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5-28-18....No Words Necessary

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Possible Answers/Speculations

Ron's post is asking for questions.But i'm equally interested in answers/theories,so i'm giving space for them.I'll start by answering my own query on his post.

One of the key elements learned early on in our history to survive when we were merely prey was the pack.Safety in numbers etc.As we evolved and survival against predators became more assured we remained in packs,and the packs grew.With more time available with the lessening threats to survival,heirarchy and the accompanying…


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UH_OH...You Wont See This ON The Idiot Box

Taken from a recently read article and no, i didn't look up to confirm...

Abject poverty;1980-2005 down 20%

War Deaths;1950-550,000 a year....2006 50,000 a year

Murder;2012-6.3 per 1000,000......2015-5.3 per 1000,000

Terrorism Deaths; 2014-43,566......2016-34,676

Starvation; Sub-Saharan Africa rate of undernourishment....1990-30%.....2015-<20%


finding bad news and shit to bitch about is easy.........just figured i'd give…


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Book List

Back when he started out, i was a big Stephen King fan and my favorites were The Stand and the short The Mist. He is a good storyteller, but tends to get overly long on character development. about the time he was becoming repetitious for me i found a book by a writer new to me; Phantoms by Dean Koontz. He had me hooked from the getgo be cause the story blasted off in just a few pages and combined aspects of horror,mystery,and a touch of sci-fi.The following is a list of my best Koontz…


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Chow Time Tuesday

one can Spam with bacon in it,cut into 4 slabs and fried in butter

plain ol fashioned white bread,toasted

a lump of spanish onion fried in butter

two slices Alpine lace swiss cheese


thick slice of cold tomato

2 pieces of thick cut Wright's bacon,bourbon and bar-b-cue flavor

one big bag of greasy,salty, tater chips

cold beer

there ya go

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Challenge; Humor

John and Joe were buddies,and really crappy golfers.One day at the course, they teed off and John's shot went way left, while Joe's went way right.Off they went to find the golf balls.John found his in a bunch of buttercups, and he started hacking away.There was a loud crackling noise next to him and an ancient appeared floating and said..."look what you've done to my beautiful punishment,you wiil never have butter again for the rest of your life"..and vanished. John looked…


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Challenge; Politics

nope,uh-uh,no freakin way.........rather watch paint dry...

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Challenge; Open Call

What would you consider to be mankind's most significant invention?

For me it's the one thing that holds almost all of our modern day world together,from space shuttles to solid state motherboards........the Screw Thread....

Added by Steel Breeze on April 14, 2018 at 7:12am — 23 Comments


If the Army and the Navy

Ever look on Heaven's scenes;

They will find the streets are guarded

By United States Marines

didn't write…


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Challenge; personal life/narrative

   ALL machinery fails,every one. Most failures, if not all (not counting 'acts of god') are due to one or more of the following; The Steel Breeze Laws of Machinery.

1. poor design

2.poor manufacture

3.poor maintenance

4.poor operation

          Number 3 is by far the most common, you don't have to wait till it's broke to fix it.

           You can extend the lifespan of any machine X number of years with regular,scheduled, PREVENTATIVE…


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             Everyone, especially around here, has a "cause" or concern they champion. I don't think anybody can have an equal measure of concern for every cause, so they have to have a priority.Mine,naturally, is for veterans. Any 'spare' I can scrape up goes to the DAV, nobody else. We have all probably seen the stats on veteran suicide rates=20 per day, every day,with vets over 50 having something like 70% higher rates than non-vets.Most articles i've read are mostly concerned with the…


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    It's always fascinated me that every thing launched into space, using incredible amounts of power, accomplished no more than you did, walking up steps....

Added by Steel Breeze on April 1, 2018 at 6:44am — 10 Comments

1 Question for anyday

      If we were to achieve faster than the speed of light travel........would the universe go dark?

Added by Steel Breeze on March 31, 2018 at 9:18am — 27 Comments


          This is most likely the only chance i'll get to say this, this year, soooooo.......

     The Chicago White Sox are in First Place atop their division and UNDEFEATED!.....

.........oh yeah, the cubs won too....

Added by Steel Breeze on March 30, 2018 at 7:07am — 12 Comments


   I was having a very interesting discussion with an intelligent friend of mine the other day over AI. What really made it interesting was our difference of opinion over what constitutes real AI. He thinks we have AI now, and used his 'smart' phone as an example. I said that to me, real AI means an artificial intelligence that is 'self-aware', and we don't have that yet. I said that when AI crosses that imaginary line, it will be instant. "I Think, Therefore I Am". It will also mean the end…


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Shop Talk

   Since i started working as a mechanic in the mid '60s i've worked in many different shops. From no shop and outa my truck,to pole barns with no heat or lighting and a dirt floor, to semi modern shops. The last one which i retired from wasnt too bad and could hold four CAT D-8 dozers at once. A friend of mine who has his own booming business started a side business last year providing transportation and it has skyrocketed. Complaining about the ridiculous labor costs of fleet maintenace,…


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gonna jump the gun bya coupla weeks and say i made it to another season! i splurged and even bought a new radio,so lets.......PLAY BALL!

Added by Steel Breeze on March 16, 2018 at 7:24am — 13 Comments

It's gonna be Brady again!

     The man is just amazing,cool under pressure,confident without being over,and pretty much when he just says football sets another record.He's not my fav player, that would be Walter Payton.He;s not my fav quarterback, that would be Russell Wilson. But he IS,beyond argument,the best damned quarterback to ever play the position.Winner,year after year,regardless of the weaknesses of the team he has around him.As a fan,he is a pleasure to watch a master ply his trade.

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startin to think there's some serious shit there. i e-mailed him with no answer, so i gave him a answer and mailbox is full....

Added by Steel Breeze on January 5, 2018 at 11:05am — 12 Comments

Merry Christmas!

Have a safe,healthy,happy one.All yous guys....

Added by Steel Breeze on December 20, 2017 at 8:12am — 7 Comments


For Anna

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