Now Theodora. You may not have been a target of Squidly's ankle-biting accusations yourself, so you may actually not understand what a hilariously hypocritical yet entirely repellent little shrew she is. So I will tell you.

1. Squidly is Squidly.

2. SqUidly Uses Caps WherEVER SHE raNdomLy waNts tO, appArenTly BECause SHE thiNKs it Makes HER WritiNG stYLe SeEm mOrE AmusInG than IT aCTUally iS ThoUGH I'm Not sUre why SHE THinkS sO, mAyBe someONE toLD HEr That iN 9th grAdE.

3. Squidly has spleen.


All Must Defer To Squidly

At All Times

No matter how viscous, vial, cupid or struggly she wants to be.

Oh yeah - 4. Squidly May Libel With Impunity (no matter how baseless her silly little canards are.) You May If You Want To, but I know that at the end of the day you are a far nicer person than she is.

Maybe it's because she lives in Minnesota. (She lives in Minnesota? Seriously? That's funny, unless you have to live next to her.)

I don't know why. I think maybe she's not getting Enough Nookie or something that entitles Major Fishwifery At All Times. Because no one else is such a pathetic, self pitying skidmark I guess.

Summary: Squidly Squidly Squidly it's all about how close Squidly can come with veiled, pusillanimous dog whistle pseudo-accusations to smear someone as a racist without realizing she's as transparent a sad-ass Little Hitler as you could ever have the misfortune to meet. Squidly Squidly Squidly! (oops, sorry, those last three Squidlys were accidental, this Squidly key I had specially installed on my laptop got stuck for a second there)

Ok Theodora?

See? Squidly says stuff like this^^ so I guess it indicates that her problems with Amy stem not just from her ridiculous sense of having somehow been discriminated against or repressed or dissed or whatever during the ongoing dust-ups here about Israel and the Palestine question but are in fact symptoms of what a bitter, frustrated gutter weasel she is and of how (and in hindsight I don't see how I never noticed before, but this part didn't even occur to me 'til reading her comment on your blog made it blindingly, suddenly obvious) very envious Squidly actually is of Safe Bet's Amy.

See how that works?

Have a gReAT daY!

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Comment by Safe Bet's Amy on March 12, 2017 at 6:34am

Issuing a public apology in the form of a post devoted to that is owning hers.  

Oh, bullshit, KB!  Just because Theodora included a "I'm sorry" in her post does NOT make it an apology, especially when she immediately follows it up with a heaping helping of "poor me" and "damn that Amy for stating Zionists are "terrorist supporting assholes" (which they certainly are).

I get that you are supporting a member of your "tribe" (MotT is your word, not mine), but hiding behind her/your religion (undoubtedly avidly waiting for the opportunity to point fingers and scream out your "You anti-Semitic!" victimhood) doesn't excuse shit.

P.S.  Theodora, you are NOT Squidly.  As the real Squidly has often stated, "Everything is NOT about you". 

Comment by greenheron on March 12, 2017 at 6:42am

Issuing a public apology in the form of a post devoted to that is owning hers. 

I clicked on the apology title because it sounded like Theodora really was apologizing and I was kinda rooting for her to gain some insight into her role in this and take responsibility. But the apology in the title was followed up by a couple of paragraphs (did you even read it Kosher??) taking the apology back, describing how maligned and misunderstood and victimized she was, poor thing.

Theodora has thrown a match, twice, and you know what? I think she digs the flames and the attention. So enjoy your bonfire then. I'll be taking the day off.

Comment by Safe Bet's Amy on March 12, 2017 at 6:49am

Meh.  I probably should have posted this on trig vagina table post, but this place needs to lighten up a bit.  William Belli always makes me laugh, so...

Dedicated to GH because she is taking this too damn seriously...

Comment by tr ig on March 12, 2017 at 6:58am

It'll smell like clam chowder there? 


Comment by greenheron on March 12, 2017 at 7:06am

Ha! Amy. You think I'm unfamiliar with the queens? I've spent way too many summer evenings at Show Girls in P Town :) Go see in my bff's wig, just posted over at the grrls room. 

I'm just not a duster. You know that. Have fun though.

