Alyssa is so sweet to give Our inspirational ideas for writing fiction every month.  Here is a quickie.

                      Heat, Hot and Sunburn went off for a nice summer picnic.  They raced thru the fields of grass disrupting all the other picnic people until they found a place under a bamboo grove where they could rest awhile.  Heat was very tired and had to lay down after he took a sip of water.   Hot wasnt tired at all and paced around in the shade waiting to escape thru the leaves.  Sunburn was distracted.  He was thinking of all the flesh out there broiling in the sun and he wanted more.

                       The three fellows wandered deeper into the bamboo until the hardy poles and heavy foliage blocked out the sun completely.  Heat, Hot and Sunburn all shivered a bit and were quiet in the gathering gloom.  The bamboo creaked and shifted as a cool breeze shook the plants.  Heat got a little scared and started hallucinating about never seeing the sun again.  He was too tired to make it out of the bamboo grove.  He thought he might die there.

                       Hot marched on, leading the other two towards the sun he could see dancing through the leaves.  He never lost hope that their picnic was going to happen.  Sunburn clutched the picnic basket with all the goodies that were actually being kept cool as they went through the grove.  Suddenly they saw the clearing ahead where they would picnic.  It had just the right amount of sun.

                        Sunburn wouldnt need any blocker cream, Hot had enough sunshine to play in and Heat could lay on the blanket and relax.   It had been worth the dark walk through the bamboo thicket to make it to this perfect place.   There is always hope.

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Comment by JMac1949 Today on August 5, 2016 at 8:09am

Red Bamboo??

Comment by Workstudio on August 19, 2016 at 8:38am

I like it, it's fresh writing, good tale, summer stories just feel good, 'heat had to lay down after he took a sip of water', that would turn him into a new character, steam.


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