** Borscht Belt

** "Jewish Alps" is a term for the summer resort hotels of the Catskill Mountains in upstate New York.  A popular vacation spot from the 1920's - 1970's serving  3 sumptuous meals a day, Simon Sez, sports, dancing, romancing & comedy talent.  And, they served Matzo Ball Soup & cold Borscht!

I don't want to beet around the bush - but Russians do have a sense of humor.  And, one of those jokesters just climbed up on stage...

"And now, straight from "The Kiev Kiosk" - here's the top female comic in the USSR - Buffy Korsekov"!

You guessed it - my comedy idols are the Marx Brothers - Groucho & Karlo!


I don't need this you know - I could go home & clean...Missiles!

You know, Russia is cold - but, it's a dry cold!

It's so cold - babies are born with an electrical cord!

I'm not kidding - it's so cold we wear mittens in foreplay!

Our blankets have 2 Settings - 3 Dog Night & Olga!

I see I found the level of this crowd!

In Russia, we have magazine just like Cosmopolitan with catchy subtitles on the cover:

"The Ugly Flat Stomach...how to get rid of it forever"!

"Fat Cells - the gift that keeps on giving"!

And, "You're Not Just Getting Better...you're getting bigger"!

Sit down, Mom!

What do I think of Mrs. Trump? Ha...I've seen more meat in broth!

My last gig was "The Mike Flynn Lifetime Achievement Dinner" - no caviar...Turkey on a Ritz!

This is a tough crowd!

I dated the 2 Sergei's after they visited the White House & both said the same thing. "Great acoustics & sound levels"!

Don't laugh - that's normal Pillow Talk in Russia!

But Ambassador Kislyak was bored & said, "Spying is too easy these days - Trump showed me the frigin' key under the mat to let myself in"!

Do I think Trump was in cahoots with Putin - ha.  Mrs. Putin hasn't seen his cahoots in years!

Just kidding - I was doing this entire routine phonetically & wouldn't know a cahoot from a back channel!

Start the car, Igor!

Folks - catch me next week at "The Beluga Bathhouse" - first 10 tickets get Golden Showers!

I've been great - thank you very much!

That's better!

Happy to say this can also be seen in "Humor Times Magazine" but with more Hecklers!


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Comment by Valerie Lynn Stephens on Friday

Thanks for the laughs, Marilyn. I'm totally sharing the nesting doll meme. ;-))

Comment by koshersalaami on Saturday

I bought my wife a penguin nesting doll Sunday. Really funny.

Comment by marilyn sands on Saturday

Thanks so much Valerie!  Comic Relief is called for this week!  What am I saying - every week!  ha ha

Comment by marilyn sands on Saturday

Thanks Kosh - knew you would get a kick out of it!  In those days - there wasn't a better place to be.  It's a fact, when air travel got so popular & folks could see the world - these kind of places lost their allure.  I went to a few myself & cha-cha'ed my little heart out.

Comment by Jonathan Wolfman on Saturday

1980s Russian Joke:   Russian Supermarket Sign:  This Line 1 Item or Less

Comment by Steel Breeze on Saturday


Comment by Terry McKenna on Saturday

Though my mother's family was Polish Catholic, the came from Russia and my uncle and his wife would stay in the Catskills in Jewish resorts.  The food was mostly similar and so was the ambience.  

Comment by koshersalaami on Saturday

It wasn't airline travel, it was air conditioning 

Comment by Boanerges on Saturday

Boris: "Yuri! Did you hear -- Ivan died!"

Yuri: "Ivan's DEAD? I didn't even know he'd been arrested!"

Comment by marilyn sands on Saturday

Thanks Jon!  ha - I wonder if the lines are shorter these days!  But the Babka is worth it!


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