So much here, now, seems to be a kind of competitive identity group-grievance and/or competitive identity group-back-slapping exercise. It's so useless, demeaning, too, as it assumes a profound lack of self-confidence, pride, intelligence. It has to be off-putting, at the least, to anyone considering this venue.

I hope people will abandon this unnecessary, deadening style of discussion and debate.

Our Salon, so lively and potent at its onset and for quite a time after, would be wholly reinvigorated, a place of surprise and thought and enjoyment for many once again, and with new, interesting participants, and grateful longstanding members.

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Comment by Rodney Roe on Saturday

I miss Terry, too,

Comment by Jonathan Wolfman on Saturday

Yes, Kosh,  people do react defensively and are not as open to change when they feel sure any kind of mockery will ensue. 

Comment by koshersalaami on Saturday

You’d think that would be obvious. 

Comment by The Songbird on Saturday

Kosh, hunny, once again -- you are very astute!  That corollary is, indeed, the result.  Defense does prevent change, in fact, stands ground, digs in, etc, and is part the fallout that just ends up festering somewhere, the very mobius of self-defeat.  Prevents the two parts actually making a whole.  I love the idea of using that in conversation!, just saying, 'well, if it's important enough to bristle at me about, isn't it important enough - not to?'  Seems more inviting TO make a whole of the two halves.  So, so much IS known, and firing all all pistons at once, it seems, as Foolymonk said.  We DO know too much, and maybe just thinking about that for a while is the sooth I need.  I sure like having it said.  And the longer we live, and interact, and converse, the more yet we know!  And - more to discern by. 

Even though my posts are pomes, not so much essays, perhaps I should begin putting in the first comment slot where that came from, and what it appears my spirit-girl is trying to tell me, teach me.  You've always read inside the lines, Kosh, and I so appreciate that.  To be understood is a relief, another soothe.  So, I can try to be more inclusive, like - in the title or something.  Not everyone like to read rhyme, but that's okay too; it just comes that way when I think, like drawing continual squares around the joints of my fingers.  A tick.  

But my aim too is to figure out what the next choice can be.  You never get a new result without one, but you can't know what isn't working without it backfiring.  You can really alter anything until ya become aware of it, and some times, for me, just taking on the blame helps me see what part I might've played, so that aims me to the next tact.  Being objective about oneself is very hard, but - that is what I try to do.  If I just take on the responsibility, it doesn't really matter if it's true - it aims me toward gettin' outta my bad self, look from above, and see what I can shift. 

Again, thanks all; it's great to feel included!  Off to work - always a lot of fun!! 

Comment by Jonathan Wolfman on Monday

ty songbird

Comment by koshersalaami on Monday


I'm sorry, I missed one of your comments. 

Kenny/Scanner died a couple of years ago, I think of throat cancer. It might be longer ago than that. 

Comment by The Songbird on Monday

Thank, Kosh.  When you asked, I kinda figured.  I'm glad I knew him; sure you are too.  Bless ya. 

Comment by koshersalaami on Monday

I’m sorry I didn’t go down to meet him. We lived a few hours apart. While we knew each other, which is pretty early after I started blogging in 2010, we hardly ever missed each other’s posts. 

There have been a bunch of other OS deaths since. I don’t know who you followed. 


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