, tell her). And yes, people surrender far too much information willingly for my comfort, as you well know. I mean, we understand a fair amount about each other's personal histories (which we don't discuss outside the house) but do our damndest to make sure no one else does. Proxy servers, non-reporting search engines, etc. Doesn't mean they still can't get us if they want to.

OK, JT, let me start off with one anecdote: Marconi's first major public demonstration of radio transmission was intercepted by a rival (1896), according to his biography. I'll think about the rest of it, but you know ... I'd probably just bore most people to tears ... and the rest wouldn't care. As for the photos, I know the tech for such embedding exists, but I don't begin to understand it.

Comment by Phyllis on April 24, 2018 at 3:39pm

There is no privacy anymore. Do you have a credit card? A mortgage? Own a car? A grocery store discount card? Your data is on the prowl for a buyer. Not to mention the hacks and thefts. 

Comment by older/exasperated on April 24, 2018 at 11:28pm

Just for the record I had no idea what TPR was ailing from as usual I pretend to pay attention and only actually listen when certain key words are spoken. Or the 6ft amazon redhead has a different pitch to her voice and is standing near sharp or dangerous objects. But glad she's doing better. Your right and I am well known to many but as far as personal or family information goes that is a closely guarded secret that is not widely known except to very close friends. As for passing your thanks to the Dr you don't live with her makes no sense to make my life miserable. I know I'm going to hell.

a young guy asked me one day if I was afraid my personal identity would be stolen I replied which one.......o/e

Comment by Boanerges on April 25, 2018 at 7:57am

No question, Phyllis. It's why, for example, I don't collect air miles or have a "customer loyalty card". (Also don't have a mortgage, but that's another issue.) Insofar as possible in this era of data mining, I try not to have anything worth digging up.

I'll give you the details next email, O/E. Meanwhile, maintain a safe distance at all times.


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