A Conversation About the Utility of Violence

N: Tildy just now almost caught another rat. She had it in her mouth but then it flopped around and went "meep" and got away
She didnt expect the meep
Or the flopping
But she is adjusting her tactics
We planted lettuces saturday and the rats ate half of em
So her work here is important
I've been reading all night about cameras. My first major purchase after paying L back several thousand $ is going to be a camera.
P: Chicken wire and liquid fence.
N: Liquid fence?
P: Spray it on the plants.
N: Ah
Will check it out
We're also going to install a solar-powered electric fence
For the fucking raccoons
P: Good for Tildy! She needs to learn the head shake
N: They keep gettin in the pond
P: Water is manna to racoons
N: She has the head shake down with her Hee-Haw, but these rats move so fast she's still stymied
Theyre fast
I'm torn between the Canon EOS Rebel T7i and the Canon D80
P: City rats
N: They are!
We live in the hood here for real
P: Have you been to a camera Store to play with them?
N: Not yet. I need to do that. Whichever of the two I decide on, I'm also gonna get a Panasonic Lumix FZ80
Its what they call a bridge camera
Way less expensive than a dslr but has a 60x zoom on it
P: Wow! You can get spy pictures
N: I can! Wildlife shots mostly, tho. And I gotta get a laptop, a assault rifle, and a compressor and nailgun, and a truck...
P: An assault rifle?
N: And a radial arm chopsaw and a Dewalt 20volt cordless drill and impact tool combo and some underwear
Im going to join the John Brown Gun Club
Aka, Redneck Revolt
They countermarch against Nazis etc
With guns
P: Sounds interesting
N: Leftists with guns. We need that, unfortunately
P: I'm not sure I agree, violence escalates. And Ghandi
N: Yes. Other people I've told this to have expressed similar reservations
P: Too many people carrying guns, someone's going to "fear for their life" and a lot of people will die
Then martial law
N: But, I have long been a proponent of "Peace, love and understanding or I'll cap your ass."
Its my nature
They threaten violence
Pacifism wont fix shit
P: The exact thing the paramilitary says they are keeping guns to avoid is going to happen because they have guns
N: Maybe
But they keep stockpiling guns, so wht shouldnt leftists?
P: What do you think the end result will be?
N: I dont know
Its scary out there
I no longer recognize our country
P: They stockpile guns because they're afraid
I no longer recognize the world
Too many people
And because they want to enforce their will on others
N: That's the whole problem
Fear = aggression
P: Education cancels fear
N: We are vicious, cannibalistic, overly intelligent primates
Yes, true
And education is viewed as anathema in this country
So what do you do?
P: I share knowledge where I can and hope to trigger doubt. It's a losing battle but it's all I got
And I avoid demonstrations because I'm too hot headed.
N: That is a good strategy. But when I look at the way fascism has exploded since Trumps election I feel the need to do something concrete about it
Im sick of talking
Ya know?
P: Convince the apathetic non voters to vote
N: Action
P: Start a political blog on a site that people read
You'd be a great rabble rouser
N: Ignorance and selfishness and fear are seen as virtues now. 
Ah... Yes I would!
P: Convince the people who don't vote because they think it's useless that it's not
N: That is a big part of what Redneck Revolt tries to do
Its not just about guns
It's about creating a dialogue outside the fascist narrative
P: And show the fraidy cats that their guns show them up as cowards
Dialogue with guns isn't going to change anything
N: And to offer people who are justifiably pissed off and afraid that there is an alternative to fascism
Thats the John Brown Gun Club
P: Why do they need guns?
The pen is mightier than the sword
N: To countermarch against fascists with guns
P: And someone will start shooting
N: Something fascists in this country do is assume that the left are a bunch of tofu eating, overly intellectual navel-gazers
P: Guns won't change that
N: The fascists need to be disabused of that notion
P: So toss cabers.
Do extreme fighting
N: They need to understand that violence will meet reciprocal violence
P: Ok. Just don't shoot any civilians
N: "You got guns? Well, so do we motherfuckers."
No, never
P: I see nothing but bad from this. My fascist co-worker believes that liberals need to give up their guns so he can be safe.
N: He is full of shit
P: He would absolutely shoot if faced with a scary liberal with a gun
N: Shoot or shit?
Fuck him
P:I know he's full of shit. He's also an ass who believes in the conservative way as the only way.
N: Fuck all of the MAGA-cap-wearing fucktards
And the Chee-To they rode in on
P: I agree. But carrying a gun to one of their rallies is a bad idea. Right now they look like idiots because they are pointing guns at unarmed counter protesters. If you show up with guns they will use it as proof that they need to escalate
N: Theyve done about wore my patience out
P: Which is why I think you need to use words
People read what you write
N: When they point guns at unarmed people they win. Hence the Redneck Revolt
P: No they don't win. They lose. Just like the cops lose when they shoot unarmed people
N: In rural areas fascist Nazi fucks are intimidating people
P: I know, I live there
N: ts getting worse all the time
P: But I have chosen to not be intimidated
They lose if they shoot
N: Leftists, and just decent people generally, stay away when the KKK comes to town
Fuck that
P: It's a face off
N: It needs to be
Face off or stay home
P: People didn't stay away from Charlottesville
And the counter protesters didn't carry guns
N: And what happened? A woman is dead and theyre charging that one black dude who was beat bloody by Nazis with assault
Charging HIM with assault
P: And the next few right wing rallies didn't happen because they knew they lost
Mass counter protest works
Why didn't anyone help the black guy?
N: Because he was a black guy
P: And I need to get up, I'm going to be late to work.
N: Ah
Of course you do
P: Rant away, just share it with the world
N: Drive safe to work, have an excellent day
P: You, too

