This is an old, old, old photo shopped picture.  But, I like it and I don't think I've posted it for awhile. 

Makes me think of you all, out there. 

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Comment by Julie Johnson on July 17, 2017 at 8:13am

Who needs television when they've got the internet, eh?  

We were at the cemetery yesterday, was thinking about you all.  This was leaning up against a tree.  I left it where it was.  

Comment by Julie Johnson on July 17, 2017 at 8:15am

Comment by Julie Johnson on July 18, 2017 at 4:49am

So much history, in one photo ^^^

See those town homes in the back ground?  When I first moved here to Scruffy City 40 years ago, this was at the very edge of town, all woods back there and hardly any traffic.  So quiet and peaceful, almost country.  There was a little shopping center across the street with a grocery store, a hardware store, a tv repair shop, a barber shop and a video store, the laundromat.  One gas station on the corner, and a deli.  That was it, for years and years.  A little community, where the names on the stones followed the names on the streets. Our own little Mayberry, with a just a bit more dark drama.   

They cut down all those trees to build, and then the bubble popped. That land was more or less just a scar on the earth, and you could see the gap for miles.  It's sort of at the top of a hill, in the valley.  Now, they've built it up again, and this little area is a booming burg.  Almost all the locals have been planted, cemetery is about full and the rest have moved off.  

Life goes on, yet it's never the same...

I'm really looking forward to the eclipse.  I have a feeling, 'something' is going to happen.  Was really really looking forward to reading tr ig's thoughts on it, too.  Kansas is in the path.  *deep sighs*  That's not going to happen.  All the hotels are booked up, for miles around.  Scientists and vacationers are coming in, from all over the world.  They've already called off school for that day.  

Comment by Julie Johnson on July 27, 2017 at 3:48am


Haven't been back to the old haunted laundry room, since the 18th of July and here it is, the 27th.  
We had two burials that week, and still feeling the repercussions of one in particular. My husband's best friend since childhood's father.  Not unexpected, yet the last of a line and it's hitting the two of them fairly hard.  They've got a history that I'm no part of, and truth to tell have been a bit jealous of over the years.  
I liked the old man, he came by here just about every other day to sit and visit while we worked.  I've heard he was a horrible ass back in the day, but he was always mannerly around me, and told some good stories.  

That's one thing about the South, they do tell some good stories.  

I've been thinking about my 'memoirs' again here lately.  This eclipse coming up, it's the shadow that is fascinating me.  When the sun's rays get concentrated just a bit, the shadows on the ground become clearer.  You're either in or you're out.  There's no in between.  From one side of the road to the other...
I remember that, from the one in 1979.  Winter, and full sun that day.  Cold! had gotten below zero back in November and this was February, the coldest month.  There was sun dogs that day.  
Now, this is the same girlfriend from 'the hottest day' post, the one with the seal skin coat.  In the winter, in the day time, in North Dakota the colors are black and white and grey.  Very stark.  Allyson had beautiful thick curly fire red hair. Long, down to the middle of her back that she kept wrapped up and out of sight most of the time...  We wore scarves back then, to keep your ears warm and then wrap them around your neck and shoulders when coming back in.  Her dad used to travel the world, some sort of diplomat now that I think about it, anyway she had the most beautiful scarves you've ever seen, made out of expensive cashmere.  I'd never felt that type of yarn before.  Amazing, really.  

Wait a minute.  I'm 'writing' here, and amazing is such an un descriptive word.  My apologies.   

Comment by Julie Johnson on July 29, 2017 at 4:17am

Right there. UP above, in writing.  I see it!   I lied out loud.  
That bottle looks so posed, and it is. I was trying to get the label in there, and thinking about 'art', instead of how it really was.  I picked that rock up and put it there. By the bottle, and then moved it again.  Put it in my pocket, and carried it off.  Felt warm in my hand, I don't think I left it on a marker, like I usually do.  I might have brought it home.  I bet it's still in the truck...

I've got a picture of it in my hand, and I was going to post it.  It really does look 'arty', but you could see my finger prints.  How paranoid is that?  Nobody uses finger prints anymore, it's all dna...

Comment by Julie Johnson on July 30, 2017 at 5:52am

...or retina scans.  Just read that a few minutes ago.  

Sunday morning, letting the grizzley bear sleep in.  It has been a loooong week and a half.  Heat index past a hundred, so muggy your glasses steam up when you go out side.  Misquitos...omg.  They are bad this year.  So much rain.  The grass is growing like hay, and that's our business, to repair the mowing machines.  
Anyway, GB's best friend since childhood, who's dad just died has been here Every Single Day, ...from sun up until sun down. Since the day his daddy died.  'Helping'...
When he's around?  I'm not.  
I've got a whole 'nother side of the yard to work in, and two other houses.  Don't need to be hanging around coming between a man and his friend during a tragic time.  Gawd.  Bromances, I roll my eyes.  I can't stand that guy.  Nobody can.  GB is his only friend.  
But, I don't say anything.  It's all been said, back when we were newly weds.  
Our anniversary was just the other day.  Been married over 20 years now. We were work friends at an artist's studio for about ten years before that.  

