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Repost: Jesus, the Bastard Child of that Harlot, Mary

Mary of Nazareth was found to be pregnant before she was wed. She was set to die, a sentence determined by the men in charge of her life. Men who would have carried out this charge in the name of honor—in other words: “Traditional Family Values.” 

(Traditional Family Values have nothing to do with Christianity; they would not have given Mary Magdalene the sense of self-worth to banish her demons; they would have not spared the unborn life of Christ.)



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Having a Passive Aggressive Christmas

The box arrived Thursday night; I knew not to open it. Even though the next day dear daughter would be picked up by her dad and not return until New Year's, I figure waiting that long for more presents she didn't know existed would be a small price to pay for my mental sanity.

I was still psyching myself up to run in a marathon, even though my attempted 20 mile training run over Thanksgiving was shot all to hell: I had stopped and came home shortly after 13 miles, at the start of my…


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God will be found...

Of the parents who have lost a child:

God will be found in their ability to love their remaining family each day as if today is their last. Not with fear of tomorrow, but with appreciation of today.

God will be found when the father or mother looks into the mirror and sees him or herself as if for the first time. “Who is this person?” they ask.

God will be found when the small things in life finally seem small.

God will be found as death brings new life to old…


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take another angel home

I have a habit of waking to a song already in my head. In many cases, the lyrics perfectly match the resolution to some inner quarrel I must have been pondering while I slept.

Friday morning it was "Seven Spanish Angels." I heard it on the radio just this week, so it did not strike me as odd. Just one of those songs I love best in small doses. Waylon Jennings and Willie Nelson hold the pain and grief in their voices so you feel the piercing of your heart. We have all loved someone we…


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Today the scale said 200lbs after a couple weeks of upward creep. Decisions about the holidays and my kid, a plethora of office sweets, and fewer hours of sunlight have made me feel less than stellar while I watch time’s unceasing march toward December 22nd, when I will truly challenge myself to do something I do not yet know I can do. There is a marathon to be run. I discovered the other day that there are members of the military on the wait-list hoping for a spot to free up. I…


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Meditation 12.05.12

Occasionally you find a moment in Life when you realize that it is ok to want, it is ok to ask, and it is ok to fight for your desires.

Sometimes the answer from Life is yes, and it scares the shit out of you.

But sometimes the answer is "Maybe, but not right now, you might have to wait a while, and I won't tell you how long."

Patience then, ages the wine you dare not taste too soon.

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Open Our Salon For Good

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Hooking up on BS

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Just a Little Too

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Water View II

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