"BACK TO THE FUTURE"...Trump's Terminus Exodus

Unlike watching porn in reverse - this rewinding of Donald Trump's downfall isn't as predictable; but satirically satisfying nonetheless.

For those who like to read the last page of a novel first, sleep head to toe or watch porno films in reverse - you're in luck!

While we'll never know exactly when the bough breaks - my guess is Spring 2018 - Winter 2017... unless Trump starts lying!


10.   Reince Priebus still supports Trump's agenda!

 9.    Ruling overturned.  Trump is detained on a technicality & is seen alone at Riker's Island making a Hole-in-2 (writes down 1)

 8.    President Pence pardons Trump!

 7.    Trump resigns!

 6.    Melania recuses herself!

 5.    Trump's Impeached!

 4.    Barron Trump's lawyer shoots himself!

 3.    Ivanka becomes an Agnostic but with presents!

 2.    Coughing & sneezing, the entire Republican Congress call in Complicit!

 And #1.  Bob Mueller finds Trump guilty of...well, everything!

Happy to say this can also be seen in "Humor Times Magazine" but with pics showing Trump cutting-in the Chow Line!


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Comment by moki ikom on September 1, 2017 at 1:37pm

more exodUS


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