This post is Inspired by greenheron who, in a recent comment, wrote:

"White people are blind to black experience, the same way men are blind to women’s experience, but save that one for another time. White people need to stop talking and listen, damp down their defenses and just listen."

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Comment by Ron Powell on Friday

@Kosh; "...He's saying they're the norm..."

The "norm"  as in, no different from white kids of the same age group etc...

Which is what makes them different from the rest of 'their kind' 'special'or 'exceptional'.



Comment by greenheron on Friday

So this is all an exercise for you?! Keeping the old mind in shape at the corner gym? A beef cake brain is your reward?Maybe all that mental sweat is what Art James meant when he complained about the stink. Working out is a solitary endeavor. Like masturbation. Enjoy your orgasms. 

This is a salon, or used to be. Now it’s lefty political AM radio 24/7. The creatives, gone. Friends at play, gone. Do you own any role in that?

Listening. So Very White that you believe you have enough expertise to write a book on the subject of talking about race, yet can’t listen to a black man who points out your deafness. I’d also bet the farm that you’ve heard your wife say many times: you didn’t hear me, you don’t listen.

Ron, that was one of your best salvos. 

Amy, that was a list meant for the preacher man. You made a good line item. Maybe I get too creative with my sarcasm?

Rainy day, better things. Off to the studio cuz the mental gym ain’t doing it for me.

Comment by koshersalaami on Friday


Maybe you're unaware of Ron's and my history. We and two others spent over a year working on a self-published book about racism. Ron and I have had way more discussions on race than you can imagine. This is a continuation of a constant argument we have. His priority is to show just how pervasive racism is and mine is to recruit moderates to oppose racism actively. Whenever our priorities and methodologies for fighting racism clash, we argue. 

A new post will come up and we'll talk as if nothing happened. Two already have, one of his and one of mine. 

Comment by Safe Bet's Amy on Friday

"His priority is to show just how pervasive racism is and mine is to recruit moderates to oppose racism actively. Whenever our priorities and methodologies for fighting racism clash, we argue." 

^^THAT^^  That should become the textbook definition of "Not Listening".  

A black guy, who has lived and breathed daily racism for ___ decades, tried to tell you, a white guy who can count the times he' been "discriminated" against because of the color of his skin enough times to add up to nil, what the priorities need to be for BLACK people... AND YOU "ARGUE".

What, pray tell, gives you the expertise to do that (much less write a book about it)?  

Comment by Ron Powell on Friday

"Talking To The Wall"


Lezlie Bishop

Gina Ellis



Ron Powell

Comment by greenheron on Friday

“we'll talk as if nothing happened”

You think so?

Maybe you think nothing happened. Not what I saw. I saw you excuse Terry’s patronizing words and tell Ron to be happy about a glass 90% full of white benevolence. That definitely happened. Maybe Ron keeps talking with you, but it’s clear from his words, he feels something happened. Something happens every time you tell him how to think about race. Try googling ‘White Folk’. Then get back to me on that nothing happened thing.

Little kids believe when they crawl underneath the covers that they are invisible, that no one can see them. I see you. Amy sees you. Ron sees you. 

If I am out of line, if I am putting words and thoughts into Ron’s head that are not there, if Ron was not offended by your white folk advice about the glass, Ron will say so. So far though, crickets.

Ron, sorry, I ain’t buying that book! Write your own book. Then.

Comment by Ron Powell on Friday

@Kosh; "A new post will come up and we'll talk as if nothing happened."

Something happened..You took sides...and I'm disappointed by that.

Not upset or hurt, but extremely disappointed...




Comment by Rodney Roe on Friday

This is the best explanation of white blindness I've heard.

Comment by Ron Powell on Friday


The book and cocept for it was my idea.

At many times and junctures I felt as though I was heading cats.

It wasn't easy,, but we got it done for better or worse.

Your right I should write my own book.

Heaven knows I've lived one.

Comment by koshersalaami on Friday


I don't tell Ron how to think about race. I tell Ron how to think about recruiting White people to fighting racist policies. 

Policy change is a numbers game. You need voters. And you have to get to the point where when you talk to the other side, someone on the other side is listening and being receptive as opposed to reflexively getting defensive. Sure, people should make an effort to understand Ron. But what happens when they don't? Getting people to listen who are not inclined to or are half inclined to is a balancing act. On one hand, you've got all these White guys who feel they're being blamed for stuff that doesn't involve their being actively racist, not that not being actively racist s enough. On the other hand, most of these guys who don't want to see themselves as racist don't because somewhere they place some importance on fairness. If you can shift some of their perceptions about the unfairness of what happens around them, you start to get people who will argue your way and vote your way, and will instinctively know how to present this case to their peers. Or, if fairness isn't their issue, sometimes self-interest is. There are ways to present that case too. 

I want the same thing Ron does. I want the effects of racism to be minimized. My point isn't "accept racism." My point is "cultivate the ally, because that will help us minimize racism more in the long run, and once a guy is an ally, other conversations become easier." 


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