(Just not Icetastrophe - that's a grade B, C, possible Z movie made in Hope, whereby an alien ice somethingorother comes from outer space and lands right in front of the Hope post office and starts gobbling up the earth ... available on the internet for people who are terminally bored ... or drunk ... or Hope fanatics...)

We got dumped on.

Table & chairs on deck

Back yard - dragon almost buried

Official count - 26 point something inches. 

Handyman Rob handily cleaned off my car (and the walkway). (And at the back from deck to front gate, providing access, plus small area for dogs.  When the temp goes up and stuff thaws, I will have an unpleasant chore...)

Next day it looked the same.  This time my son-in-law cleaned the car.

Following day my daughter and I wanted out for groceries.  Rob opined that I wouldn't be able to make it out of the laneway (hah!  I spent 60 years in Ontario, 40 of them out in the country...but that was then) and so gunned it out backwards into the street.

He aimed for his truck tracks in the unplowed street (town not really equipped to deal with this kind of dump...but they did pretty good, eventually even plowing one arm of our little elbow street, and the garbage truck pretty well dealt with the other arm), missed by a couple of vital inches, had to push, w. help from daughter and, fortunately, next-door neighbor we almost never see who popped out.  I managed to drive ahead to end of street, cleared by the church for their parking.  When we returned, on Rob's advice, I tried parking on the street in the space his truck had been in.  I might have been better off going back into my lane.  Next day had to dig a little and do some rockin' to get out again.  Now park in my lane, where the snow behind has been worn down enough.

Temperatures too have been abnormal - 9 below Celcius, feels like 19 below, with a nice bit o' breeze, colder at night.  But as of early next week the temps go up to 4 or 5 above daytime, remain a bit above freezing at night, and *RAIN*.  Should be messy, esp. in the dog lavatory beyond the deck, but a lot of snow will go.  Then, of course, temps dip, but only a little, and we get some more snow, but only a little...

Meanwhile, back where I spent those 60 years in Ontario, they're getting seasonal amounts of low temp and high snow.  Here I remain bootless (have warm shoes) and parka-less, so there.

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Comment by Workstudio on December 18, 2016 at 4:10am

my goodness, what a snowfall, no need to build a snowman with the car like that. I lived in Canada a few years, area of Montreal, we got a good three feet the first few winters, along the driveway. Cold for five months is a lot of cold. When I worked in Los Angeles a couple of years, I said, my god, this is really how life is, you mean you can go through a winter without snow, or freezing your bum. That was the end of the east coast for me. Rather make less money, or no money, but be in a warm place.

Comment by Boanerges on December 18, 2016 at 8:09am

Yup, it's cold and snowy here, too, in the alleged "Sun Parlour" of Canada. Snork. Have to admit, though, the municipality is well able to deal with it (hey -- triple OT for working Sundays; gotta pay off those Christmas bills, or maybe put junior through grad school).

Anyway, we lived in Van for a couple of years way back when, and despite the propaganda, it did snow there (OK, the rain got colder), and the city more or less came to a skidding halt for a day or so.

But this year? One of my sisters-in-law lives in the Lower Mainland, and it's been extraordinary for exactly the conditions you describe. She can't find salt for sidewalks anywhere, just for example. Of that, at least, we have plenty here, plus a snow blower, which makes life easier.

At least ... you got Hope. (Sorry -- that was very bad of me.)


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