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Earning An Honorable New Title

Little Brother Eddie flew in this past weekend for reasons I cannot divulge, except to say it had something to do with the upcoming book. In any case, he had one request: “I want to go to Frankenmuth.” I asked why. “I want to go get noodles from the restaurant we ate at last time, and I want to stop off at the outlet mall.” I asked why. “Because I like the noodles.” I didn’t mean that part of the reason. “Oh, I want to shop for some clothes for my niece and nephew.”

LB’s niece is…


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Texts With Grandmonster (Part 11)

When in doubt, know that she's not-so-secretly plotting.

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Phantasm Wind Storm And The Victorinox Maneuver

Those of us in Michigan found ourselves treated to a wind storm last week that nearly gave the film Twister a run for its money. No, we didn’t have funnels—or funnel cakes, which would have been preferable because they’re delicious with a little powdered sugar—but we did have 16 hours of constant wind that tended to gust between 40 and 60mph. Yes, 16 hours of it. I believe estimates were mentioned at 1 million folks being left without power. Even now as I write this, Sunday evening, there…


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Texts With Grandmonster (Part 10)

Ask and ye shall receive...ish.

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I’m not a novice at writing. You wouldn’t always know it—well, I wouldn’t always know it—but I’ve had my share of compliments when I’ve assisted someone with something they were working on. And while I’ve been writing creatively since I was in first grade, I have always maintained that I continue to learn. The day I no longer feel I can learn anything is the day my ass needs to retire. If there is a flaw in my ability to write, it’s that I fail to see the errors in one of my own finished…


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Texts With Grandmonster (Part 9)

Duck! It's duck sauce, folks!

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Revisiting My Firstborn 20 Years Later

I graduated from University back in 1993, and was a couple of months out when one of my former high school teachers called me up. She’d been doing some research on a book she wanted to write, only she wasn’t entirely sure how to start it, or how to develop it. We spent a couple of days together going over ideas, then she went off to write. Two weeks later, she called and asked if I wanted to co-author the book. I’d never completed a book yet, so I agreed.

The genre wasn’t my first…


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Texts With Grandmonster (Part 8)

Turnabout is fair play!

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Trying To Kick That Depressed Feeling

I spent this past weekend in New York City. It seems when I’ve reached a certain point in dealing with things, when I just can’t clear my head, I book a flight to NYC. It’s a bit like the ultimate comfort food. Now, I’m sure New York has its share or problems—the place scared me to no end the first couple of times I visited—but I’ve been pretty sheltered by them. And when I need her, she welcomes me with open arms.

There’s no point in lying. I, like so many others, have been deeply…


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Texts With Grandmonster (Part 7)

She actually asked the burning question!!!

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Has Anybody Been To A Movie Lately?

I know. I know. I’m about to do that thing again where I’m bemoaning that something’s changed, and it’s not like it used to be. But, seriously! Come on. Have you been to a movie theater lately? And I’ll be honest, I don’t have the fondest memories of the theater experience itself while growing up. The movies? Yes! The theaters? No.

First of all, it used to be that if the newspaper listed a movie as starting at 4:45pm, IT STARTED AT 4:45pm! If you walked in at 4:47, then you’d missed 2…


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Texts With Grandmonster (Part 6)

She can run, but she can't hide...from Wikipedia! 

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A Failure To Grasp Our Current Leadership

It’s not a good way to start each day feeling like you should be apologizing to the world for who’s now leading your country. I don’t like the man, personally or professionally, but I haven’t called him a name since he took office. And I’m going to try my best not to. It bothered me to no end when Obama took office to see the complete lack of respect from the opposing party. Then, two years into office, we heard Mitch McConnell utter this little gem: “The single most important thing we want…


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The Thrill of the Hunt and Find in the VHS Years

I’m told I have a weird memory. Why? I can remember lots of little details about people, and things they’ve said, likes, dislikes, things they’ve done, or expressions on their faces. That information seems to easily store itself in my memory for later use. I can even remember where I watched certain movies going back as far as my childhood, and tell you who I saw them with. I can often tell you where I bought or ordered a movie from in my collection. Yet, despite this, I cannot remember many…


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Texts With Grandmonster (Part 5)

I may have gotten the last laugh in today.

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Chinese New Year in Hong Kong After 5 Years

“Don’t go,” Little Brother warned me. “She wants to eat you. Or they’ll find your body floating in the bay.”

The Grandmonster had invited me to Hong Kong for the Chinese New Year this year, and while I’m sure she’d very much enjoy watching the Police finding my body in the bay on the evening news, there was something else afoot. My little brother was immediately concerned, but mostly because I haven’t updated my Trust yet to include giving him all my airline miles in case of my…


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Oh, Sushi!

One of my least favorite misconceptions about authors is we’re rich. We’re not, but folks think we are. I’ve been hit up from time to time and asked for free copies of my work, and there have been screenshots of people on Facebook asking their friends where the best pirate sites are to download free books. Libraries apparently aren’t popular anymore.

One thing readers don’t always have to do—mostly because we do it for them since it’s our trade—is keep their finger on the pulse of the…


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Texts With Grandmonster (Part 4)

I guess you get what you pay for when you use inferior equipment.

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Facts Over Fiction And Alternative Facts

I grew up loving the Science Fiction genre, and, let’s be honest, the horror genre. Talk about two areas that require a suspension of disbelief above many others. Unless a filmmaker tried to pass off a film as a documentary, audiences are pretty savvy in picking out fact from fiction. Even films that are “based on real events” are taken with a grain of salt. And for a good reason. It’s entertainment. Real life, on the other hand, isn’t quite as discerning in the hands of some folks, and they…


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Different Upbringing

My Little Brother visited from New York again this past weekend. I think he enjoys the Coney Island hotdogs, Vernors, and Sanders Hot Fudge because, let’s face it, it’s not for the ambience of downtown Detroit. Not that you could see downtown this weekend due to the fog. Incidentally, if you ever want a good chuckle, ask Little Brother how to pronounce the word “fog.” Seriously. Aside from that for the moment, we actually had a rare chat about our parents during our early years.



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