My brother Nathan texted me

and ask if I remembered a time that involved Paul and I texted back that I did indeed remember.  It was one of those times when mom and dad and the four boys and some of dads clan all decided to go to a buffet and eat.

Family get together's were rare and very uncomfortable for me.

We all met at a local buffet that was stocked to the rim with all kinds of food.

As we all lined up i immediately notice how at home my brother and dad make themselves.

The lineup was:

A family ahead of us who the men were already getting to know pat and dad

pat and dad, brother Lee, our childhood friend Dougie, me, brother Nathan, Paul's friend Chuck ,Paul's wife, Kat, Paul's daughter, Susan, various family lined up.

As we progressed forward Paul was having quite a conversation going on with the farmer before us.  Dad told the story from here.

"As we kept moving down the line the ham became a topic of interest to Paul and his new friend.  Paul made it clear that his favorite food was ham as it was with the farmer.  The ham was looking worked over the closer Paul got.   Out of nowhere Paul shit himself.  He cut loose with an SBD that was down right awful.  The farmer looked up from the  ham with a gawd awful look on his face.  He spoke -that smell, i'ts like a dead bloated cow laying in the sun.-  Paul says, I think it's the ham.  The farmer let's go of the piece he was messing with and then left the line the rest of his clan following.  Paul wasted no time scarfing up the ham and continued down the line.  I ask him if he did that on purpose and all he said was he was taking all the ham." 

The smell gently quaffed it's way down the line and no one was left unaffected and we all knew it was Paul.

This became a funny story for dad to tell at various holiday gatherings.

Time is everything,  time is nothing, time is upon us, time is awake and time is sleep.

the admin has been quiet since our little brew ha ha.  He finally said hi today which was a good ten days.

Yea a few of the old standards traveled down the tunnels into the passages below.

If you aren't careful you'll find yourself spending every single day with a brand new broken heart.

I felt like this needed another story, something like,

I feel a neurosis, an empty shallow feeling that no woman can fill. All the money or food does not fill this void.  This  narrow journey down a series of tunnels, one direction, deeper, with stations every so often.  Before you know it  you and the family are driving new cars stopping off at nicer stations.  You lose touch with the fact that the tunnels were always going down.

How uncouth are you all. Placing judgement upon each others soul.  

Splashed in vivid multi-colored magnificence, across the canvas are the ears of the mouse and the music of the wars

to be continued...

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Comment by J.P. Hart on March 17, 2018 at 7:18am

Somewhat scatological for my personal 'morning after blues', Mr. Cheeseman...and I can only ask, 'What if God were one of us'? As a failed professional short story writer, and now that i 'have time' to read (even as the flat screen every 12 hours brings more breaking-bleeding news) I'm chasing Liu Cixin's Three Body Problem, Dark Forest and (book three of the Hugo winning trilogy) Death's End. I'm mentioning this potentially to grant a modicum of thread velocity to your VG work here on Our Salon. Oddly, when I first read your Now Is the Time - - - MSNBC broadcast a Golden Corral 'yummy commercial' which was instantly followed by a poop pharmaceutical as my microwave prompted the end of another defrost cycle. Odd, too, as on and on we go with reality's irony: SevenSinsSevenSeas.  And yeah, that'll be me ordering a round of 'Danny Boy Whiskey' with brunch.

Fuck does it all coincide with the 50th Anniversary of the My Lai massacre?

Nothing to kill or die for, 'ya know?


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