This is an actual picture of river not too far from here, and this is an actual survey for my daughter Anna's speech class.  Please help a girl out, and click on the link and answer one simple question.  Thank you in advance.

In the meantime, I'll be looking over all these good challenges, and especially the comments and see what I can come up with.  Laterz, gaters. 

ps.  What do you think of my new profile pic?    

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Comment by Julie Johnson on Monday

ha!  I just re read,and that was a stutter.  I'm thinking, I've got humor and personal narrative, how about poetry?


I'm hot and you're not   /  'smoldering intensity  /  sets my soul on fire...

haiku, achoo, boo!  

Comment by Birdinhand on Monday

That's pretty funny to say...""Vapin in the gender neutral bathroom."

I might use it. At least around here the signs haven't gone up in the parking lots yet.

Comment by Julie Johnson on Tuesday

Birdinhand, thank you!  I didn't come up with it though, it was in the comments of the Utube.  I don't think we've met?  I'll have to go check your blog out.  Wait, I did.  But, I wasn't signed in yet. I was reading Jonathon's, or was it Rodney's?  Anyway, I notice that you are an email writer also.  I go thru spells.  For awhile there, last year I was writing to my son in jail every day, and you could almost feel the people reading in along with him.  I had to watch my key words, or it wouldn't send until it was reviewed.  Since I was already writing stories to him, my fingers were warmed up and time left on the alarm, almost felt like a 'job', and it was easy to come over here and type some stuff out.  We've had some good conversations going, every now and again.  But, now, he's out, and we've run out of things to talk /write about.  Therefore, I don't say much what I'm really thinking.  I have a horrible sense of humor according to some people.  It's too dark, and too dry they say.  What I laugh at, is sometimes totally inappropriate to most people also.  I'm all the time getting 'shushed', here on this side of the windows.  

On another note...

Anna's gotten over 40 replies now, getting a good percentage from here and the various shared fb's.  I did mention to her, about maybe it being a too leading question, but no because smoking tobacco is already banned in public now.  She's saying that if tobacco is banned, then vaping should be too.  It's just as dangerous.  Okay, makes sense.  Have I mentioned that this is for a controversial speech?   

Comment by Julie Johnson on Tuesday

Damn, Amy.  I just did a quick google.  That's a fancy cigar.  

It's hot

Comment by Julie Johnson yesterday

Bringing it up on the feed, with a fresh picture.  We're 43!!


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