Will The Deep State Assassinate Trump??

All The News Not Fit To Print

Alert! Alert! We've all seen news stories of Secret Service members complaining of covering our beloved President but what isn't known is the Deep State plot from Obama holdovers who see an opening with the low approval numbers presented by the lying media to commit the greatest crime since the killing of Jesus! Sound insane? I'll tell you what insane is. Can someone tell me why we use the SAME people who guarded Obama to guard a real President? You think those Obama loyalists give a damn about our Dear Leader as they walk around stewing in constant jealousy of being forced to serve a real man and American?

Our President is too kind, too wholesome to see the raging threats around him. His masterful tweets have ushered in a new era of modernity to the Presidency that the lesser-brained previous administration would not and could not embrace. That alone has set leftist terrorist organizations on fire, spewing lies and propaganda through their liberal controlled media outlets. And trust me when I tell you these people will stop at nothing. No behavior is off limits to them if it means taking power - and the assassination is just the beginning!

Racist Muslims don't allow whites!

In order to prevent an orderly transition of power, Obama and Hillary will collude to send millions of disruptors into the streets to destroy our Constitution! It's well known Obama rose to power by the might of his Muslim brotherhood and when they take the streets, white Christian neighborhoods will burn! Hide your wives and daughters from their exposed black penises! Combined with Hillary's Antifa guerrillas the entire country will be thrown into chaos. 250 years of progress down the drain!

It's time for the true resistance movement to take action. Patriot websites are offering 55 gallon barrels of pig's blood to allow for thousands of rounds to be dipped and ready to go. Hey, Muslims! Do not pass Go, go directly to hell! We'll be waiting for you with our Instant Damnation Bullets (IDBs). Might have to take out a few of them so-called journalists along the way too. Pop enough of them and maybe they'll see the light on criticizing the leader of the free world of whom only good things should be said all you dummies trying to weaken our democracy.

Spreading the word!

The threat is real and it's out there. This is no time to get complacent. Anyone can see how mad the election losers are and what they'll do to overturn the forces of truth and light. Just makes my heart sick to hear them scheme and prevaricate with no shame whatsoever! You want a serpent like Hillary in charge, telling us how to run our daily life, outlawing meat and forcing everyone to eat organic leftist vegetables? I'm not making this up, folks. What a nightmare!

Know why the haters call our rallies 'hate rallies'? Because they hate that we're right! See, it's their own hate they are projecting onto us. It's the oldest form of hypocrisy. America is for Americans now! We've taken the country back and we're going to keep it! But we must be vigilant! Deep State enemies are everywhere. Indoctrinate your children with the truth to keep them safe from liberal teachings. The fight never ends.

Watch this space as we keep you informed of the latest dastardly leftist plots, fighting imaginary enemies in their head just to keep their hate alive! Though they demonize us in the media on a daily basis we will not be deterred. The latest story we're investigating is a baby selling ring they are using to finance their operations! No one will give leftists money because people know what frauds they are. But we will not stop until every last liberal bastard terrorist is gone!

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Comment by koshersalaami on September 9, 2017 at 7:56pm

Why would you think I had an alt? I had one years ago in chat for the sole purpose of being able to check out the room for a couple of minutes without getting involved in a conversation, but that took no acting. It didn't last. As to having one here, I can't say I get the motivation. I can only guess. If you have insight, enlighten me. 

Comment by Drew-Silla on September 10, 2017 at 3:39am

 I don't think you have an alt. Sincerest apologies if my first comment here gave that impression, but it was merely an attempt at humor on my part, and obviously a poor one. Regarding insight on these topics, I can only paraphrase the Bible verse (or the rock opera Jesus Christ Superstar depending on your preference) in which Pontius Pilate asks our Savior, "We both have truths; are yours the same as mine?" And, just as an aside, Mr. Salaami; whether or not you believe you are actually getting something or are merely hazarding a guess about it is immaterial to what the thing actually is.  

Comment by koshersalaami on September 10, 2017 at 5:50am

I in turn apologize for my density - denseness? - as I have a tendency to be literal minded. In addition to my natural tendency, I have an additional tendency to err on that side because I have noticed that I am often misread here in that some often assume intentions and priorities on my part that are not there, which is to say accusations in that general (not specific, not as in alt) direction are sometimes serious. I find that annoying, because it either indicates a failure to communicate clearly on my part or a disturbing freedom to accuse based on insufficient evidence on the part of my accusers. None of which I should actually give a shit about, but I tend to waste time explaining compulsively (as in here) just because I don't like misperceptions. 

I agree that my hazarding a guess is immaterial to what the thing actually is. I can speak accurately about my own motivations but not about what motivations would drive similar behavior in others, as in what would drive having an alt. Over the years I have heard people being accused of having alts to create the impression they have external support, which in a blogging context I find pathetic - one can either earn support or one can't. Sometimes alts are for presenting different kinds of material, and these alts are sometimes presented openly as alts, such as JMac's two accounts, both of which bear his name. I know of one alt here that existed to hide the race of a blogger because he insisted that race affected how he was treated and perceived. Before he had the alt, he told me this and I doubted him, but over time I learned he was right. That was not an enjoyable lesson, and my reaction upon realizing the extent to which he was right started a massive fight on OS. I could tell how bad the fights were by comment count. If I wrote a successful post on OS, the comment count would be in the sixty to eighty range. A count much higher than that was never a good thing because it indicated a fight in progress. This, unfortunately, was a much higher count, and that was just on the main post on the topic as opposed to where fights broke out over specific episodes. 

And some alts I suppose exist for the purpose of fucking with people (entertaining the blogger) or for providing general entertainment (entertaining the audience). This is conjecture on my part. 


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