Somewhere on here, a few months back ...can't remember the thread, was it Nana's or Phyllis's?  Anyway, there was some girl talk about the kinda guys we like.  Anna and Greeny were telling the best stories.   I was thinking about joining in the conversation but didn't get a chance to before we were so rudely interrupted, by Life with a capital 'T'.  Our friend died.  The truth is, I didn't join in because I didn't want to throw a wet blanket on the partay.  I don't really 'like' most guys.  Individually, I do. Most times.  But as a group or in  Now, don't get me wrong.  I love my husband and my dad, and my brother and my sons, and most times I get along with them very well, when it's just us.  Get them together and it's 'different'...I guess it is with women too, just rambling with my fingertips a bit.  Have I mentioned that it's been a long week?  Mamaw fell during the night, the other night.  No broken bones, thank goodness.  Just a bloody nose, and a bad attitude. 

Comment by Anna Herrington on July 30, 2017 at 11:47am

Congrats on your anniversary  : )  Enjoyed the ramble ^^^ today - haven't been checking in so much due to all the hijinks that went on here last couple of weeks....

But I miss that stranger, Brazil, who showed up and moved right in with us - and glad she has found her new place so she can move on with her life!

It was very interesting to hear Portuguese spoken in my home all throughout the day. She Facetimed a lot with friends in Europe, South America - I felt like shouting to the (her) world that not all Americans are idiotic boneheads... but figured my actions would have to suffice.

...and dang, that drive taking her to her next space in Cali was beautiful....

Truthfully, I too often don't 'like' many people, men or women, after hanging out a while, but figure that has a lot to do with having not learned a whole lot of trust toward people over the years.. but I consider it a gift, when some groovy types show up and make life better or they show some fascinating side or way of life, or way of thinking, and/or they offer something lovely to your own world (and maybe you offer something interesting back to them too), then you can really share time with someone who's a cool human -- and that fabulous feeling can last years.

But, and I kind of consider this a personal flaw having such barriers having experienced pain/betrayal/F***ing asshats in life (and don't we all at some point and/or another?), for me they have to earn the trust first and that's gotten more rare as I get older.... and I hate that!

Going to be a high of 113 degrees this week!!!!!  I am already crying and hoping there are no blackouts as that would really suck. I'd head for the coast where it's foggy and cold all summer, but the plants require me to be here watering and shading where I can..... OY. It hasn't gotten that hot here since I've ever lived here. That one summer when it got to 108 still is a stressful moment to think of....

I don't even like heat, period!

(Wah, Anna, it's SUMMER. Ha!!)

There, I rambled back  : )

(And hope Mamaw's okay. Her attitude sounds like she might enjoy a joint. or rather, you might enjoy her smoking a joint.   heehee. My mother thought of pot as heroin, practically. She could've used a joint, herself. And here I am pushing weed on people when I don't smoke at all anymore!)

Comment by Anna Herrington on July 30, 2017 at 12:12pm

Btw, there's something to be said for a guy who keeps his friends for ages..... that's a good egg, your GB, by all accounts reading your post/s for awhile now....

glad you jumped in after all the lurking years at OS  : )

Comment by Julie Johnson on July 30, 2017 at 7:58pm

Anna, thank you!  How do you know just the right thing to say?  

I can just picture Mamaw sitting out there on the back porch swing toking on a pipe, corn cob of course.  No, that would be me.  She won't even have a glass of wine, with out justifying it in the Bible.  She did try that for awhile, just one glass of red while listening to her music in the evenings.  She likes country and gospel, piano playing type music.  I think she got worried she liked it too much.  She was way over justifying it, and it got sort of funny for a little while there.  

...reading up...

wow...a hundred and thirteen???  It's a dry heat though, right?  ( teasin' )  I'm with you there, on almost panicking.  

Comment by Phyllis on July 31, 2017 at 10:51am

Hi Julie, Just to compact everything into one spot, yes, Dad missed his party. He has leftovers in the fridge waiting for him, though. Fred, I cried so hard after putting him outside that Medjet came over and put her foot on my knee and asked me if I was okay. She then came up and sat next to me on the sofa until I got myself together enough to leave. I'm sitting in the hospital again now.

Dad came through everything with flying colors, I got here just as they were finishing tucking him in.

And then I got distracted away from typing. I wish his cardiologist would show up.


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