Comment by nanatehay on March 12, 2017 at 9:48am

Just woke up - the party kept me up late. Gonna make coffee then be back. Squidly is not Theodora, who I would never engage in a serious discussion about pretty much anything because she is mentally ill and there would be no point in it. Squidly is my name for Nerd Cred, who has numerous times libelled me as being anti-Semitic, both here and, years ago, on Open Salon. I take libel very seriously - my real name is nowadays linked to my screen name, and things said online, even when they are lies, can have a direct and sometimes quite negative impact on your RW life. The nickname, Squidly,  refers to Nerd Cred's cowardice. She uses veiled accusations and suggestion and ambiguous language to smear people she disagrees with as racists, then when you ask her directly to state her position she hems and haws and digresses into irrelevancies - throws up a cloud of obfuscation in other words, just as a squid trying to hide from something ejects a cloud of ink into the water around it. When she is in squid mode, it would be easier to nail Jell-O to a fucking wall than get her to string two honest words together as she cavils and prevaricates and squirms her way out of having to admit she is a lying, name-smearing p.o.s. who routinely uses character assassination and baseless charges of anti-Semitism against people she views as her enemies -  and she has been doing this for many  years. The text in this post, although names have been changed to protect the innocent (as Marlin Perkins or June Cleaver or someone used to say) was taken nearly verbatim from a comment Nerd Cred made on Theodora's passive aggressive bullshit anti-Amy post yesterday not long before Theo deleted it.  Squidly's version was, despite ostensibly being addressed to Theodora,  actually aimed at greenheron and trig and one or two others who had - very properly - called Theodora out for playing the role of a victim while in fact being the aggressor, and, more widely, it was aimed at anyone here who has ever defended or associated with SBA or has her on their friends list, because in Nerd Cred's world if Amy is on your friends list, you hate Jews, period. She has told me as much more than once in her two-faced, pusillanimous  gutter weasel way and I am fucking sick of it and those who watch her say that shit yet think it's just fine. 

Comment by Myriad on March 12, 2017 at 10:30am

Amy has always been nasty and unreasonable and hate-filled.  But somehow or other the whole gang here has come to be in the position of defending her.  Sort of how, as in another post, the idea of how the south eventually won the civil war.  (And somehow the blacks and Jews here get put down.)  I'm fed up and taking a holiday from OS.

Comment by tr ig on March 12, 2017 at 11:08am

Well, I see MY NAME is mentioned at Theo's, again. If I had a nickel for every time someone found it appropriate to do that I could retire. Yeah I said something about those ridiculously long titles. I assume that is supposed to be an endearing cute thing, doing that, so thought I'd go ahead and share my feelings, that it's, as a service to her. And I asked about the complex that Jews carry which seems to me overblown, but then again hey, I've never walked even an inch in those shoes .. therefore the question, which is apparently offensive, asking that. Theo says now she knew I wasn't her friend, and you too, to which I would say if comments were not closed that of course I am not your friend, inasmuch as what I define friendship to be, either in 3D or online. In reverse, am I offended that she is not my friend? Uh, no. We are not the same at all, me and Theo. I do feel sorry for her, to the degree that one can, towards a nutty online entity thousands of miles away in real distance, and in outlook, sense of humor, life experience, philosophy.

As to nerd cred, I have observed the behavior you mention, most recently only yesterday, as she apparently sees me as one thing, a person who doesn't belong to the lynch mob that wants Amy's neck in a noose. Yes she/Amy is acerbic at times, and says what are perceived as mean things to those of Jewish blood or culture-religion (is it a race, or a religion? so confusing). Not about them personally, but about Israel, with which I agree 90% of the time. I guess to point out those realities is to offend each and every Jewish person, and they must stick together, because you know ..  tribal loyalty I suppose. It's beyond me really, so I ask questions. I wonder if nerd cred is even aware of her aggravating online persona---would have to assume so, but yes I have to wonder. Sometimes I think we are too much in our own heads to see how we come off to others. So there nc, giving you benefit of the doubt. As much as I'm mentioned and always have been, which is just fucking weird, at least I haven't been called squidly, so there's that. 

Comment by Safe Bet's Amy on March 12, 2017 at 11:08am

Nice of you to stop by and take your normal gratuitous cheap shot before leaving, Myriad.  

I hadn't realized that I was solely responsible for "nastily" putting down every Jewish, Black and white person here, am "unreasonably" responsible for the Civil War and am the "spreader" of hate by someone else using my name in their title/in the post THEY WROTE. (you'll have to explain that last one to me, btw).  That is good to know.  Thanks, I guess.

BTW, can you return this to Rita after you finish with it, please?

Image result for frilly flounce dress

Comment by greenheron on March 12, 2017 at 12:22pm

Squidly=Nerd Cred. I wondered.

I've disappointed her too. Not just by conversing with Amy but also because I refuse to get into the political Israel/Palestine fray. Silence is apparently equal to antisemitism in her view. There was something about public education too, can't remember what, just that I was wrong.

But you know what? We have differing views here. No need to wedge up panties over it. I've had it with hating on other people who happen to be different. I'm different. Get over it. Be a good human and don't leave a mess.


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