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Comment by koshersalaami on October 20, 2017 at 9:42pm

Have you seen a doctor yet?

Comment by nanatehay on October 20, 2017 at 11:16pm

Heh. That's the same question my sister keeps asking me. I am on MediCal now, and therefore in theory I could see my doc about this stuff or, if  worst comes to worst, just go to an ER and get an EKG. Unfortunately, there are too many things happening right now to allow for such luxuries. I'm going back to Kansas next week, but before I do so I have to buy a truck, and insure it, and deal with a whole raft of other logistical challenges, so, I dunno... Right now I'm just staggering around the koi pond with a beer in my fist waiting for Tildy to catch a rat.

Comment by nanatehay on October 21, 2017 at 1:21am

Holy motherfucking shit. This really, REALly pisses me the fuck off, but apparently Ning in its wisdom decided to delete the comment I wrote to Anna a couple hours ago. I will now attempt to recreate it from memory even tho I shouldn't have to fucking do that. What I said was:

Anna... thank you. Amy wasn't being hyperbolic when she said you're one of the best people on this site. Everyone here, and everywhere really, brings something of value to these conversations we have as we try to figure out what matters and what doesn't, but you consistently do so with a grace and eloquence I admire greatly. Apologies for my initial responses to your comment, but I've been on edge the past few days. I don't mean this as an excuse for what I said, just as an explanation of it. As I wrote in a post on FB last night which I then deleted this morning: I've had moderate to severe chest pains the past week or two, which is a little freaky for me considering how my brother died a couple months ago from a massive heart attack. I'm not sure why God gives us life and youth and health and happiness then takes those things away from us. To me, it seems unlikely that God in the Biblical sense even exists, but nonetheless every day above ground is a good day. Be kind to each other, and treat every one you meet the way you would want to be treated, and treasure every single moment spent with your loved ones. Nothing else matters. 


