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A Conversation About the Utility of Violence


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Racist Exceptions

The take a knee protests started by Colin Kaepernick in 2016 had been gaining momentum even before the Chee-Tard began his attacks on the protesters last week, but his referring to…


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Once Upon A Time In Kansas

Note: this was originally posted at Open Salon in November, 2013…


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Trig and Sirenita


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The Creature of Chacachacare: A Cryptozoological Mystery

Note: This is the third installment of a nonlinear narrative describing a voyage from Kansas to South…


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goodbye, brother

I just got a call from Kansas City. My brother, Steve, known here as tr ig, passed away this afternoon from a heart attack. He will be missed greatly by all who knew him, including Jenny, his son Eli, and myself.

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Apocalypse in a Can (part 2)

This is the second installment of a travelogue detailing a two month voyage…


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Honkie Jew

[Note: certain parts of this post came from a PM which I haven't yet sent]

Regarding your thoughts vis a vis superficial characteristics of people we meet such as the color of their skin or where they were born or what they or their parents' religion or lack thereof is/was or their eye color or sexual proclivities or whether they prefer the Beatles over the Rolling Stones or whether or not the Genome Project does or doesn't tell us they have Neanderthal mitochondria on their… Continue

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I'm still trying to wrap my mind around Chris Cornell's death. He was 52 when he decided to cash out, roughly 2 months younger than I am. Sometimes when I attempt to put myself in the mind of a person like Cornell right before he hung himself, or Kurt just before he pulled the trigger, or any one of the millions of anonymous people out there who chose to stop living rather than face that darkness any longer, I can, almost, understand what they were thinking in those last few minutes or seconds.… Continue

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A Drive In The Country

Matilda went for a drive in the country…


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Every day is Easter here at the Oaktown Egg Ranch.  Four hens of four different varieties = four eggs, each one a different color, nearly every single day.  Apparently having a stronger sense of aesthetics than you might…


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Some Photography

I was going to preface this with something witty or at least interesting, but as usual it's now too late in the day and I'm too tired to be witty or interesting, so I'll just admit here that one of the reasons I (re)joined Our Salon was so I'd have some…


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The Oakland DMV - live blog

I am in line at the Oakland DMV. We are all going to die, but on the plus side it's been less than a half hour and I am nearly inside the front door.…


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Schrodinger's Cat

Note: this is a transcript of part of a recent chat conversation in the Opium Den. Names have been changed except for the ones that haven't. 

strawberry hill by marijana…


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Now Squidly

Now Theodora. You may not have been a target of Squidly's ankle-biting accusations yourself, so you may actually not understand what a hilariously hypocritical yet entirely repellent little shrew she is. So I will tell you.…


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Clearly Unfocused

Discussions about things we experience in a mainly subjective fashion -…


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there's a hole in the roof


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Betsy DeVos In Hiding Amid Charges of Devil Worship, Necrophilia and Ritual Cannibalism

This just in; the whereabouts of President Trump's billionaire pick for Secretary of Education, Betsy DeVos, are still unknown after a pre-dawn raid this morning on her rented Bethesda town home by Maryland state police. The raid uncovered grisly and disturbing evidence of devil worship,…


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Sophie's Questionnaire

As of this writing, innocent people are still being detained at airports across the United States under President Trump's now-illegal executive…


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Happy New Moon in Pisces

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Happy St. Patrick's Day

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In other news...

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