vegas mandalay bay shooting: early BLOCKBUSTER conspiracy angle(s), copious links

hi all. another year, another crazy mass shooting/ murder. these seem to happen once-in-awhile. wrote a large post on the aurora batman movie shooter just a few years ago. have not been able to keep up with intermediate events. to me, anything less than 911 scale is apparently "par for the course".[g] but am going to write on this current one.

the current vegas incident is distinguished in the multiple instances and excellent quality of eyewitness videos quickly uploaded to the internet. one of them with a cab driver is of such good quality its being called the "new zapruder video".

however the kennedy zapruder video history is legendary in conspiracy circles. it seemed to capture the entire event, but zapruder submitted it to the police without making a copy. analog copying was very complex in those days. today we have digital copies, and personally encourage everyone to make a digital copy of your video BEFORE submitting it to police. the zapruder video was apparently tampered on its "official release" years later. one might call these some of the "earliest semivisible fingerprints" of the DEEP STATE.

social media is having a major effect on the dynamics of these types of incidents. in short it makes "cover up" much harder. cover up? you say its too early to talk about that?

MULTIPLE SHOOTERS[b]--- read the dailymail regularly, this is a tabloid, but even a tabloid so far does not dare to mention the unmentionable/ unspeakable: there are 2 high quality videos showing apparent 2nd shooter muzzle flashes on the lower, ~4th floor of the mandalay bay building. one is a drive-by film of an apparent other taxi driver (with dispatch audio going on) and a 2nd not-quite-as-great but still compelling video apparently filmed off a screen with a cursor.

very much hope that the original copy of the 2nd is uploaded without the 2nd generation copy issue. also need to find out provenance of both and hope the eyewitnesses come forward to take ownership/ assert authenticity, although thats not strictly crucial.

there is also a fantastic video starting of the concert, which precedes the original shots. there is a long cab driver shot where she was under the mandalay bay building, and the audio on that video seems to be quite conclusive in indicating at least 2 shooters, even ruling out building echoes (which are indeed a major consideration in the acoustics). tabloid Dailymail covered this with ZERO COMMENT on the audio implications of that video!

there were maybe 2 windows shot out from the higher floor, but even that is not clear right now, in any case the acoustics of those two windows does not seem like it would be much different because they are only at slightly different angles.

vacuous so-called news-providers regularly/ routinely sprinkle viral videos in their coverage. these videos are going viral even in spite of ongoing google/ youtube downgrading/ censorship efforts. but NADA-ZILCH-NOTHING on vegas so far. OMERTA anyone?

the only "media outlet" covering this stuff so far is Infowars (very impressive so far!) and Veterans Today.

the "cognitive dissonance" increases to epic, brain-splitting proportions between what people can see/ read on the internet, and what the official investigation is admitting at this point. that is, for anyone with more than ½ brain who actively exercises it. oh and the media is aggressively covering the great Tillerson-Trump Moron/ IQ debate and that vile wretch Weinstein (did you hear who called him out? did you hear his wife left him?) LOL!

and where are the news reporters asking about these VITAL ISSUES in press conferences? NOWHERE. (that was a jarring NON SEQUITUR back into our matter at hand!) it looks like the mass media has been reduced to near/ mere Big Brother stenography, or even less.

questions to answer:

  1. what is going on in the lower floor of the mandalay building (UNEQUIVOCALLY NOT THE LOCATION/POSITION OF THE SO-CALLED LONE SHOOTER) as correlated in 2 different videos?
  2. what does all the audio analysis of all the videos reveal?
  3. can all the bullet firings in multiple videos be correlated, both audio and video?
  4. there seems to be possible overlapping gun firing. can this be confirmed with audio analysis?
  5. angles of bullets need to be examined. there is a rumor of someone running behind the stage, and getting shot from the FRONT through their knee, according to the observer, an impossible explanation based on the PADDOCK location.

the numerous similarities with the Kennedy assassination over ½ century ago are strong.

other big questions for the more conspiracy minded [c]....