Comment by koshersalaami on October 21, 2017 at 5:46am

ok Nan,

Make believe it's a few months ago, you've asked Tr ig if he's seen a doctor, and he gave you the answer you gave me above. If I were your sister, I'd fly out to where you are, snap a leash to your collar, and haul you to a doctor NOW. In your position, doctors are not luxuries, trucks are luxuries. 

Better it should be nothing and you wasted your time than it should be something and you didn't. 

Comment by Arthur James on October 21, 2017 at 5:50am


Comment by greenheron on October 21, 2017 at 10:02am

Listen you big dummo.

Nobody who has heart crap ever took it seriously in the beginning. If you’re lucky, you get some preliminary chest pains. My friend Terry had some one weekend, a little nausea. He’s a drinker and smoker so figured it was that, and just hung out watching tv. The second day he felt so bad he drove himself to the ER and was surprised when they slapped him on a gurney and rushed him up to the heart floor.

Me, I felt a little dizzy and weak in class, sat down, asked my TA for some water, drank that, then got up and tried to keep teaching. We can be so frigging DUMB. Or in denial. Or both. Next thing I am in the back of an ambulance with emts re-starting my heart. Even then I remember thinking, gee, they seem to think something is seriously wrong with me. I kept telling them I was fine. I still couldn’t warp my mind around it. Later I learned that many people do this. You know, in the ambulance, with the paddles on their heart. Hey! I'm fine! Take me home!  

I had a little surgery, six hours, no biggie. Also enjoyed four hospital staycations where I developed a healthy respect for my heart. Heart disease is not like other things, not even other critical ones, like cancer. You cannot fart around waiting to see if you feel better, like maybe it’s a cold or the flu. 

What Kosher said. The truck is the luxury. Your heart is not. Some people aren’t lucky enough to get a warning, although I am pretty sure that Steve had some signs he ignored or blew off, as you are. It’s how humans are, to think it’s nothing.

Please. Go see a doc. Don’t screw around. Steve and Cris would roll you in duct tape and drive you there if they could. I’m in an MGH heart study now because heart stuff has a genetic component they are studying. Let’s not wait for the results of that study. Let’s assume there is a genetic component to heart disease and you inherited it. 

Jeezus. I should come out there and slap you silly, you big stupid.

P.S. Hi Tildy. Bite nana constantly and barf on his pillow until he goes to the doctor.


Comment by Arthur James on October 21, 2017 at 10:18am


Comment by catch-22 on October 21, 2017 at 11:38am

Just piling on here to add my voice to the chorus of folx telling you what I think you already know. You honor those who love and care for you, living and not, when you honor yourself through self care. I bet even Drew Silla would tell you to quit fucking around with your heart, hurting inside and out as it is.

Comment by Safe Bet's Amy on October 21, 2017 at 12:27pm

Screw a whole buncha namby pamby "you really should considered"s...  

I said fuck it and made you a pillow...

Image result for don't be a dumbass

Comment by nanatehay on October 21, 2017 at 5:31pm

Glad you noticed the tiki. It has kind of an interesting backstory, was found many years ago by Lee's mom on the side of a highway in New Mexico, where it may or may not have been used in arcane pagan rituals to promote good harvests of corn and Hatch chiles. Whatever it's original purpose was, it is definitely quite old, made of a very dense, heavy wood which I don't recognise and it looks pretty cool above the pond there. It will look even cooler once I drill a hole lenghtwise through the, um, vertical element to run  a hose from the pump so he appears to be peeing in the pond.  Hagl Óðinn!

Thank y'all for your advice and your concern. Woke up this morning wishing I hadn't said anything about the chest pain, but that horse done left the barn, so...

The truck and the other things I'm trying to accomplish aren't luxuries; they're absolute necessities for me to get my life back to some semblance of what it needs to be. On the other hand, getting my life back will be kind of a hollow victory if I'm dead, so Monday I'll schedule an appointment with my doc.  MediCal is usually pretty fast, so with any luck I'll be seeing him by Wednesday or Thursday.  


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