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Pretty Salads

Yesterday, the reality that I am the subject of men’s gossip (what's the term?) had become readily apparent. As I passed a gentleman of a solid professional demeanor with a moderately roughneck exterior, he commented on my freshly prepared lunch.

“You sure do make the prettiest salads.” His words sounded as a cross between a love-struck schoolboy and something altogether feminine--men do not typically use the word 'pretty' to describe many—if any—things. And something about the nuance…


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Sorting through the baggage on a quiet Thanksgiving at home.

While I'm still debating if this is blog -worthy, I am sitting at home alone on Thanksgiving, so I might as well do something with it.

My mother and I have a tenuous relationship at best. I haven't actually spoken to her for over a year. She recently interjected herself into my life with a package containing presents for my daughter's 4th birthday. But that wasn't all that was in the box:

- A handful of random purse-sized hand-sanitizer from Bath and Body Works. two…


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I believe...

I've been having a back-and-forth with an old friend and class salutatorian by way of the illustrious Facebook. He is the born-again evangelical type who attended Oral Roberts University then quickly spiraled into drugs and alcohol. He is 31, single and doesn't want to be, overweight and fighting it, and with a degree in marketing, tries to sell insurance over the phone. I worry about him. Of the four of us friends, the top four students of our class, he is the only one who is visably,…


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A Child of Abraham

I don’t want to spank my kid, so I don’t. And I think that is where I have missed something in this adventure in parenting.

In the archaic scheme of things, I would be living reasonably close to my mother, who would have had an overbearing influence on my childrearing. I would not seek to be the mother I wished to be, but the mother she expected me to be. I would do as I was told, therefore continue to follow the simple…


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Karl Rove Death Pool: What's Your Prediction?

He has to answer for the 400 million dollars very publicly wasted on a campaign that failed to deliver. Stock brokers have off'd themselves over less.

Or perhaps he really is a sicko-sociopath and could care less, but his recent ramblings to say that Democrats are guilty of voter suppression (!?!) suggest he is in a tailspin.

What will be the headline of his demise? Within what timeframe?

To see something within two weeks of the re-inauguration would be…


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4th of July 1963 3 of 3

Posted by J.P. Hart on June 26, 2019 at 10:01am 3 Comments

Remembering Julie Johnson

Posted by Julie Johnson on June 25, 2019 at 10:30pm 4 Comments

Open Our Salon For Good

Posted by Robert B. James on June 25, 2019 at 6:52am 7 Comments

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