  1. did Paddock have intelligence agency connections? he seems to maybe been involved in money laundering via chips under cover of "wealthy businessman". the amounts of money he gambled are suspiciously high, some reports of $100K in single sittings.
  2. there are rumors about installing Xrays (backscatter) into the casinos after this event, and Chertoff is supposedly involved/ profiting, rumors about advance warnings.[d] those who have good 911 knowledge will know all about Chertoffs background.
  3. rumors of shooter training drills by casino(s) going on in that period. this has strong similarities to 911. need to know much more about that.
  4. supposedly shooters may have been trying to ignite nearby fuel tanks with gunfire? if so there would be bullet marks on them. what are their locations? how do they match up with gun location(s)?
  5. what about all the spent bullets? those need to be collected and matched up with the guns found in Paddocks room. THAT FULL REPORT NEEDS TO BE MADE TOTALLY PUBLIC. and WHO IS IN CHARGE OF THAT?
but you see, from long observations of these types of events, national security claims will likely be made/ asserted in this case, and public reports/ public accountability of FBI leaders will likely not be forthcoming.

hey, dont entirely want to rain on anyones parade here about the nature of the reality we live in... if youre feeling like you need a little perspective try section [f] to possibly decrease the level of hyperventilating some and look at background of this event vs some history/ psychology/ sociology etc.

1 wildcard:


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Comment by vzn on October 12, 2017 at 3:21pm

KS why do you keep asking me about motive? motive is a mystery to me too at this point. events happen, motive can explain some of them, some motives exist that are not comprehensible (re psychopathic thinking). am willing to mention a scenario put out by infowars: gunrunning operation gone bad. possible ISIS connections. paddock/ family look like they could have been involved in high sum money laundering. etc. ps thx cyberspace/ lurkers for the hits, with that feel like this was not a total waste of (significant) time.

Comment by koshersalaami on October 12, 2017 at 4:14pm

Because in order for a conspiracy to take place, people have to agree that this is important to do. One shooter goes off the deep end. For two, you need agreement or really strong influence like the Malvo case. 

What's the point here?

Comment by vzn on October 12, 2017 at 8:07pm

KS you seem to be focusing or fixating on the psychological angle(s) of the event. shots were fired. work backward from that. there is no rational explanation for a single shooter, and you are asking for one for a 2nd shooter? whats the point here? you think that maybe if the psychology doesnt add up, it rules out a 2nd shooter?  this is a very scientific forensic acoustic analysis of a video... see if you can follow it

Comment by koshersalaami on October 12, 2017 at 9:03pm

I don't trust that publication. They have posted some of the nastiest antisemitic crap I've ever read, and I don't mean borderline. 

Comment by Steel Breeze on October 13, 2017 at 5:03am

before i look for a consriracy,i look for a motive,something necessary for a whacko goin nuts with a gun needs no motive....

Comment by koshersalaami on October 13, 2017 at 6:06am

Thank you, SB, that is exactly my point. 

Comment by vzn on October 13, 2017 at 8:04am

ah, so there is only "1 whacko goin nuts with a gun with no motive" in the world? lol, QED

Comment by Steel Breeze on October 13, 2017 at 8:42am

don't get defensive my man,just discussing pov,conspiracy means to me two or more folk attempting to hide or cover up the truth so they must have a motive for doing so......a guy goin nuts with a weapon may have no understandable motive,or no real motive at all............not sayin your theoris are right or wrong,just splainin my personal approach to these type stories.....have a good one....

Comment by vzn on October 13, 2017 at 6:16pm

"DEFENSIVE"? ~60 ppl/ americans are DEAD. one might want to feel a little DEFENSIVE at the moment. who did it? why? motivation? my answer is HUMAN SUPERPREDATOR(S). yes there are sex predators like a guy named weinstein, and there are human predators, and there are human superpredators, both in the sense that they are human, and they hunt humans. one can see signs of these superpredators throughout the ages, they are very old, going back millenia. humans might think theyve heard of human predators, but they are mostly blissfully unaware of the superpredators. sun tzu understood/ articulated some of their psychology/ nature. predators prefer, even cultivate prey that are dumb and unaware esp of the predator presence. as this thread certainly attests, theres no shortage of dumb sheeple nowadays! beware of wolves in sheeps clothing! KS has probably seen plenty of horror movies but is apparently "TERRIFIED" to click on a simple link and watch a youtube video. which by the way doesnt mention jews at all. LOL

Comment by vzn on October 13, 2017 at 6:19pm

ps happy friday the 13th


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